Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gearing up for our 4th Honeymoon Getaway

It has been a splendid close-to-1 year marriage and I am looking forward to more years to come. With Hon by my side, I know I can achieve anything, any adventures which we will explore together, any dreams and any goals in our lives.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy 7 Years 7 Months Honey!
Apart from our Kanye West Concert next week, we are gearing up for our next mini-Honeymoon!
Our 4th one at that. Getaway just for the both of us again. I'm excited all over again. Breaking away from the sedentary lifestyle is essential to us. Engaging in activities together with your loved one makes the relationship and connection stronger. Just how many of us adapt and accept the normal routine life every single boring day?

For the wife: Wake up, prepare breakfast, go work, stress up, reach home, cook dinner, eat, go online, watch TV, sleep.
For the hubby: Wake up, eat, go work, stress up, reach home, eat, go online, watch TV, sleep.
Repeat Mode: ON

Society has accepted this as the norm. We need to break away from this norm once in a while. Life is not all just about sludging your life away for money. (Money to pay debts/loans/retirement fund). Life is so much more than that and you live only once! Is your goal in life all about repaying bank/housing/reno loans which you have taken up to impress others? No! OK i sound like some hyperactive Aggie. Haha!
Basically the gist is.... Live life to the fullest!

I did some research on where to go for our Getaway and boiled down to a few choices. But whatever option/country we decide on, I hope Hon is game on for these!!!
White water r/afting and Sea W/alking!


Lovin' the blog song. =)

On another note, Hon and I caught our all-time favourite SAW V yestermidnight and we can't get enough! We want to watch SAW VI immediately but know we have to wait for next year sadly. Oh damn. I find Jigsaw super-intriguing! This episode is a tad easier to understand but although it is R21 rated, there is NOT ENOUGH GORE!!!! We want more Gore!! Saw 3 and 4 i guess is bloodier and gorier than the 5th instalment. However, both me and Hon are still loving that gut-wrenching, blood-spewing, bone-crunching action. We just can't stop talking about the movie! It's just so mind-boggling! We are super huge fans!!! And I am going to buy all 6 movie posters of SAW and put it up in our future house. Hahaha! Oh and I asked Hon to set my ringtone to the SAW theme. Obsessed or what!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

**Even more photos from Hari Raya**

It was a terrific day out where all of Hon's friends and their partners were present. We covered up to 10 houses in a day. Accomplished that and it was no rush nor hassle at all. Everything was quite relaxed and fun! I got home with a runny nose and Hon got an upset stomach. Guess it must be all those gassy drinks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

*More Photos from Hari Raya*

It's just the photo craze that's everywhere. I guess everybody thinks that the Malay traditional costume looks good on everybody! I had to bear with the 'gatal-ness' of this baju the whole day. Lace, sequins, the works.. uuaaarrkkhh! When the feeling creeps up on you and you feel like just shredding the whole baju off like hulk. The price of looking nice.

Me and HoneY!

Sisterly Loves

Brotherly Loves

My cousin Nadhrah and me

Boy, I wish I was at their age again.

Because Working Life is tough. I wanna go back to school!

Datuk & Datin. Hahaha!

The imaginary Castle

The cousins at their 'best'

Ok, I think I see more Hari Raya photos coming up again soon. You'll get bored, really.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya to all our readers!

First of all, I'd like to thank Hon for dedicating the blog song to me. I melted listening to the lyrics, Dear. That is absolutely very sweet of you. *Pinch cheeks* =)

This year is the first year that we celebrated this special occasion as husband and wife. It feels fabulous! When I wanted to 'minta maaf' with Hon, I salam him and say out what I had in mind. Then I started laughing, then he started laughing.. Sooo kaku! Hahahah! After i say, "Hon, forgive me for all the sins and wrong I have done unto you. etc etc....", he said," Ala so far got nothing one lah, I very happy with you." hahaha! Hon, Hon.... *Hugggss* Sungguh aku cinta kamu!

In the 'modern room', a term coined by Phique. We only have 1 senget self-taken timer family photo in this room... We look like we are sliding down the carpet.. Weeeee.

We stumbled upon this purple van at our void deck. And no, it is not ours. We took a pic wit it just cause, it's matching our purple kampong theme. haha!

If people don't know us, they would've thought we are brother and sister, right?

Foolin' around in the car. Happy, elated, excited.

Mommy, Me & Phique.

Me, cousin Aisyah and Phique

Our cousins, me and Phique

We wanted to take more pictures with everybody, but they have all gone visiting their elders. Hope to have a chance next time they visit us.

Phique, Mira and Me. Do we look like sisters?

On another note, this Raya is the first time that I did not cry when i salam my Dad. Instead, i feel so happy and relieved that the 'acceptance stage' is now over and forever gone! Know why? Because me and my 'then-boyfriend-now-husband' is now legal and there will be no more Kanchiong meet-ups at the taxi stand!!! Wahaha!!! Those who know, know.

Instead, this year, I cried when i salam my mother-in-law. I really respect her from Day 1 I became her daughter-in-law. She marks the epitome of such a strong mother to Zaini, and now me. Loving and caring all the way without any double standards. I love both my moms.

And lastly, we would like to wish all our friends, relatives and blog-readers a Selamat Hari Raya. Forgive us if the words spewed from our humble blog have caused any discomfort or disdain. Have a happy one on this joyous occasion! -From SheZai