Thursday, July 31, 2003


New Pics taken today, uploaded today.. hehe... both of us love crappy, funny photography... check out more uploaded pics in our album k... Love you, BF.... anyways thank you so much for actually gettin down to bloggin ya Dear.. haha.. I know you.. you tak kuasa if you don't know how to do something..but don't worry k... i'll help you out in any way i can... I had a fun day out too today Dear! The pics are already up.. And anyway, how did u know that i SMS you sayin i m late when you did not bring your handphone?? haaaa.... jeng jeng jeng.... ya mom called me! haha~! I Miss her! My Baby, he's are so playful today, as always (Who agree wit me, put up their hands!).. macam macam kunchu kunchu keluar.. haha.. but i really do enjoy talking and talking and talking to him... about everything!! We ever walked all the way from Raffles place to Orchard talking and joking during our dating times... It was no wonder how i came to fall in love with him.. *winks*.

camera,photo taking day first time i'm actually writing it has been very very fun!starting the day out by familiaring myself out myself with this blog.thanks gf for this blog!!I tried to upload some pics today early morning tapi tidak menjadi.have to wait for gf to go back from teaching then only she know..n can update!ehha..actually i'm lazy to navigate this blog thats y i'm like so easily giving up anything that i can't seem to do!haha..very blunt.
the noon starts off by meeting gf at city hall station.the usual place we always met since our very first date.she sms me tellin that she's late cos she missed her bus stop.reason?she's too engross pasang telinga to makcik2 old time talking about kids nowadays in revealing clothes,hugs yada yada..but anyways pasal makcik macam gini la anak dorang jadi lik wat they always blabbering about at the markets.Btw..i forgot to bring my hp today.then we went to have lunch together.bumped into memek!so long nvr see u mek!hensem as while having lunch,i snapped few pics of gf..heh..she told me to do so.So after that..we walked n walked..talked n talked..lik everyday.true wat gf said..conversations play an important part in a relationships.i was playful as always..teasing her.disturbing..irritate & also annoyed her..aha she still love me!..we sat at 2 places to take few mins rest..first was at hmv "fountain" then to istana park.took some funny pics too there(will upload soon!)..after that we went to plaza singapura to buy some cookies from gf's favorite cookie outlet,Mrs Field's.after which..i send her to her tuition was so crowded today esp in the train.peak hrs..wat you expect kan?hehe..ok la thats all for today n my first time writing in this blog!thanks for reading...i'll see ya later gf!...laters..

New Photos Added!

haha! I had fun adding the pics into Shutterfly photo album.. And Me And Zaini are gonna go to town later for a Fun day out~ If only music can be added to the background of the photo album.. i would insert Travis's "Slideshow", right bb? :) I learnt something from my religious class yesterday night... and i guess i wanna share it wit everybody .. hehe! The Ustazah said that it is wrong to say,"Tabib Datuk Nenek, Cucu tompang Lalu" when faced with a "scary" situation or out-of-this-world situation... in the words of the Ustazah,"Sapa datuk nenek? Kiter mintak pertolongan dari Allah S.w.t. Dan bukan datuk nenek kiter. Kalau yer pun, bacalah surah An-Nas, Al-Falaq." One thing i guess everybody don't know about me (except you , Bb) is that i love to go to religious class and listen to the Ustazah every Wednesday night.. I find it very fun and invigorating! Haha! Well, i guess people's perceptions may be changed... i'm just a normal girl who's learning whatever she can in life. And i have many different "colours" in me, as Zaini may have already know.... *smiles* baby.
p.s.//// Feel Free to View the Photo Album~!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003



oo radio check over... first time doin this..haha..guess most of my frens will be surprise tht i really blog..ok lah not me actually.sheikha n me..hehe lalalaaa

It's Finally Up For Us!

As everybody in the Land of Bloggers would have said..."At last! Finally! Eventually! Yes!" uhuh.. This Blog is Finally up after a few mishaps of sign-ins, passwords, usernames, errors, angry me, and dishwalla hoo-haaz!! But Thankfully, everything is alright now... Thank you so much Dearie~!