Friday, October 31, 2003

My Side..

*Listening To Puteri by 2d*

Oh man,this song is in my head 24/7. How I wish I have such voice,haha anyways this week has been great so far. Work as usual but this time,this week I'd planned my shift well so that I can spend quality time with Gf. Yesterday we break fast together with Famie,Haffiz,Salleh & Effa at Far East. Famie bought us some lovely sourvenirs from Thailand,thanks alot my friend! As for today,its my mum's birthday! & today also marks the day,the first ever time I've ever bought her a present in my whole entire 22years I've lived. Gf chipped in too for the lovely Guess Watch that we both found it nice. Mum loves it alot! I guess she must be wondering why the sudden I gave her a pressie. Hmm..well .. the thing is,I'm working now & before this I don't.So it's time I repay back slowly.Tomorrow after work Gf & me going to break fast again but really don't have any clue where to..I'm thinking of Zam Zam but too bad today my family had that for dinner,hmm..we'll see yea?

Monday, October 27, 2003

Selamat BerPuasa To Everybody.

First of all, thanks to Bless & Keemi for the tag. Really appreciate the drop-by very much. Selamat berpuasa to both of you too. :)

The Month of Ramadhan is here. Refrain.....refrain.... can do...must do ... yea. It's the first day of fasting. So far so good. Dad's sleeping outside, and i slept in the train form Clementi all the way back to tampines.Home from school. Poor BF he has to break his fast at work on this first day. Hope he's doing alright. Will update soon. Gonna study now.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

The day today was spent apart, with me in school, and BF at work. However, the time spent yesterday was superb. Pre-celebration, it was called. I gave BF a treat of Seafood Baked Pasta at Pastamania, where he longed for it. Although he was limping badly and drops of Rain fell from the sky, i keep telling myself, it's gonna be all riight.. BF's feet swelled up and pus up but it dried up soon after. He sacrificed himself just to meet me to spend our pre-anny time together. It was the time he's free, away from work. Thanks for listening to me, BF. In the end, i know you know what's best for you. DO NOT work hard, Work Smart k. That's what you've been doing and i'm proud of you.Thank you so much Dearest. This has been BF's 2nd Present for his birthday. 3 more to come to make it our lucky number 5. :) The 3rd one is gonna be a heart-shaped Mrs. Fields' Cookie, which we wanted to get yesterday but was tooooo full to even smell it. Next time k Honey. Glad you enjoyed the treat! *mwahs!* I love you Darling.

BF saw a beautiful sunset from work today. The round semi-circle sun practically Sets behind the horizon in 5 minutes. He was all excited and called me from work just to tell me about it. Good for you honey. A gorgeous feast for your eyes. :)

p/s: Ok, I'm gettin a wee bit irritated by the keep-on-missing chatterbox every single time!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

beautiful sunset

I caught a beautiful sunset today from my house. I love sunsets, the natural beauty of it, the colours, the warm glow of knowing that life and all things beautiful exists in this world because of it. I get to see sunsets from where i am staying (in front of TPJC field) almost everyday, lucky me. But nothing can beat the scenery of sunset beaches. The pic below has NOT been altered. Engulf in the all-natural beauty of life. :)

I'm going to change the pic of the week now, =P~
BF, poor dear, werkin from 7a.m. to 11 p.m. today. :-( Hope you're doing good there, honey. Miss you lots. MWAHS!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

i would.

aaah... the song on this page (only a few verses of it) just reminds me.. of the caption written on the right under "about Shezai". BF, hope your feet gets better, Dear. Take some time-off alright. I don't want you hurting your feet when u walk, even though u bandaged it and wear shoes. Bring slippers to work! If i could kiss your feet ,just so that they can and will get well soon .. and forever, i would .......

My Side..

Foot is getting bad to worse,been applying alot of mycomban to it before sleep & also to work.Wish it would heal soon so that I won't have any trouble walking.Started today with the bad news of Arsenal loss in the Champions League(really teruk man Wenger!)Haven't been lucky in Euro Champions league except for Cup Winners Cup!

So I have 2 wish for now,1. Want to get rid of my foot rot & 2. Arsenal must start winning in Euro!

By the way,while chilling outside HMV yesterday with gf in the evening,surprise-surprise Kay-D approached me.She's working with MTV right now & she & her friends did a lil interview with me about Movies.Don't know when it'll be shown on tv!haha*feeling popular*I've never seen myself on tv before but I've appeared as host for Teen Tv back then alongside Lady Ema & also some cameo on the streets interview.As usual my english cocked up!haha I think I stutter lah,thats why.sheesh..

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

My Side..

My foot rot is hurting so bad,ns finished & it's still there. Anyone can help me?

By the way,last saturday drum & bass+hiphop event was superb. From soundsystem to performers & to also to the organisers,everything went well. Great job guys although I can't hear some of the rhymes that been rap(hehe),it's just too fast! By the way I think some of the audiences there are confused. Some may think that it's like a 100% hiphop event rather than a mixture. That happened at The Big Show where it's supposed to be something like 80:180BPM but instead of drum & bass, Rock was the alternative. Too bad many of them left the show thinking that it's a hiphop event & to make matter worse the soundsystem left more bad impression of the show. However I did enjoy the show that day although I don't know much about drum & bass but I still prefer hiphop events like Beats Society where the audience can pay attention to our lyrics,appreciates our work etc. I really don't mind if they don't dance to the music/tunes but as long as they nod their head to the tunes/music & listen/watches attentively,I knew that they appreciates it. Doing it live with live bands is my favorite of all. Although there's limited chances here to do a show like that,I'll still accept if we're offered a chance to do,anywhere we also don't mind. So far Proverbs & Pinholes has featured Rozie & Lia from Femme Fatales. I'd hope to feature more local acts to do with us like Dry Peanutz,Ishaaq&Ibraheem,Wan Bless,982 Nemesis etc etc. Preparations for live events like this usually cause a lot of hassle,like own schedule etc. Thus,I never gave up & normally I'll try to be patient & always try to rearrange for another dates for those who can't make it on our actual rehearsal. Its not impossible though & as for now we're still hoping if we'll have another chance soon to do a live performance!

Thanks Lia,Rozie & Pinholes(Famie you're the man!)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Sheikha Loves Zaini

Hey@! BF! I Disagree! No No No. Maybe it's just my hair. :P

I had a good start of the morning. Woke up and had an early lead to school. Met Iza in lecture Which is gettin tougher and more headachy by the day. I had a management accounting test yesterday. And I'm well prepared flunk it. During lecture, i was thinking to myself, hey... there's an Isetan Sale at Ngee Ann Poly. And i damn well wanna go! So i messaged Ana! And we agreed to meet up at 2pm. Me and Ana had lunch at SIM first along with a friend of hers. Ana said that i need a student pass to go into the bazaar, so i borrowed her friend's.(but in the end, it was not used at all. hahaha! Thanks anyway!) We had a hard time at the lockers' area, me stuffin my bag into the small lil jam of a hole. At last, me and Ana managed to stroll along the sales stuffs.. My GoSh!@ It was cheap! Well, maybe they wanna clear stocks, but i got myself a t-shirt for $6, a light-weight umbrella also for $6 and something for BF which costs $9! hehehehehe. Had a rrreeeaaaallyyy fun time with Ana. Thank you once again, Dear Ana. Hope your eye gets better!

After 2+ hours, i head on home, buying new paper on the way to look for a part-time job in the Classifieds. I gotta learn how to write up a resume! Argh! BF is at hard at work... (he's doing a 16-hour shift *8a.m. to 11 p.m.* today, that non-stop working beloved of mine..) Dear, i really do hope you take a rest some of the times k, but since u said in your blog below that it's not tiring and it's worth the pay, then go for it. I'm behind u all the way. :) ) I reached home at about 7 and my sandals strap gave way when i was alighting from the bus, luckily i didn't fall. i was only a few blocks away from home. I started to drag my left foot. it seems kinda funny to be walking dragging one foot, so what da hell, i took off my sandals and walked barefooted all the way home. washed my feet after that of course. haha!

Oh well, yesterday me and zaini had a superb outing at Sentosa. We went there in the morning coz BF has to work at 3pm. Although we were there only for a few hours, we had so much fun, just bathing. It was enough for us to spend some quality time together coz I respect the fact that BF is working long hour shifts and all. :) We rendam our kaki in the sea salt water to clear the scars on our legs... we think it's again MFEO that both of us got sensitive skins. hehe. As he likes to irritate/annoy me, while i was in the sea, he splashed the water at me! right into my face. i did the same too. But that did not stop him from carrying me up and throwing me SploSh@ into the sea! And then i chased him with the intention of carrying him or pushing into the sea... but i know he's HeaVy.. and i know i can't manage to do it.. i just chased him all around the sand..hahah!We made quite a lot of noise shouting and screaming although it's just the 2 of us... haha! It was wonderful. I'm in love with BF... again.
Wanna see 5 pics of sentosa?

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

My Side..

This week has been very tiring but yet exciting, been working alot till I lost count of the days/dates. Not to worry, the number of hours I'm working though may be alot but the workload is not that tiring as what others may think. I did really enjoy every moments of it.

Managed to catch the 2nd last episode of 'Rahsia Perkahwinan' just now. I just love the show alot!hee.. by the way, don't you all think that Sharon Ismail & Gf have some similarities in looks? My mum thought so & so do many others of whom I know. The picture of the week also can proves it..heheh(If only I know how to do like what Lutfhi did in his blog that is by posting a pic of her & Sharon herself then only it be great!) haha as for now, whoever read this post, do you all agree with me?

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Her Side..... (like real like that)

ok ok ok .. busted. i'm gonna write in this colour from now on. Started off the day by watching SPS as usual. They had this segment on Bartop dancers at Coyote Ugly. What can i say.. out of 15 ppl working there, 10 are Malays. No doubt they can dance well, lookin all sleazy and sexy.. but.... where have all the waterface gone? No comments then. Guess what? I was sick and ill yesterday too, the exact same time that BF was down with the flu bug as well..isn't it strange? it always happens.. when he's ill, i'll be ill and vice and we'll always call it MFEO. yeah!

I met my cousins Nurul and Khairul online~!! Add them in friendster... and then i realised that... everyone's connected. Scary. Had a lunch of Tom Yam soup and then had to rush to meet BF, Zul and Najib at some place. We had quite some fun walking around and then to town, where we went shopping for friends' birthday. Hope they'll like the presents. Took some pics of Zul & Jib, the models for today.. where? oh where else but HMV fountain. feeling dramatic yes! hehehe!

I'm going to school tomoro. Meeting Mima, *miss u darlings* and we're gonna crash morning lecture late again as usual... Her Mom has a stall at eunos which recently, had seen sightings of Ogre... her Mom told Mima to ask me if it is really true? Is Ogre in sight? Is Ogre really buying food and lepakking at her stall? Oh and sightings concluded that Ogre has a Mole on his face..... i doubt it's the real ogre...Ooooh.. scary.
Ok Ok.. BF's werking early morning tomoro.. gotta call him soon.. Sorry honey! Call u now k! Laters all!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

My Side..

Temperature went up to 38deg cels by noon. The side effect is really very strong. Work was great today. Had to do motorcycle side for the whole of today, very easy task for today & to make it more interesting, a young Malaysian chap was caught red handed for drug trafficking. So unlucky for him & to make things worse, those drugs are for sale & he had a list of people(name,address,hp no). He's so screwed!

Tomorrow Zul, Najib, Taufik, Gf & me probably be heading to Beach road to seach for some stuffs & hang out. Looking forward to tomorrow & hope I'll be ok by then!

Friday, October 10, 2003

My Side..

Woke up today feeling a little bit of flu. Must be the side effect of the flu vaccine that they gave me on Tuesday, now I'm feeling so sneezy. Took couple of paraceptemol after breakfast then off to meet Gf. We went to have lunch at Far East Plaza. She had kway teow pataya while I had mee bandung(till now I can't really tell how the real mee bandung taste,everywhere I ate,it taste different,Hmm..) Afterwhich we head to Borders to browse around & also hoping to get one of Cosmopolitans but to no avail. We did bump into Mr hardworking Luthi. Gf legs felt very tired therefore we decided to slack around at our favorite slacking place at Metro Paragon. Sat around there for an hr till I decide to drop by The Cube. Its been 3weeks I'd been there. Before we head there straight, we had some otah2 at Hajjah Asiah(highly recomended by Shakirah & Ishaaq). Finally we arrived & no one was there. The place was quite in a mess. So Gf watched Labu Labi & I tidy up the place, rearranged some of the stuffs, took some pictures of the jackets for Famie cause he's interested in buying it & clean some areas up. No one appear yet still until one of my colleagues called me up & asked me to cover her shift tomorrow & she'll take over mine on Sunday. Another offer I couldn't resist, so I took it without any hesitation. It's coming to 8+ still no one around. We closed the shop & I send Gf home.

Great day I had today. Discovered that Kiwi is no longer a fruit I can eat anymore(used to be my favorite) Oh well, Sunday is Triplets birthday if I'm not wrong. Gonna search some pressie soon too with Gf & Zul. Might drop by The Cube on Sunday..
*By the way, Sorry Ayu & the rest of Dry Peanutz,I won't be able to make it tomorrow for your show,on a 12hr shift tomorrow. All the best for the show yea.Good luck!*

Thursday, October 09, 2003

My Side..

2 weeks of work already(genap hari ini). Been there for night/morning/afternoon shift & also been experiencing of what has happened in between/during those shifts. Morning shifts reminds me of BMT style,wake up at 5:30am & rushed for the 1st train to woodlands. So far I have been punctual in all my morning shift. I think,I've been seeing almost the same person on my first train. Usually I'll be listening to my commercial bounce hits(R Kelly-Snake can really wake me up in the train!heh) mp3s in my md. What to do,not downloading anymore mp3s.Bleargh!! Afternoon shift?hmm..let me see, I think it's pretty normal but the fun part is that there are more breaks for the noon shift. Ok,now for night shift,Woa,all kinds of people you'll see. First & foremost between 9pm-11pm,there'll be a lot of KTV Hostess/Whores/Bohsia. These people are mostly from JB & they came at these hours to work & goes home the next day(Inside info!!) The way they dress so jialats,worst than the roti kirais,ketupat sumbat we can find in Singapore. Anyways after midnight usually there'll be lesser vehicles/people but that's the time we can bump into artistes/celebrities/sports person. 2 days ago,while taking those tempa dots, I didn't realise that I took it from Ishak Ahmad(still can make joke dah pagi2 buta). Later on I bumped into Nazri Nasir's family afterwhich Aide Iskandar. Yesterday my colleague just bumped into Awie. Ok now for the weird stuffs I came across,If you guys read yesterday's News Paper, there's a story about illegal immigrants. The 3 Illegal Immigrants actaually hid in the car & the driver actually drove the car into my lane(all my colleagues were asking for the car's number plate this morning,Sheeeshh). That's my first time I came across such stuffs. Not anyone of my colleagues actually came across it once?So am I lucky or suay?! oh oh.. & another thing, around 4am yesterday this young malay chap asked me if there's any vacancy in the job we're doing. Early wee hours also got people enquire for job! hah..
Speaking of job vacancy,My uncle recomended me to a technician line at S.I.A Aerospace.Hmm..not too sure if I want to go for that so quickly cause I just start my present work & the pay currently is my above expectation but then the job he recommending me involves my career.
23yrs old...still thinking..(lol)

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

That explains It.

I'm in my PMS state right now. People very close to me can tell.hehe! Anyway, I had tuition with Mira just now. When i asked her How her Maths PSLE was, she looked at me and quirped,"Easy!" Gosh i was elated. Today, i taught her "science". BF was surpised that i taught her that subject. haha! But i'm not gonna teach her anymore. It was a sad depart. She's the best tuition student i ever had. Although she's just my cousin, and we still are gonna meet during family events, i miss her already. She taught me the meaning of 'patience' during teaching. Hope she gets into a good secondary school. But better still, hope she gets her dream of achieving those A and A* in her PSLE. Good luck.. No, you don't need luck, mira.

I feel lonely. I miss BF. BF is now at work, doing a 12 hour shift. again. He's been a darling to me. I've got to reassess my brain juices. Our Lifestyles have changed, with him stepping into the working world. (although we had a blast fun of 2 months, with him bumming around *to repay NS* or so he said. haha!) Gonna Go to school tomoro and meet Iza, to discuss our Corporate Finance assignment. Due date:25th. My Principle:"Nobody gives a damn if you don't give a damn." The assignment isn't compulsory, just like everything that exists in my school. But i have to chuck away those relentless thoughts and give a damn! Lunch with you, Iza.
Good night. I'm turning in early.

P/s: Movie "Gigli" got a rating of 1/5 in Life. So, spare your change. Don't even think of watching it. Ben and Jen has ended their fairytale anyway. Watch "Swimming Pool" instead. It looks good. I'm gonna catch it soon.

BF, it's time we changed the Pic Of The Week, ay?

Monday, October 06, 2003

My Side..

Had a lazy Monday so far. Lay around playing Cm4 & also finished up watching 'Band Of Brothers'. Imran,thanks alot! Very nice show & the Cds are all still inside the plastic! I'll return you back by this weekend if I meet you. My wish is fulfilled for the whole of this week! The roster's Out! & I'm on 12hr shift most for this week! haha yeay!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Today, BF works from 10am-6pm. Gosh, he's so hardworking! Even if he's not suppose to work, he Jots his schedule down to his supervisor. And gets it. BF, you're one Rajin boy. If only i have your drive for passion, God, how great! And tomorow, he's working a 12 hour shift from 9pm at night, straight into the wee hours of the morning, till 9 am. Wow... Honey, have some hot herbal tea ok to keep u awake k..
My sister is getting on my nerves. #(*&$(#! It's everybody's exam season now. I had tuition with Mira(my student sitting for her PSLE tomoro) for 5 hours just now. A Drill. She wanted it. She agreed to it. The more i was willing to teach her. N levels tomoro too. Argh. I'm having the flu-bug every night now. sinus can just drive you nuts.
I'm thinking of a change. i'm becoming an internet-addict. I"m a victim of online repertoirs. Cruising webpages for tips on designing web pages. Self-taught. It's just so interesting! Damnit. But i can't. I have to focus my brain on my business lecture notes which i've been missing in the clouds from. Maybe even Blogger has influenced us to log on every single day. I have to refrain..... haha, like as if i can.
Anyways, wanna call BF now! So, laters k! Miss u BF! Take care at werk tomoro!

Saturday, October 04, 2003

My Side..

Had a very nice day today. Supposed to work but I forgot to answer their call but its not my fault & they understood it cause the system works like that at my work place;Expect strange numbers but it may be my luck afterall cause the theory goes like this; Strange phonecalls=work=$$$!!heh.. Oh well tomorrow I'm working. The roster is out soo, so I hope the 2 off days they arranged for me will be monday & saturday(monday blues & saturday I wanna go for some Dry Peanutz!)hah..oh by the way today was marvellous. Did some shopping with Gf, went to watch 'Gigli'. Very intelectual movie & great story line(2.5/5). Afterwhich we had dinner at Pizza Hut, we really enjoyed the food there, eating slowly & enjoying every taste of it until I felt the urge to shit!haha daym..this always happen to me but who cares as long as I enjoyed the meal, I'm ok with it(hah). We then went to Paragon to sit cause its starting to drizzle. Had a good long talk there & also people watch. Send Gf home after that. Was on the train reading The New Paper until 3minahs board the train. They had this tatoo 'BITCH' each on their shoulder big! Everyone stared at their moves in the train..Weird yea? Speaking of Minah, I recalled an incident during work on friday. My in-charge for the day was this minah. So bloody arrogant but I saved her from humilation from the public. Didn't even bother to say thanks or anything(bloody kay-kiang!)

By the way, Thanks to all who came down for Beats Society. Thanks for all the support! ':D

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

My Side...

More Details Can Be Found Below.. Read On.

My beloved Arsenal is facing a bad season currently.Started out the season quite lively but running out of ideas recently & worst still losing players due to suspensions,injuries & loans out.Drew yesterday & now the chances are still there for their Euro ambition but still the ball is round as they say & anything can happen.

I really had nothing much to say for today,work as per normal but today is the first time I
took a nap during my break because everyone is sleeping & left me with no one to talk to & basically I had no choice neither,haha.After work,met Gf for short "lunch+dinner" before she head for tuition class in the late evening.Short meeting but yet fun aY!heh..Soon after that,I bumped into Najib,talked n chilled with him till around 9+(I want to watch 'Rahsia Perkahwinan')Had fun & all after so long we never meet.Hope to see you tomorrow!
Oh yea(cheap promo) tomorrow proverbs & pinholes will be doing together again since 'The Big Show' at Youth park.This time around,we'll be doing our showcase @ Geylang East Library @7pm.Fndmentals,Phenomenals & Public Eyez will be there too together with Altimet(Ahmad from Teh Tarik Crew) as the host for the event.Its an event organised by called Beats Society.Hope you guys who turned up for the event will enjoy our show!Doing 5 songs all acoustic live!(wah this is a real promo!) haha..ok once in a while come down yea.see you guys 7pm!