Friday, July 27, 2007

Cleaning Frenzy

I was on an overdose of extreme super spring-cleaning mode today. Started at 1pm Thursday after so-called brunch and never stopped till now. The time is currently 2.45 AM Friday. 13 hours plus, only taking an hour break for dinner. I took the opportunity to really clear up the junk of gunk in my room, threw out 1 book shelf and 2 study tables! Amidst the dust and the mess, i repacked everything into 3 little boxes. I came across old CDs in the likes of Roxette, Now 3, MegaDance 8, Mariah Carey, Tifanny, Shima, Eels, Cranberries and so many antique names. Just like this one.... "100% Disco Rap"!! Kekentalan...What in the world?!?!??!?! Shock shock, horror horror!

Many more things i came across. I also came across Old diaries as i was an avid writer during my teenage years. Feeling writing novels of my life.. I came across more and more old story books and even more Cosmopolitan magazines which I think i should keep. HehHeh.

Why the cleaning frenzy you may ask? Finally it started. The cleaning i mean. It's about 4 more months to the wedding and if not for the renovation of the 2 toilets in my house, i doubt the cleaning and throwing and dumping will ever start. I'm glad i finally made the move to spruce up my room, no, Our Room. We already have a plan in mind. Since Hon is gonna live with me first before we buy a new house, we're gonna make our nest a lil more comfortable. Tomorrow morning the contractors are gonna hack my toilet in my room which has been used for 14 years in the same state. It is of a dire need of a make-over. Like... Finally. Algae and yellowish lendeh seem to be sprouting and (breeding) everywhere. I'm happy i get to design my own toilet. =) Added a new touch of class to the boring old tiles. Played around with some plain Mosaic too. Added a shower head with hot/cold tap. Added a glass frame. Can't wait for the result!

I'm kinda surprised my books and old magz can be squeezed aka sumbat into these boxes.
I swear there are more than meets the eye. Haha!

Oh the Dust! Oh the Noise! Oh the Mess! Oh the Sinus! Oh the Works! Oh the state of my house right now.

In the words of Hon, Sidetrack....... OK, guess what this is. I had the urge to take this pic because of the nice alignment, interesting colour, great details and and me, feeling artistic photographer... Not!, snapped away. Haha! If it were a Transformer, I think it will be a body part of a Megatron. And it will transform into a fish because it looks like fish scales, right? Ok, I'm really really side-trackingly blabbering here. Haaaaah! Me and my silly wild imaginations.
Oh Crap, It's just some hunged-up frying pans at Ikea.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Transform ..

Not a full hardcore collection of Transformers though but these are certainly my favorite ones. eheh
Anyways sidetrack, I'd have to say thanks alot to Hun for coming all the way to Clementi from work. Apart from that Thanks also for understanding my hectic work schedule nowadays. & on the brighter side, Congrats on the fresh salary revision, you deserve it! ';D

Sunday, July 15, 2007

1 minute thought.

I had a good day today. Time is so precious especially when I meet Hon only 2 days in a week. Our schedules are very very busy and it will always clash. Thus, having time together just for the both of us is wonderful. Nothing beats being together. Phonecalls are just too insuffucient for us. You know the best conversations made are always when you face each other and look each other in the eyes when you talk. You can feel the immediate connection.

One thing I have learnt through books is how you should always have time for yourself and for your spouse. Imagine this, when your husband comes home from work, having a bad day, you start shooting questions at him, "Why are you back so late?", "What you want to eat?", "Why you never say 'I love you' to me when you see me anymore?" , " Where did you go?". Again, it's the Expectations factor we women hold against our spouses which i blogged about a few days ago. Waaahhh The bombardment continues and when the poor husband reclines on his chair, just wanting a quiet time to rest for a while, gets agitated. Imagine the anger building up in his lethargic body. He turns to you and shouts red-eyed," Can't you see i'm tired? Are you blind or what? Just shut up ok! You are always so naggy! Nyet Nyet Nyet Nyet! You are always yelling at me! You never shut your bloody trap! I hate you I hate you I hate you!" Ok, maybe i'm exaggerating. But believe me, it does happen when guys gets agitated. They will say things they don't mean. So how do we remedy this matter?

Always give at least 30 minutes for your partner to be alone when he/she comes home from work. And then, give him/her a back rub or foot massage or head massage or shoulder massage or finger massage or whatever you fancy, and then ask, "So how was your day?". And just leave it at THAT. Listen to him/her first. From there, then you slowly slowly slot in the questions when he/she talks about how tired he is, how evil his boss is, how he wants to fire his staff, how he feel like having a long holiday... Then you hint," Oh, that bad huh.. that must be why you're back so late, working hard for me dear..." and you smile your sexy smile.

How lovely. And you'll go to bed happy. Heeeesh!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Next Chapter

The Day to register had come. It was a small affair. My heart was thumping, my mind racing. T'was the next step towards our marriage. I took leave from work to cater to the schedule. The time has come. Once our names go into the system, it's considered a done deal. No changes. Only awaiting the day of solemnisation. Adorned in traditional religious costumes, we headed to the second storey. There, we swore to God.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It seems like yesterday we jokingly chatted to our friends on IRC with the slogan : "Knots to be tied soon". And Hon, we have come this far. During our first year, there were some doubts about our relationship from others, be it come from people we don't know, or people we do know. We proved them wrong, Hon. We proved them wrong. Look at us now.

Once the registration is complete, Hon, me and my parents went for lunch in town. We had a nice family bonding session as my parents got to know more about their future son-in-law. It was a delightful occasion.

After lunch, my parents went home while SheZai painted the town a Monday Red. It has been such a long long time since we spent time together due to hectic work schedules. But with him, it makes everything worthwhile.

Wanted to catch a movie (again) but to no avail. So, we walked and talked and walked and talked, as usual. Talking and communicating with Hon is always so fun and comical. We ended up at Lido, chilling with Starbucks and playing with the Transformers Card toy which we compete to assemble. It was crap. But Crap is always good. Haha! You should always share Crap as much as possible as a couple. It'll bring you guys closer together. True. Bought a VCD from HMV - "Art School Confidential". Will watch it over the weekend. Back to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gool ..

He's the Man. Handsome & hip as well ay? haha ok, Shezai went to the movies again. Pretty obvious too what show we watched ay?

This movie is not a football documentary like what Hun thought it would be but then Its more of like a live biography of a footballer, namely "Santiago Munez". Bet in real life, this kind of agendas does happen as well such as, paparazzi s, front page tabloids, underground transfer bids etc. Look out for cameos too from the Galacticos, "Titi", Cesc, Arsene, & many others.

Sidetrack, Congrats to the Los Cules for purchasing again an Arsenal star again, "Titi". Thanks "Titi" for all the wonderful contribution to Arsenal. Wish you all the best at Nou Camp. (hope that you won't be a flop like Manu Petit & Overmars)