Saturday, May 29, 2004


Bored...Simply Too Boring..

Anyways Bon voyage bro! take care & have a nice trip! Hope to see my shoe soon!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Nice sceneries in s'pore

As you might have known, i'm a sucker for nice sunsets and beaches, i managed to capture a few shots of these sceneries with my zire71 pda. OOohhh I so love the exhilirating views and am glad to experience them.

1st pic= This is at Pasir Ris Beach at about 7pm in the evening. There's a queer-looking cloud that looks like...ermm.. well i leave it to u to guess. hehehe. But the fusion of colours is just brilliant.
2nd pic= This is also at Pasir Ris Beach around the same time but at a different site. Wispy feather-like clouds cover almost the part of the sky.
3rd pic= Aaahh.. my favourite. The Singapore skyline at around 6-7pm. I was with BF when i took this pic. We are sitting at the Esplanade by the bay along the stretch of the event stage. The clouds make a tremendously nice effect to the whole background, don't u think?
4th pic= My BF & I (oh no, i think i'm gettin chubby)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A.M Shift? Tiring..

Yea, tell me about it(referring to the title). There's simply no one walking in our shop or neither of the rest of the shops between 10am-1pm. That's life everyday at the air-port during that hour. Anyways i still had fun working everyday. Met Gf after work for some good lunch at Century Square. Eyes was already tired & head starts to spin a bit. I really felt like dozing off while eating. Actually I intend to go home after lunch but then the sleepy feeling vanished. Catching a movie was something I had in my mind. While discussing what show to choose from, 2 malay girls approach us & offered to sell a ticket they don't want to watch. They offered a good price too. So 'The Day After Tomorrow' was the choice. 4 popcorns I'd give! Simply a great show. Watching 'Troy' again one day yea Gf? I like that show!

ps: Thankfully you like the pressie bro ;D

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today was WOW..

I really had a wonderful enjoyable day today! Can't believe it either that I actually watched Troy. haha..Anyhow its a good show. The battles were much more realistic than Lord Of The Rings. We had lunch at Mcdonalds afterwhich we did lil windowshopping around Suntec City. Gf need a pc badly therefore we browse around Suntec & then to Funan. Some models did attract attention to her but it'll be mum who will make the final decision yea? Oh well, tomorrow will be my first time I'm doing the early hours wee shift. Hopefully I can make it. Dozing off soon~~~~

Sunday, May 23, 2004

ooh how things have changed in blogger!

Hey everyone!
I'm left with ample time to just post a few words off the top of my head. First of all, yes my pc is still hanging on to a lifeline. It sure is infected with most prolly 5 or so viruses coz a few unknown "installers" suddenly appear out of nowhere on my desktop, labelled, 'infamous_downloader', 'mfc', 'install2','silent_killer'. Those names sure instill fear within me! kekeke. I could have just reformatted or reboot this damn thing-of-a-box, OR i could just have armed myself with an armour and sword and hurl them at the viruses and shout "Boooger Off! Die, you Fking germ! DIE!" But i didn't. It's pretty obvious that i can't solve the problem. Coz everytime i tried, they keep coming back. There on, i yearn for a new pc!!!

My exam's round the corner! And then it's Freedom for the Soul! Ah i can't wait to get that over with. Gonna sleepover Raudha's (cousin) house for a week coz firstly, i miss my Granny. *Raudha must be laughing her ass off here* and secondly, i have to fulfill my duty as Raudha's bridesmaid and bear with her banterings and demands on the day. *Be kind Adah, please..* hehehee. Nvm, she'll be treated like a princess coz it's her high time now...

My Honey's on his way home from work now..I'm so extremely proud of his achievements in bringing sales. He's a people-oriented-person and this has brought him some great words from the boss. Wish i could be like you Honey. He loves his job so much i always hear him smiling on the other line whenever he calls me. yea... i can Hear him smiling.. :) Good for you, my man o'beloved. I'm missin you right now.....this very second.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Thank You Keown..

Two Of The British Greats
The Legends Meets Up With The Phenomenal

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Simply Great..

I had such a great time yesterday. Was out the whole day with Gf. We went to Swensens for lunch & also had a great time chatting together as we past our 1 hr slowly~. Gf did lil shopping after that & we wanted to catch a movie but none interest us or the timing is not right. So we went for a walk around town before we made our way to tampy. Bought some stuffs & we later had lil dinner & deserts. Sent Gf home after that. Thanks Gf for the sweet lettter! I love you!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Did We Really Stay Unbeaten??..

The Last Goal In Hunt Of Being Immortal

The Highbury Faithful Flashes The Signs

Heading For The Medals

Champions At Last

Some Reward For The Hardworking Gunners From Hollywood

Finally Its Over & I'd like to add something to Phil Neville's comment to the press after claiming that Arsenal 38 game undefeated is luck & it'll never happen again. Well Phill, Manchester Utd won the treble & they haven't repeated the same success haven't they? ';P

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hoo Haa ..

Met Gf after work today. Gf bought her mum a gym shoe & I bought The Sims expansion pack(Superstar) from Challenger. Not too sure when I'll have the time to play 'cause Zul told me its good therefore I bought it & speaking of my mate Zul, I got him his perfect birthday present. You're going to like it bro. haha..

That's it for today. ';D

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My Blog For Today..

Today was all fine,pretty happy with the sales & most importantly I'm pretty happy with the experienced I earned from the Nike Concept store. Learnt pretty much more from the Nike Golf. So it'll be a whole new experience again at Terminal 2. Can't wait for that. Anyways have to say sorry to Gf's mum cause` I didn't manage to get her size today. Maybe next time k? Suprise,surprise Wan Haliq visited the shop today. Haha..

I miSs Gf alot! ':D

Monday, May 10, 2004

Nike Golf?..

Firstly I'd like to say thanks alot to my mate Zul for making the cook out & I believed everyone enjoyed the food alot. Nice to see almost everyone making conversations among each other & as for those who can't make it,maybe next time yea.

Anyways today is my first time attached to Nike Wheelock Place. Was attached to Nike Golf instead of the the concept store,jeez whats wrong man,sigh. Anyhow I'd lots of fun there too. Met Gf after that for dinner & we spent sometime windowshopping. Basically I had lotsa fun!! yuPpie!!

Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm not judas & I'm never going to be one. I'll just take it since it's for free! YeahOO! .. ';D

Today is the final day of my Ekin course. I'd learnt alot of stuffs from the course & the new staffs like, Farid, Yuslina,Sheema, Asyurah & Sharriffah has been a great friend. We're going to work together most of out
time soon & also big thanks to our Ekin trainer, Cheryl for making the course very interesting & its time for us
to convert out our theory acts to practical ones. WIsh me good luck starting Monday!

Went to Fashion Jooze with Gf & zul after my course. Pretty cool shop, very professionally done, more products
& also there's a cool mini internet cafe, all the best mates!

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Van Helsing is quite a dope show but nothing still beats Kll Bill Volume 2!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Swoosh...Swoosh & more swoosh ..

5 great things that happen in my life since yesterday.

1. Kill Bill Volume 2 was far the best movie I'd watched so far this year. Watched it with Gf,Zul & Fahmie at Jurong Entertainment.
2. Arsenal still remain unbeaten thanks to a goal by spaniard wonderkid Jose Antonio Reyes. It was his first goal in the Epl.
3. My first day at Ekin was extremely great! What a start to my new career(insya'allah). Oh I got quite number of their freebies too!yea hoo!
4. Shezai had bonesteak AGAIN! Twice in a week!! Oh my, fatty Shezai coming up soon!!
5. S.A.F powder does really reduce the itchiness of my foot rot!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I Love Yesterday..

It all began with the big Robinsons sale at Tanah Merah Expo hall. Gf bought alot of stuffs there but I didn't get anything though. After all those shopping, I accompanied Gf home to put all the things. We then made our way to town area. Alighted at Bugis, we walked around. We intend to watch a movie but really clueless of what show to watch. Went to Bugis GV but they only show 3 shows yesterday. Therefore we went to Shaw & there we chose 50 First Dates, it's 5 mins to the show when we bought the tickets. We rushed quickly to the cinema thinking we were late but there are patrons who came later than us & there were also who came after an hour the show has been screened. Really don't know what's their motive. Anyways I wouldn't say the show is good or bad. From a couple's eye, it's very sweet,romantic & touching but to others it may differ in a way. I'd never missed any Adam Sandler show & I'm a big fan of him, far more than Jim Carey because of the way he acts. Very Simple, Adam Sandler is very laid back with his body language etc etc whereas Jim Carey is like forcing himself to be funny,fullstop One of my many favorite meals was next up for us. Yes, BONE STEAK!! Babarian food I'd love to label it too! haha..

Monday, May 03, 2004

It's Going To Be A Whole New Year,Month & Week To Me Beginning Wednesday 5th 2004 ..

I had a great weekend! Starting on friday where my friends(The Pinholes,Effa & Zul) & me hoped for to dine our dinner at The Satay Club but was devastated to see a signboard stating that beginning on 30th May(which is the day we went), they are closing down for renovations. What rotten luc. So instead we opt for an Al-Almeen kind of 24hr restaurant owned by Nazri Nasir. They sold satay there too. I tried the Mee Bandung. Superb dinner & we had a great time altogether eating,chatting,joking & laughing while dining in our dinner.

The next day was really not planned. Initially I'm just suppose to meet Famie to pass his stuffs & spend the day with Gf but instead after I met her, we went windowshopping , had lunch at Long John Silver & also look around for Gf's mum pressie. After walking few shopping centres,we felt tired. So we sat at Takashimaya before Famie called me up as he is reaching town in less than 20minutes with Mat Zidane(Pinholes new drummer). We met them shortly after that & sat at Starbucks Paragon. Soon enough, Haffiz & Effa passed by & joined us. As per normal,we talked,gossips,jokes etc etc.. Fai dropped by for a short while during her break. Few hours passed, Taufik called. He's in Singapore the night before so he wanted to meet up along with his sweet gf Sarah,Sham K,Najib & Ishaaq. We had a great talk,joked etc etc too. Time flew quite fast & as Gf was kind & understanding enough, she told me to joined them as it was late already. Therefore I sent her to the road junction outside Cineleasure & hailed a cab for her. We then walked around, played @ arcades & soon enough we bumped into Zurin. While sitting around outside Starbucks Liat, Najib's brother treat us to Blended Caramels. Great drink! Afterwhich the guys wanted to meet up with Khuza & Azman to hang around, so I said goodbye to them cause I'm going to have another long day with my former colleagues the next day.

Yesterday was another great day. Had lunch with my former colleagues @ Holiday Inn Park View Hotel instead of Royal On Scotts because its fully booked. The food there is simply marvellous. We took pictures & sat down for a great talk while munching those posh dishes. It was kind of new to me though eating at these type of places cause normally the furthest I went so far was Al Dente @ Esplande. Anyways one of my favorite Kak Juanis gave me a potrait of myself as a farewell token drawn by her hubby!very nice & very me! Thanks once again Kak! We then walked around window shopping before spilting up as some of them would be working the night shift & some of them haven't had enought rest after coming back from the previous night shift. As they made their own way I met Gf. Accompanied her for late lunch @ Pastamania, walked around to survery the promotions at Takashimaya for XBOX Live. Not that Impressive after all. Sent Gf home after that as we were dead tired ';D~

Another great day today coming up!!