Monday, February 27, 2006

Guess Wot Wot .. hah

This is going to be a very short entry but yet surprising. Was working last week on the 23rd Feb when 50 CENT (though I never like passed by our shop in the evening. Got to know that he's on transit towards either Taipei or Thailand( either one).

See the reason why I love working at the Air Port? Last couple of year,2004 RedMan dropped by & bought a pair of shoe while Eva Mendes passed by on a transit for some MTV shoot in Asia. Lets see who else will I get to see in later part of 2006??*keeps finger crossing*

Ps: Thanks Duane for the Joga Nike soccer bands! (guess I'm the first to wear!) hehe

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Pinholes Merchs.

Hey there!
Phew! I've just updated The Pinholes' website. Spent a good 6 hours on it. Finally got it done and updated. But it's not finished yet. More to come fo sure.

Do feel free to visit their humble website at for more information/audio.

Meanwhile.... SheZai is looking forward to their lucky number 5 years together next month!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Air Max 360 Evolution Laser Cut

YeaY! Been waiting for quite some time for it to be launched & finally Its mine! haha Got the jacket first, the epic bag & the shoe for the finale. Mission complete!

Anyways life has been great for me. Been to the wedding fair at the Singapore Expo today with hun. The sales staff are quite pushy towards us as perhaps today is the last day but all that never really tempt me once 'cause to me I rather wait, sit patiently before deciding anything. Boy, we're not talking about buying a computer set here but its more of like things that happen once in our life time. No doubt, the wedding dresses were all very nice indeed especially the 'Moulin Rouge' attire worn by the model on our way out. That really caught me! ahah

Anyways I just love Hun's new COACH shades! Like Paris Hilton always call the guys.. 'GORGEOUS'

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Up Next ... Singapore Science Centre

Another Splendid Day out for SheZai on Friday.
Up on the intenerary, Star Wars Exhibition.
Followed by a movie of the old Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the wide-screened, huge dome shaped Omni-Theatre.
The experience is different from the movie, i tell ya. The Best 3 days couple fieldtrip for me!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SheZai Went To the Singapore Zoo!

Oh Gosh, Great day today. We went to the Zoo. Just Hun and me. yea yea, pretty lame u may say, but we had a fantastic time together. What more can i say? Thoroughly enjoyed every second of it at the Zoo with all the wildlife animals....
Of all the animals, we love the Babooons best!! Seriously! Hun said," We can relieve stress just by looking at the Babooons run around and play.." They were soo funny ok. Chasing one another and of course the disturbing scene....
We arrived there like at 1030am and left only about 4pm. Time flew by so fast. It was an energetic trip going up and down those slopes, just like hiking... A different sceninc view apart from the all-bored-out Orchard Road. Something new i would say.
Next field trip, SheZai'll go to Science Centre. oi Dah takder tempat Lain eh nak gi. Oh well..

Click here for SheZai Zoo Pictures and join the journey with us!