Sunday, October 24, 2004

Still got work.

Reborn rebond.

Being overworked and underpayed sux. The word is.... exploitation. But i'm thankful for the experience gained. So, from then, i'll still be a job-seeker in Singapore. I hope to get a permenant post now. Application for teaching was unsuccessful. Maybe it's a sign.... to try something else. Hmmm... Tuition lessons with my students are also ending this week. What irony. No Work= No Pay. No Pay=No Play.

So i guess next week i'm gonna refurbish this blog. It's gettin stale. And the links don't work good. Hon? Let's crash brains.

No.. wait. I actually continued working there, but at the Quality Control Security Department. Hahahahahhahaha . Oh how great. It's like 50% LESS work than in Finance! I get to shake my legs! Hurrah! No more aching backs.

Anyway, I love my Grandma who is in ICU now. Insya Allah She'll get well soon. I feel lucky to get to kiss her cheeks and hold her hands b4 she went for that major operation. I felt like crying. Imagine giving birth to 14 children in her life (my aunts and uncles), feeling the pain and joy and watch them grow old and get married. And she has about 10 great-grand-daughters and sons. She must be SuperMoM and SuperGranny rolled into one. A gentle one. Please God, let her be free from pain.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ramadhan is here.....Fasting brings everyone together.

BF is on his way to a speedy recovery and i'm so happy about that. The wound is closing up and he is back on his feet :) Thank God.

Movie "Old Boy" was ok but gruesome though. Imagine eating an octopus Alive!! Beats Fear Factor anytime, man. And imagine plucking out your teeth one by one with a hammer.. or cutting your tongue with a pair of scissors... Eeeeeeeesh! I was squirming throughout the whole show as it was damn disgusting!! No wonder it was Quentin Tarantino's own choice for the Cannes film festival. The Plot leaves you wondering, though. Something like M Night Sayamalan's.

Anyway, as BF mentioned, i'm really addicted to this RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game where you manage a Roller Coaster theme park. Sheesh i've heen hogging the pc for hours. Can anyone tell me if Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is released here yet? (I haven't been looking around.) Coz I'm sure getting that! It's in 3d and you can even "ride your own virtually-made coaster". I'll be looking out for more PC games in the near future... want to try those RPG game sometime soon! Hahahah! Yeaa. Now BF has his XBox Games and CM, I have mine too! heh heh heh!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

WitchBitch or BitchWitch, you decide for yourself ';D

Today has been great! First & foremost in earlier part of the day, Aunt accompanied me to the clinic for my final dressing. Afterwhich Aunt went to market & I went to visit my family doctor to do a follow up review of my left feet. She taught me how to dress the wound up myself. She also made an excuse letter for me stating that I won't be able to wear shoe until the end of this month that is to avoid any further injury & also to make my wound fully heal. So I bought all the necessary minus the bandage, will get it tomorrow. Gf called me up & asked how I felt. So I said I'm feeling much better & the urge to walk around is so strong. Anyways I need to loosen up the joints & muscles cause' I'm heading back to work on Friday. If I didn't do all that, I might get cramps & all those minor pains due to resting too much at home.

So I met Gf up at Orchard. We didn't meet at our usual place cause' I'm avoiding the crowd in the train. We then walked around & Gf decide that today is going to be 'Prince Day'. Haha, so sweet of her. By the way, Shezai always have this 'Prince' or 'Princess' day quite often & in case you guys still don't get it, it's something like.. for eg: I will get anything I want on 'Prince' day! & we do mean anything...hehe. Anyways today I got to choose between an Xbox game & a pair of Levis jeans. I opt for the first. It's kind of hard for me to wear jeans this month due to my feet. So perhaps next month eh? haha. So Gf bought me Fifa2005, my 3rd Xbox game of the month! Thanks Gf for the games & the food too. Gf also did her own shopping. She got herself some rollercoaster game that she had tried yesterday online. Somehow I felt that she was kind of hooked up to that game. haha. ok I think thats all for today. Tomorrow Shezai going to the movies! 'Oh Boy'~

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Its nearly going to be a week at home, on mc that is why. Reason? My infectious dana went crazy as it really swells up bad. Mum & Gf took me to A&E on friday evening. The doctor did the operation. It was a real painful operation which need to make a hole on my left thumb toe. Blood was gushing out like water flowing out from a tap. After the making the hole, the doctor then took out all the pus & did an incession afterwhich the nurse dressed it up. I could hardly walk & move too much. So mum wheelchaired me to the taxi stand & we went home. The pain finally ease, no more stinging pain & no more headaches. As for now, I need to do regular dressing at Polyclynic & also wait for the hole to heal. Even doing the dressing was quite painful but I have to bear with it as it will eventually makes it better soon. I would also love to thanks my family especially my mum for really taking care of me. You're the best mum! Gf, Fauzy & Zul did too come over for the past couple of days. Big thanks to them for Fauzy for visiting me to entertain me. Believe me, its very boring at home even though I'm blessed with internets & games. I need fresh air soon! Anyways Zul came over & repaired my pc. Thanks mate, you saved my pocket! haha. As for Gf, you have been the sweetest. Being by my side on your off days & also taking off yesterday just to be here was a real sacrifice. Not only that but you also took good care of me, reinstalling my pc programs & most imporantly you really made me very comfortable at home. thanks love!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Never Again

I have learnt my lesson well. Computers Suck at times.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I took half-day specially for Hun today!

I went to work with a heavy heart knowing that BF's feet is so swollen that he cannot walk properly. Poor Dear! I headed to BF's home to surprise him coz we haven't met like so many days. He thought i wasn't coming coz i made him think that way... haha! So here i am now, at BF's house, his mom is making delicious roti jala. Gonna stay here for a while too as there's Kenduri to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan later. It feels so great to meet BF.

Here's how our conversation went on SMS.

GF:Hun buat apa? Me @ work buyin lunch now, dear.

BF:Nothing much, watchin news on tv about the bomb blast

GF:Oh.. Ok..Mom's at home? Who's at home?

BF:Mom and the norm. Cousin's family comin later.


BF:What's with the Hmmmm? If you don't wanna come, just tell me truthfully. I want to meet you cos i miss you and not coz of any reason. And tomoro i start work liao.. If we were to meet the next time, it's gonna be 4 or 5 days later.. it's up to you Dear, i won't force you.

GF:Hey hey hey Sayang.. Don't be angry all of a sudden. No, you didn't even force me to do anything. Do you wanna know what your GF here did? Hehe! I action action msg you lik that!! :P Truthfully, I finished up all my work.. so that.... i .. ..can.... take.... half-day just to see you Hon Before your cousins come later!! I also bought mangoes and kuih nagasari and kuekochi for you, u poor Dear. I love you Hun! I'm coming to you!! Wait for me~~!Mwahs!
BF: Aawww.. You caught me there, Hun! I so love you.

>>>>>>>Fast Forward to 10 p.m.>>>>>>>
Oh Gosh. BF's feet is gettin worse , It's bulging and so lebam.. his whole feet...and his toe is swollen like there's a huge bump lump of red, yellow and blue-black veins. Me & his mom took him to the TTSH A&E department. But only one person can accompany him... so i let his Mom take care of matters and i head on home. His mom called me later and told me that he needed a minor surgery to take out all the blood and pus accumulating in his feet before it spreads. Oh man.. i felt like i could cry feeeling the pain BF is in. The doc cut a small hole in his feet and bandaged it. He now has 4 days MC :_( And it ALL started with his SAF days... Damn it.
Hon, Please get well soon ok. Endure the pain and get plenty of rest. I'll visit u when i can. I love you. Mwahs.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stupid Polyclinic Doc!

It seems that I have this leg injuries at least once a year. As for this year, it happened these few days recently. I don't know how I got it but its very bad. My left feet was swollen so badly that I can hardly stand for long hours. At first I went to Polyclinic. I said Gd evenin & he dun even reply. He didn't even look at me while talking, let alone looking at my swollen feet! When I said Thank you, he still never gave a reply. Wonder how can he be a doctor. He never explained to me what is the cause of it & what's the name of the disease. Stupid doctor, may you rot in hell!

Anyways, I went to my family doctor just now. As always, very friendly. I told her about the incident at Polyclinic, she just smile & laugh while declining to give comments. By the way, she did explain to me how I got the infectious Dana. Damn its scary & all thanks to S.A.F. I've never had foot rot before joining them & now see what happen? When most of us had ORD, they are leading a holiday paradise life. More $allowance$, Admin time can wear sandals as to AVOID foot rot & the best of all, 5 days work! Sigh.

Just to add to today's blog; I felt that my family doctor (The Neptune Clinic) is a perfect example of a successful business company set up by our own race. They have been there even before I was before in primary 3 & they are still running their tremendous business till now. Kudos to them!