Friday, November 26, 2004

Simply WOW..

Current Hotwheels Collections Of Mine. Click it.

The birthday is over for me but it was a damn memorable one. The presents & surprises from Gf was the best & all those shocking surprises that you have been setting up was well paid off. Really can't believe it Hun. haha I was like laughing to myself all day long yesterday! You really caught me ay! & also not forgetting the flash site that you created for me, was incredible. In fact, I think this year my regular 5 surprises has exceeded right? hahaha.

I would also love to thanks all my friends for the wishes! Anyways I can't recall anyone ever did this before such as remembering who is the first person to wish, what time etc but I think I want to give it a go. it goes. As usual, GF is the first one to wish me but i wouldn't want to categorize someone special as a friend ay? haha..ok here are the time(if i can remember)who & wishes.

Derick(nike) -First birthday wish from a friend for this year!(1:30am on 23/11)
Ana(crazypink)- First bithday handshake!(1700 on 24/11)
Sheema(nike) - First MMS birthday sms!(0000 on 25/11)
Zul - First msn birthday wish!(0001 on 25/11)
Zurin - First birthday wish via Friendster Testimonial!(0002 on 25/11)
Fauzy(nike) - 0005 on 25/11 @ msn!
Fai - 0110 on 25/11 via sms!
Famie - 0112 on 25/11 via sms!
Hadhirah - 0900 on 25/11 @ msn!
Najib - 1036 on 25/11 via sms!
Nursyida - First Birthday wish @ msn from overseas!(1100 on 25/11)
Lyna(nike) - 1454 on 25/11 via sms!
Faztina - 1514 on 25/11 via sms!
Kak Siti(nike) - 1630 on 25/11 @ NikeWheelock
Asyurah(nike) - 2350 on 25/11 via mms!
Kak Yati(nike) -0121 on 26/11 via mms!

If my memories are right, these are the ones that I remembered. Thanks alot guys! be it you're the early one or the last one, its the thought that counts ';D

Monday, November 22, 2004

Countdown....... 3,2,1.

I am darn excited. A few more days to BF's BDay...Ok ok...Instead of a birthday e-card, I designed a presentation for BF. And it is gonna be Launched........... NOW! =) hee hee.. BF is working now. He's gonna come home tonight and read this and i'm gonna surprise him with this. Honey, This Dedication is FOR YOU!

Click Here for the Launch!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

1st advance present..2nd advance present..3rd advance present...MORE TO COME!!!!

Some of the lovely presents I received from GF!! Thanks alot Dear!! I really love it & I know there's more to come *winks* ehehhe...

Batmobile courtesy of Hotwheels. Always wanted this!!

Familiar ey? Back To The Future Car also from Hotwheels!! This is kind of a good catch!

Trainer Low. Shoes..needless to say. haha. Another one to add to my collections.

Thanks alot GF! Hugs & Kisses! ';D

Finally Had My Hari Raya!!

Started the day brilliantly. Paid a Hari Raya Visit to Gf's place. Both parents were there, Had interesting chats & lunch was next. Mum made for them some choco chip cookies & they gave us some 'Kuih Sugi'. Marvellous start. Zul's house was up nxt, Najibs & Khuzas before we ended the festive trip at my place.

'They Asked To Choose The Dates,
We Did As Were Told.
They Enjoyed The First Day,
But Cancelled On the Next One.
Mum Cooked For The Best,
Thanks For Dropping By Mates,
Don't Be Like The Rest.'

Thanks alot Sheikha, Zul, Taufik, Najib, Sarah, Khuza & Azman.
Ps: Maybe next time k Dhirah? Its alright anyway. It's a last minute thingy anyways ':P


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not a chance.

I hate the fact that my hon has been treated unfairly. Like, what the hell. He has to work PM shifts for 5 consecutive days including hari raya itself? Screw ^%@!$@&$^!@&*&^*! **Hon, just be patient k. I know it's tough, but hang in there, alright. Hugz**

Yea, as for me, i've quit my job at SIAEC. My stint for 3 months has been a helpful stepping stone. I got an interview at Procter & Gamble just now. Damn, it's tough. Even though i've prepared all my answers a day before, did research on its history, company values and principles, the interviewer appeared nonchalant as i relate on and on and on about past experiences. 1 thing i've learnt from this interview, it's to prepare concrete examples of your life. Example questions and tips for you all out there.....--->>( Tell me about yourself in terms of experiences, education, etc....Tell me about a time you lead a group. Tell me about a time you liaise with a group of people. Tell me about a time you organise an event and how did it turn out. Tell me about a time you failed at something. Tell me about a time you were under pressure. Tell me about what you have done to achieve where you are today.) Have the answers to these ready and rehearsed. I wouldn't want to appear negative, but i have a deep feeling, i won't ace this one. Nevermind. An experience gained is better than none at all. I'm gonna keeeep a'lookin' in the job market. Job monster, please grant me a job.

P.S.: To Passerby: I did B.Sc. in Business from UOL-SIM.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This sux..

This really sucks big time.. been working from 13th to 18th this mth. Exactly when can I start celebrating Hari Raya?? Screw it Biz-ni-itch.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Beraya Bersama.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Dan Batin Everybody.

On another note, BF's birthday is coming, Got him his 1st Present yesterday! A HotWheels Batman car and HotWheels Back to the future car. Heee...1 Down. And of course, We'll have "Prince Day" on ya Big B'Day k Hon. And oh.. i just dyed my hair...... again. hehehe.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

...more shoes..

Air Zoom Kantana Cage

This is my latest catch. No more sneakers unless they really catches my eye. Reason why? Too much fake cats out there. Although there are still the genuine ones. Even "mats" are wearing them but sadly fake ones. So as from now on, I'll start wearing performance shoes & boy indeed they are comfortable.

Monday, November 01, 2004

And the Countdown Starts............!

BF's Birthday is Coming!!!!! 24 more days and counting. It's also a special day for Shezai as it's SheZai's 44 Months anniversary too on BF's Birthday. Hmmmmmmmm..........

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