Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Whazzup wit Blogger?

Just came back from a day's out with BF. Had a relaxed day just chillin at Orchard. Well, can't say chill, coz Orchard is just sooo crowded. My hair is back to basics.. ahah! Yeaa yeaa.. now, it's the first minute it was red, the next it's black. And i cut it shorter, even my fringe! i look real different.. and i manage to trick a few people too.. haha! a couple of BF's Friends were blur, saying,"Eh, that one your girlfriend the same one eh?" hahaha! No pun intended.... I'm having sore eyes now.... very red. I really feel like no mood for school tmr. I'm helping my sister with her ArT homework on Malay wedding later. Sketching for her 2 pieces... ok then, just a short one today... tired and sleepy. Good Night!

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