Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 1 month old Aaliyah!

Yesterday marks Aaliyah's one month. The journey from day one to one month has been a very challenging but blissfull one. As new parents, Hon and I have neither experience nor clue as to what to do when she cries. We have not attuned ourselves to her rhythm of cries and gets 'kanchiong' whenever we heard a whimper from her. Day One was the most challenging of all days and we had to rope my mother in to help us figure things out. How could this little angel of ours be in such discomfort and uneasiness? We had a picture of happy toothless smiling babies in our minds just like how we saw in ads and posters. But nooo.... that was all crap. THIS wriggling human being in front of us was the REAL DEAL.

The next 3 weeks went insanely smooth (oxymoron there) as we had to transport back and forth to the polyclinic for her jaundice, kk hospital, Gleaneagles hospital, run errands with her and what nots. Mom was left with one week hospitalization leave from her past operation so she was around to help. I am very grateful to Hubby too who took 3 weeks leave apart from his 3 days paternity leave. He was the best help any wife could ask for. Emotional, physical and mental support all in one. When hubby went back to work last week, I was alone at home with little Aaliyah. I thought, Hey, this could be easy, she just needs her milk, her naps, her diaper-changes and her burps. I researched a lot and read books about newborns (like an instruction manual to a drinking, peeing, pooping 'device' that needs to be oiled with a special thing called milk) and finally got the hang of it. 'It' here being 'MOTHERHOOD'. Damn! I am a MOM? That thought still has not sunk in yet. When I looked at her sleeping in her cot, i melted and have this nagging intuition at the back of my mind as well as a tight restraining feeling beneath my chest. Am I gonna be a good mom? Are we gonna be good parents? People stared at us when we brought Aaliyah for her check-ups as though we were juveniles of mid-tween age. What the heck.

*pauses for a while to change, feed and burp Aaliyah*

So as I was saying, this phase 3 into our relationship has changed us (Hon and I) a LOT. We grew more responsible, independent and stronger. What happened overnight? Well, Aaliyah came into our lives. Sleepless nights. 'Kanchiong' moments. These are all priceless.

Take life with a pinch of salt, but add some honey to it. The pictures below aptly describe what I mean by the 'honey'.

Looking as innocent as can be....

Aaliyah loves to escape from her swaddle, especially her left hand. Remember the picture below? Yes! She puts her hand up when she's in my tummy too!!
Strike a pose... or two!
After a nice bubble bath.... Oooohh cold! Wrap me up quick~!

I just love looking into those eyes!

*Refer to caption below for this next photo.

1. Eeeeeeeps!! What the hell is that? Haaaaiyakkk!! *Strikes an Ultraman pose!*
2. Errmm, ok... what happens if I hit it?
3. Arrrhh! It moved!! Get it away from me!! Yipes!
4. Nyyeeehhh whatever.. It's harmless. Come, let me hit you again.
5. Let's play, Mr Cookie Monster!
6. Ok, I've had enough.. I'm tired. I wanna sleep.

And the sleeping continues........ today.

*High on milk*  .....   SMILE!! And the whole world smile with you...... See you again readers!

UPDATE: Aaaahhhh.... And THIS is the happy toothless smiling baby I am talking about!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Felt like watching Pearl Harbour again.

Honey and I watched Pearl Harbour 3 months into our relationship, that would be like 9 years ago... We watched it a couple of times and I cried because I related the movie to him enlisting to NS the day after. haha! Those were the times. I really could recall our 'honeymoon period' very vividly in my mind. In fact, screw that term 'Honeymoon Period'. We are STILL on our 'honeymoon journey'. =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Birth Story of Aaliyah

Saturday, 27th November 2010 - 2 days after Hon's birthday. Hon and I were on a HOT DATE in town, just after my checkup at Gleneagles in the morning. Dr Yam said that I was 1/2 cm dilated when he checked. Ok, no biggie, i thought. Still a long way to go. I told Dr Yam about how sometimes my stomach feels rock hard. He said that he thought he wanted to see me again in one week's time but instead he scheduled to meet me in 3 days' time. This is because what I felt could be contractions. It's just that I didn't know it.

And so after the check-up, Hon and I walked to Orchard Road with the plan of catching a movie and shopping for Hon's birthday present. Our first stop was Tanglin Mall, which was quite near Gleneagles. We decided to have lunch first. While walking, I felt my stomach tense up again, becoming rock hard. I persevered on and continued walking, albeit slowly. During lunch, I felt intense pain in my tummy, excatly the same kinda pain when I had my monthly menses cramps. I went to the toilet thinking it could be constipation so i sat it out. But the pain was still there. After what seemed to be an unbearable half an hour in the toilet, I went back to the restaurant. Hon has already finished eating. I ate a little bit more and told Hon that we might have to postpone the hot date that day. I called my cousin and asked her what contractions felt like. She told me to time the pain, but what i felt was pain all the time! Barely 1 minute apart! All around my tummy! Well, she said, it could be just a stomach discomfort. OK, i thought. Maybe I was just being nervous or my mind was playing tricks on me. The tummy pain continued and I told Hon that I wanted to go home and rest. So we flagged a cab and headed home.

5pm: Once home, I laid on the bed, too agonized by the pain to even sleep. I was crouching and growling. Hon then advised me to call my doctor again. I called and the nurse tried to get through to him. What the nurse said next was totally unprepared for. "Doctor ask you to go to the hospital and get warded now. Bring your hospital bag." I was like WHAT? NOW? ooooh ok. Luckily everything was ready. I didn't even have the time or even the energy to have a shower first! Hon helped me to bring everything and off to Thomson we went! We have not even pre-registered! In the cab, a LOT of things were running through my mind. What if... what if... what if... Then there was a traffic jam. The taxi driver kanchiong already as I was moaning so loudly in the cab. I held Hon's hand soo tightly. I can do this. I can do this, i told myself. I do NOT want to give birth in a CAB! So I held on...

7pm: Finally, after what seemed like eternity, we arrived. It didn't help that it was our first time there too! Luckily we were directed to the maternity ward immediately. The nurse took one look at me and said, "OK go and change to the hospital gown and take a urine sample." Errrr.. waitaminute... what? U mean I am going to stay here? Hon asked the nurse the same thing. The nurse answered, "Yarr of course, she is already in so much pain, I don't think she can go home like that. She will give birth tomorrow." Hon and I were both caught by surprise. WHAT?!? Ok, so this is IT!?!? I changed and was placed in the observation ward with 2 other beds. Hon went to register and I was all alone at that period of time. The nurse placed the machine to time my contractions... It was barely 1 to 2 minutes apart! Your contractions are very good! The nurses said. They checked and I was about only 1 cm dilated. My waterbag has not even burst yet! I asked for the laughing gas to aide my pain. The nurse asked if I wanted the epidural. I said I wanted to wait it through first. Laughing gas it was and it helped a bit when I felt high. It was a pain reliever alright! I managed to rest for a while. 5 patients came in and out of the observation ward and I was still stuck there. Cries were heard all around me. Babies' cries, ladies' cries. Oh God. It all happened so fast!? It's like the women who were wheeled in, were wheeled out almost immediately and 5 minutes later, i heard the waaaaaaaa of a baby. Giving birth was that fast MEH? Why am i still stuck here?

1.40am on Sunday, 28th Nov 10
I vomitted due to the side effect of the laughing gas. And due to the strain of vomitting on my tummy, my waterbag burst. I thought I passed urine. But the nurse said that it was my waterbag. Oh gosh.. the feeling.. hahaa! Never felt it before.. and it felt... ermm... squirmy and warm and whooooshy. They cleaned me up. And checked again. I was ONLY 2 cm dilated. Still a Loooooooong way to go, baby! Hon was beside me all along, but he was so tired i told him to get some shuteye downstairs.

4.20am: I asked for epidural. Maybe it's gonna be time soon. The anaesthetician administered the epidural and I felt relieved all at once!! I felt numb for the lower half of my body and I could not feel any pain anymore! This is the time where I can sleep. I even managed to tweet, facebook and joke with Hon. I asked Hon to go home for a while and take a quick wash up.

7.10am: I am being wheeled into the delivery ward. There is a sofa bed and a television. And I am alone on a single bed in there. The nurse asked me to relax and watch tv for a while. I was damn hungry  by this time and my energy was drained out due to the contractions. The nurse was kind enough to call my gynae and asked if it is ok to give me breakfast. Dr Yam said it was ok and I had sandwich and milo. Aah... i regained my energy and waited it out again. Catching 40 winks REM here and there, though never in a deep sleep. Hon slept on the sofa bed beside me.

12pm: Nurse checked. I was still 2 cm dilated!! I think they injected oxytocin in me to induce me. I have no clue and no idea. I just wanted to rest and sleep. It had been a laborious night! My contractions have gone down from 1 min apart to 5 mins apart now. The nurses keep on asking me to stay strong.

230pm: Rise and shine. I awoke refreshed as I had a really gooooood sleep. The nurse came in and checked again..... Guess what? i was already 9.5cm DILATED!! In 2 hours! That 2 hours of sleep did me good as i was relaxed much. Nurse came in and asked if i am ready to push. Oh yeah i am!!

3pm: Nurse prepared the Doctor's kit and Dr Yam zoomed in at 3.30pm to check on me. Before that, the nurse and Hon was in the room with me and they prep me to push. It was like doing chin up exercise for the girls.. i forgot what that is called. Where you hold your chin up above the bar for the longest seconds. But for birth, chin to the chest, and when every contraction comes, you PUSH with all your might!!!!! One hour passed...... I gave all my strength, heart and soul during the pushing. I did 10 sets of 10 counts... I was nearly nearly there. Aaliyah is already about to pop out!!

4pm: Dr Yam decided it's time for vacuum delivery since it has been an hour and Aaliyah's head is showing already but she still hasn't come out yet. I was already very fatigued like after running a 10km race.  Dr took the vacuum equipment and in 1 minute, Aaliyah slipped out and safe in Doctor's arms!! I heard her loud cries. It was beautiful.. The most magnificent moment in your life. Dr said her lungs are strong. Her eyes opened up immediately when she cried. She was placed on top of me right away, Hubby stood beside me. Hon and I both cried. The feeling was too overwhelming. Our heart were in our throats. Finally, after 9 long months of pregnancy, our little angel has arrived. She's beautiful. Doctor called her "Future Miss Singapore". haha!! The nurse whisked her away to clean her up and get her measured accompanied with Hubby, while Dr. Yam stitched me up. I didn't feel any pain during the stitching as my mind and thoughts were with Aaliyah. It helps that the epidural has not worn off yet either.

5pm: I was wheeled into the bedded room with Aaliyah and Hubby. I tried to breastfeed her there and then to bond, connect and communicate between mother and daughter. She opened her innocent little eyes and looked at me. It is a miracle. She is a miracle. Aaliyah was born 1 day short of 37 weeks. She may be considered a 1 day preemie, but to me, she's the strongest girl in our lives. I couldn't sleep although I have been in labour for close to 20 hours. My parents and MIL came to visit. In the evening, relatives came to visit. I can't believe it's over. I can't believe the 9 months have come and gone in a flash. And here beside me is this little growing beautiful girl.

10pm: When the visitors went home, Hon went home too and i rested the night away. The nurse brought Aaliyah in from the nursery so that I could breastfeed her and bond with her for a few minutes every 3 hours. I don't mind that they keep on waking me up. I am a light sleeper anyways. Anything for my babygirl.

Monday, 29 Nov 10, 11am: I was discharged from the hospital. Aaliyah was still kept for further observation. She was finally discharged from the nursery at 8pm. Bringing home baby Aaliyah for the first time. =) Sleeping in her crib for the first time. Hon had gone home earlier to prepare everything in the room for her. Everything is baby ready. =) The next few hours and days will be another different story altogether........

Pictures of my labour.

Me getting high on laughing gas. 

One second after she came out...

Lil Aaliyah was delivered, cleaned and placed in my arms almost immediately. =) 

You are the most beautiful miracle that happened, Babe.

Aaliyah fresh from the oven.

Here's looking at you Babe!

In the womb, she loves to place her hand like that. Same in, same out.

Our precious lil beautiful babygirl. 

Daddy Max-Air Tummy Time

I give up, Mummy. Just let me sleep.

Dancing time!

Whooooooaaa.... I'm falling, I'm falling!

My first photoshoot at 2 days old!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I have popped!

Yes, after 37 weeks, Lil Aaliyah finally decided to see the world. My birth experience story coming up next... stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

CASH from Nuffnang!!

Finally!! My cheque from Nuffnang has arrived after cashing out 2 months ago. Wooohoo! Just nice... more money to spend on Baby Aaliyah and also Daddy Zaini's post birthday gift (which was halted due to my delivery and the birth of baby Aaliyah) haha!

THANK YOU NUFFNANG for the ads and thank you readers for supporting this blog by clicking on the ads! You are all very much appreciated! Till the next cashout.... =)