Friday, January 30, 2004

Where's my Life?

I jumped start the day when my hp rang, and some weird operator said i had some overseas call. I thought it was a wrong number, but then my hp rang again. I picked up the call and heard a sweet voice on the line... It was Lily!!! Lily dearie called from KL. It was very thoughtful of her to call & say 'Hey' and 'how're ya doin'' to most of her friends. Glad that she's doing absolutely great and fine there. Such a sweet sweeeet girl~! Take Care Lily.

I bought the Career Guide 2004 book from my bookshop and began to peruse it. I wanted to find out if the opportunity is there for me after i graduate, hopefully. Being a Gemini, i'm fickle-minded and i usually don't know what i want to do in life. BF has already expanded his opportunity-horizons and i have a feeling somehow opportunity is gonna come aknocking on his door. Great job, Hun! As for me, having no working experience whatsoever, i'll be glad to just start from the bottom and try to work my way up. I had a dream when i was young. To be an Architect or a Maths Teacher. Unknowingly, i have no idea how i landed in Business. So now, i change my dream plans, accordingly. Maybe an "Actuarial Exec" or maybe a "financial analyst".. I dunno if i can make it in the working world, what more with my quiet front. Dream on, baybeh. Dream on. haha! I'll just have to see what life has in store for me.

However, i do not want to live lavishly, no way. Money is just money. It's made of paper. I went to religious class recently and my Ustazah said that,"Kekayaan tidak menentukan kebahagiaan" meaning The more money you make, the more money you have, the more life is going to be difficult for you and money won't bring you happiness. I added some points too i think it's true. And from a few examples and experiences, i noticed how money changes everything. Many people are caught up in debts they can't settle, ending up in a large stupid truce. All over money. There may be some disagreements saying that money maketh man. yea... A burdened man, that is. hehe! ok ok enough of my twisted mind ramblings. The End.

Monday, January 26, 2004

4 Places in 1 Day... Maybe 5.

Today is Monday. Instead of having Monday blues, BF has the lil flu bug. Even though, he sacrificed himself to spend time with me because we promised to post-celebrate our 34mth anny. BF had an idea to go to Ginza Plaza just for fun. We took a bus there and BF storied to me of his school life when he, juherman and Zul would go home together after school. He also showed me around and tell me about the many "historical" Clementi Places. ahhaha! Yea maybe most of you would think.. eh eh.. takder Kerja. Maybe it was becoz we are both sick and tired of Town and we plan to take the day off from town. And so, the tour has ended and off we took a bus to the Roti Prata place near NUS.

I had cheese prata wit milo dinosaur and BF had Mushroom&cheese/egg prata. That was for Lunch. We continued the day by taking another bus to Harbour Front. Just wanted to check out the palce! Walking around the shopping centre, and lastly We went to E-Zone and arcaded. Then off to play Pool for an hour. I beat BF 6 to 4 games!! haha! Mostly, the 8-ball got me the lucky win. mwahhaha!

Ok our next destination was then to the Esplanade. So off again we went to take a bus there. And we chilled at WaterFront Baker's Inn. A place i've been to once with Fitri and Lihah. I had Warm Chocolate Souffle. Or whatever they call it. Oh Gosh. It's melted chocolate in a cake topped with Vanilla Ice-cream surrounded with strawberries. Ahhh... We sat by the bay for almost 2 hours just talking and relaxing and playing games and enjoying the breeze, with the sky line and the boats passing by. That was the 4rth place for the day. Well, just so to make it 5 places, we took our last bus ride, number 10 and alighted at Tampines. He sent me off. :) Maybe this may not be an idea of a "celebration". but maybe, just Maybe, it's the small tiny moments shared that strengthens our relationship even a little bit more. I'm Thankful. Thank You, Hun.

My Side..

Everyone has been calling me round...haha..sheesh..maybe i am really gettin rounder..but what to do right..I'm happy..haaha I've got not much things on my mind to think about or to stress has been gd so far..did an overtime on saturday nite(last min) then continued on sunday morning..& by the time i was working during the sunday shift, i had fallen sick..lil flu..must be the rain i guess as it has been raining non stop these few days & furthermore I've been in the air con for 24hr..almost everyone in my team was beggining to fall sick too..but yesterday was also the day i caught a lot of sick people to be sent to tan tock seng hospital or johor hospital(if they are malaysians) from 2pm to 5pm ..there's ard 12 cases of which only one has been released as he got a medical cert...80% of the cases are kids with 39 deg n above N mostly had just finish their hollys...poor thing yea..wat a way to end ur hollys(at tan tock seng) the flu virus nowadays are getting weirder & careful guys!

Friday, January 23, 2004

The movie made me think.

There's just so many things to think about, but to actually write about, now that's a different story altogether. Raudha, my cousin's, wedding is coming up pretty quickly. I really admire her for her strong-will and determination. Going through All that ordeal that she have gone through... i feel her. But i'm glad she's happy now and looking forward to a life with her husband-to-be (God, that sounds so good). I've never attended a close relative wedding for many many years now and i'm pretty much hyped up for Raudha. You go, Girl. May Badigolz bring you joy always.

I've not been meeting BF since Monday. 4 days of till today. I deeply miss him. We went to Sentosa on Monday. Had a few hours of picnic and eating egg-mayo sandwiches that i made and mee mamak, till the clouds gave us a threat. We hopped on the monorail and sat down for 2 rounds around the island for the rain to stop. BF brought along a Yan-Yan type biscuits that you have to dip in choco-sauce b4 eating. And he purposely hold the biscuit like a pen and traced the chocolate sauce all over my face. I tried to push him off but in the end, BF's hand and the chocosauce biscuits hit my face and the chocolate sauce pasted my eye shut. BF kept on laughing and laughing till the people a few cabins in fron of us turned to look and stare. And you know how his laughter can be soo contagious. I tried to action-action scold him, but i burst out laughing. REVENGE was on my mind. I took out my johnson baby powder and Splash the powder all over him.. hahahah! Tepong gomak. And then... i felt sorry for doing that to him.. but ahhahhahahah! It was all good laugh.

We went to catch the Movie "Irreversible" at Cathay Cineleisure after that. Oh Gosh. That movie ah.... whoao... BF and me said," People need to have an open mind to see this movie. " And i agree with him. The whole movie is played backwards, but it's nothing like any corny corky movie you are ever gonna watch. Sure there are some irritating scenes which will make you headachy(it's called Artistic), but when the story continues.... you'll be stuck to your seats and squirming with Gore and pity. Me and BF deeply reccommend it. It sends me shivers down my spine and i can't sleep well for 2 days thinking of the 9-minute rape scene. It's R(A), though. Bbbbrrrrrrrrr.... freaky as hell.

Ok, Onwards to today. I did a little studying and i'm glad i could understand my notes. Gives me a little reward to go out with BF tomoro to celebrate our pre-34-mth-anny. Since i can't meet him on Sunday due to my whole day of teaching tuition and him working at night, we'll see how the plan goes tomorrow. Good night, till then.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

My Side..

Yesterday night shift was the last day of work for the week...On off today till tomorrow after which i'll be working for 5 days nxt wk as to cover the chinese staffs..not a problem to me though...anyways usually when i come back from a night shift,i'll be dead sleepy but today i've been quite active..not tht sleepy but then very hungry..haha..& oh yea i've jus finish watching lord of the rings(fellowship of the ring) i really understand liao ..after this it'll be The twin towers ..but i dun think so i'll be watching dat today..maybe some other day..cos later on i'll be meeting gf in the eve..chill/slack ard ..then head home....& gonna wait for gunners game tonight! gd luck arsenal!

Friday, January 16, 2004


I woke up at ten. Had a weird dream. ((*mima are you reading this?*Saw that lame-o loser in a new silver car. No more water botol car. I can't believe hes got married. Girl-talk Monday, Girl.")) I headed off to school to meet up with Ana and borrowed some books from the library. I plan to do some studying during my one-week holidays next week. Me and Ana then headed off to Clementi Central and chill at coffeebean while waiting for the guys zaini and zul to finish their friday prayers. Yup we had the famous Chicken Chop and Chicken cutlet Avenue 3. Yes, announcement: Clementi HAS a nice, beautiful community Centre. ;P hehe! Had a good time just chillin and talking away wit the "Clementi Neighbourhoodies". Till 5. BF is working a 24-hour shift tonight 9pm till tmr 9pm. Gives me a good time to hit my books.

BF's got a new Dell PC. As excited as a small little boy who just got his favourite toy, that's how he is. hehehe! You gotta find a place to put all that transformers, racing car,spawn toys, baby. P/S: Can I get distracted by your x-box wen i'm bored? Please, pretty please? Well, for now, i'm going off to watch sister act. Laters~!

Pps:(reply to post below)::}Hon, I will still love you no matter how horizontally-challenged-overweight-multi-coloured-cheeseball you will be. We be tight. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

My Side.....Again....hehe

FINALLYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe..finally my patience has finally paid new pc is here N i'm back for some surfy , chatty , gamesy etc etc .. but first n foremost i'd to thanks mum,uncle,GF & my best bud zul! the final jigsaw puzzle is finally solved..i've go a free xbox..a new pc.. new handphone ...a whole new life for my entertainment life at home aha..luckily i nvr study anymore if not surely get distracted by all this..haha

& as for now..the nxt thing i hope for is for myself to get back in shape. getting back to shape means i want to be my normal size again not the current zaini..the current one is a bit fat!! everyones been complaining about it..haha daym..i cant help myself eating..& when pple came n ask..the usual answer i'll giv is..I'm Very Happy! heh which is very true..but somehow i'm still hoping to get back in shape no matter wat...cos i need to pass my ippt!! haha daym this govt!

tomorrow me n gf together wit ana n zul are gonna have some chicken chop after quite as for now i'm gonna continue chatting wit gf n watchin tv at the same time..hehe...see u guys tomoorrow...thanks again!!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

just thoughts.

I started the day off with my new tutee, my Primary 3 cousin. He's been a good boy, doing my composition homework i gave to him. I taught him Forms of Verbs today and he's attentive. I loikes. I get to talk to my aunt, Cik Julie, for a while as she had ordered Pizza. She told me of the kampung days of how she and her fellow sisters and brothers would jump at the sound of the "proppppoppopoppp" of my father's scooter. Since my father is the eldest brother, everyone is scared of him. He would shout and rotan his younger siblings and force them to study and speak english at home. So my aunt would pretend to study, though she detest it. Now i see, there's no point in forcing someone to study, with beating and abusing. It just doesn't work. Where is the love, the respect? So when my father got married to my mother, alll of his younger siblings can't wait for their "freedom". hahah! Justttt like...... me.

franssmanz are planning to go on a holiday. Me and BF would so love to join them. But alas, it would be the dreaded time of my final year exams. I'm very nervous. My Prelims would be in March and the University of London's lecturers would come all the way down to my school to give us real drill sessions after that all the way for the Final year exams in June. And the blardie one date of my exam just HAS to fall on my Birthday. Crikey! As for BF, i'm worried. Coz the dreaded SARS case has again resurfaced itself one more. And he can't possibly take leave. :(

Me went to follow BF to collect his free X-box at Hereen just now. The smell of a new gaming experience... aah.. He bought 2 games as well. Fifa 2004 and Need for speed underground. Arrgh! Lucky starhub maxonline subscribers!!His new Dell PC will be due to arrive next week. He'll be online again! yeay!! OK OK i'm off to watch "paradise Hotel" on channel i now. Damn Saucy, damn Hot, Damn Bitchy!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Had a Blah Day today.

Tried to log on to blogger the last few nights but to no avail. Something's wrong with the server. oh well. I've just re-upload the pics of my new haircut again to the previous posts below. Hope it's visible now. Oh yes, my mom did eventually realised the awfully loud colour and didn't say much about it. she just gave me that Oh-My-God-What-Happened-To-Your-Hair Look. But Ogre was the one who made such a fuss. I was going to correct it anyways. whatever. BF helped me a lot in that. Thanks a great deal, BF.
===} ===}
I was a blond and a red-head in a day. And black basics the next. Dried-up.

I went to visit my Grandfather who just got out of hospital just now. Quite relieved that he is ok and well again. He fell down in the bathroom 3 days ago and fainted. Wish him the pink of health.

I managed to go out with BF for 4 days in a row. These days are hard to come by. But i'm glad i got to meet BF. Yesterday, we played Pool with Mima and Yusoff. They won us to 0. Lady Luck where were you? ehhee! My BF's gettin rounder.. Hehehe I love when he's happy. I guess the long shift hours work made his body clock a mess. He's already back to work now. I made a promise to my BF to go to school regularly from now on. Since i always always wake up late for school or sometimes miss school totally just for fun, he's gonna wake me up for school as early as 7 a.m.. Oh God, hope i would be able to wake up. ok gottago now. My Dear's on his way back from work, tata~

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Whazzup wit Blogger?

Just came back from a day's out with BF. Had a relaxed day just chillin at Orchard. Well, can't say chill, coz Orchard is just sooo crowded. My hair is back to basics.. ahah! Yeaa yeaa.. now, it's the first minute it was red, the next it's black. And i cut it shorter, even my fringe! i look real different.. and i manage to trick a few people too.. haha! a couple of BF's Friends were blur, saying,"Eh, that one your girlfriend the same one eh?" hahaha! No pun intended.... I'm having sore eyes now.... very red. I really feel like no mood for school tmr. I'm helping my sister with her ArT homework on Malay wedding later. Sketching for her 2 pieces... ok then, just a short one today... tired and sleepy. Good Night!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bad Hair Day yesterday!

Saturday..... A good day to rest and lepak at home to pass the time away..but i didn't oblige any dates. Nurul asked me to accompany her get a pair of sports shoes. And later meeting my friends at Esplanade. Just to hang out and girl-talk.

Yesterday i had an itchy thought. So i decided to go to Kimage at Funan to do something to my hair(kimage's graduate Rate ($55)is just so affordable compared to the proffessionals' rate.($128).... well, that's where i thought i was wrong). I wanted just a cut and some hi-lites. ANd HIGH-LIGHT it turned out to be... Damns. At first i thought it was ok.. (blonde streaks) then when i saw my behind (my head behind, i mean), there were splotches of blonde hair everywhere! Well, I was told by the hair-dresser that it suits me well, it's the trend now, it's this and it's that..and others commented she dyed nicely. [[One word of advice, always always question and enquire and ask as much as you can before the hairdresser touches your hair. And oh ya. cheap doesn't mean quality. Hahaha!]] After everything, She waxed up my hair and i paid my $55. Burst a balloon and got me a $20 voucher for a next colouring session. (think i need it bad). I met BF at night 9.30pm yesterday at Woodlands to have dinner at Pizza Hut. He could also see the blond patches. I was too paranoid that i bought a DIY Wella red dye from watsons, thinking it will make all the better. Hahaha I was so so wrong! But then again, I don't think i mind now (But mom does~:O!!). I just have to try to carry out the new do positively. One minute i'm a blonde, the next minute, i'm a red-head . And the next-next minute (now 8th Jan)i'm back to black hair. totally RAD!!! I must be crazy to try out loud colours. My Mom's gonna kill me if she found out. hahaha! I had my hair cut short too. But i hate it! Argh! Serves me right to always want to try out new things!!! But i'll deal.

BF went for reservist today. It was a short session~! I was surprised. No IPPT or whatever shiet, i think. haha~! I cashed-in my ERS... yea right... help in the 5% GST hike? Help? I think most people already spend the money on wants...tangible items....fulfilling their dream to have something they cannot afford before. Hahaha~! Good Move. Anyway, i miss my boyfriend. *mwahsss* to you wherever you are now, Darling.