Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mad Dash for Deals at Sitex

Today is the last day. Many people assume that the IT deals will reveal their horns at the last hour aka 9pm tonight. But being there at 1030am this morning, i think it'll be the same, just that there will be no stocks left tonight. So, chop chop. Pushing and shoving my way around the huge exhibition alone. I am so intrigued by all the gadgets and models of laptops. They have small laptops which cost dirt cheap too! However, the new MacBook is all that I am eyeing. Booth to Booth i probe for the best deals, scrutinizing every single thing on offer. There are only about 5 booths selling Apple products so i manage to close in on my target swiftly. Finally after much deliberation, I chose a MacBook bundle that comes with extra 2 years of Apple Care, free laptop sleeve, free keyboard protector and lastly, I negotiated for an extra free mouse and the salesgirl gave in. Thanks kind Salesgirl! I know it's your first sale of the day, but you did good! You explained well and your service is the reason i bought from you and not that Idiot of a confused-gender at the other booth who tried to push me the last piece. Walking around, I made a few haste purchase of a printer which does scan, print and copy all-in-one (and I get Norton Internet Security 2009 along with glossy photo papers free!), a 2GB Flash Memory and CoolBalls. Done Deals! Satisfactorily gleeful! How did i manage to carry them home by myself? They threw in a free trolley for this damsel in distress too! How convenient and great is that?

So now, Hon has his own Macbook all to himself to play his Football Manager 2009 and do his workstuffs and I have my own Macbook to do assignments and projects and research and blog and install games like Diner Dash, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Bejewelled, Bookworm, and other my-kind-of-games! Yeay to Good Deals!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

^ Batam Birthday Bonanza ^

Hon's birthday turned out to be a success. Hurray! Even though it was a little short getaway of one night's stay at Harris Resort, Batam, both of us had so much fun as you can see in the pics below. Since it was Hon's special day, I treated him like a Prince. Once again, Happy Birthday Dear Mohd Zaini. YOU are the cause of all my happiness and I look forward to the future with you, my husband. A simple plan brought to life on this special day.......

Before that, a one-sentence in my e-mail to Harris reservation team reads,"I would like to request if arrangements could be made to make me and my husband's stay exceptionally special as it is my husband's 28th birthday on 25/11 (tomorrow) together with our 1st wedding anniversary on this special date." They did not reply. But wait till you see what they had up their sleeves.

We arrived in Batam at 10am Batam time. We had an early check-in as there weren't many people around. When I mentioned my name, they immediately gave me this "Oh" look and asked if we would like to be upgraded from a superior room to the Cabana room (a special villa-like room) free of charge. Of course that is a Yes. That was Surprise Number 1. The bed is King sized. There is a balcony overlooking what little they have as a beach. The toilet is an open-concept, so there is no door to the toilet and when you look up, sunlight seeps in through a frosted glass roof.. There is a bath-tub, a cubicle and a sink - the basics. The room is just superb! (With the little exception of the huge mosquitoes in the room which keep on biting us!) The swimming pool is humongous, the biggest in Batam! Check it out.

By the time we unpack, we were hungry for lunch. So after exploring the compound, we are all geared up to redeem our free Pizza! We opted out of the free lunch and chose this free pizza instead. We had about 5 choices and Hawaiian it is.. It was relatively OK in size though the box it came in was huge. Piping hot from the wooden oven.

Now, as we explored the outskirts of the compounds, we thought of what activities we could keep ourselves busy with. However..... we were let down by what we saw as sea-sports. The sea was actually sewage water, with a little rubbish strewn all around. There was no one in sight doing any sea-sports! But even so, we tried to think of what ELSE we could do to lift our spirits up that afternoon.

We headed to Nagoya Mall with free shuttle bus from the resort, the so-called proclaimed 'Vivocity' of Batam. But what we saw was more of like the "City Plaza" of Singapore. Seriously! The only place we look forward to was Level 1, the food level. You know us!! To be on the safe side, we chose Ayam Penyet Ria. We were shocked when we saw that the chicken was sooo small! Like a bird. The taste is still the same though. Nice.... BUT THEN AGAIN, look what i found on the floor next to my seat.... A family of tiny cockroaches! Let's just hope they aren't in the food we ate... (face turning green).

We stepped into the supermarket next. And we saw Live Eeels, as in Unagi, in a huge tank. It was so overcrowded in there and I think they are trying hard to escape. Slimy!!!!

Look what we had for dessert next. A&W!!! Again!! Yeay!! Root Beer Float! Waffle Ice Cream!! Curly Fries!!!

Night came, and it's seafood time!!! We met this nice Malay family who recommended us this restaurant called Golden Prawn 333 or 522 or 2434244 or whatever number lah. We ordered Chilli Crab, Cereal Prawn (called Udang Belalang, a really huge prawn), sweet sour garoupa and hot plate beancurd just for the 2 of us. A huge feast for the birthday boy! We had a really good gossip about our past "friends". heh heh heh! Yes, we are very open in communication and we DO NOT keep any secrets from each other. =)

There were live sea creatures in big humongous tanks at the entrance. All sorts of em!! We are so enthralled! We also saw 2 big sharks in this small tank. They are for sure not for eating!

After a goooood night's sleep on our satisfactorily-filled stomach, we woke up the next morning to our free buffet breakfast.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, about 8 staffs crowded around our table much to our surprise! Everybody peeped to see what was going on. They sang Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!!! And also Happy Birthday to Zaini!!! We had to wear their Orange scarf, which they wore for us. And there is cake! There is always time for cake! ahahha! We are so surprised by their hospitality and service! They also asked me to kiss Zaini on the cheek. =) In my heart, I was so glad all these happened just with an e-mail request to their staff, as per above. Honey was so surprised!! Yeay!! Success!! This was Surprise Number 2!! Thank you Harris Team for the effort!

The cake even read, "Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!"

After a hearty breakfast, we went for Go-Karting!! 2o mins each! Just the 2 of us wrecking the whole track! And Hon beat me and passed by me 3 times!! I guess i'm just a cautious driver, just like all lady drivers out there! Haha!

Back at the resort for some Bowling action!!! Included Free in the package!!

After a sweaty 2 rounds, we played table tennis next for an hour! Hon won all rounds, so i had to treat him for lunch back home. A competitive match indeed! Nvm, I let Hon win, as it is his Birdday!!! Right hon??!! Hehehe!

And that was the end of our Batam Birthday Bonanza!! Hon is satisfied. I am satisfied. We are both soooo happy in each other's company. Just look at Hon's smile! I Love you Honey!!
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! *Mwahs* *Tight Hugs*!!!!!!