Friday, December 29, 2006

Abah & Mama, I Love You.

My parents at this moment will be in Mount Arafat performing prayers and tirelessly repeating the formal ritual together with other pilgrims. "I am here in response to your call, Lord, I am here..." chanting in a multitude of accents as they gathered on a plain bounded by hills. "You have no equal. To you the praise, from you the favour -- and royalty belongs only to you."

And tonight they will make their way to spend the night in Prayers. Ya Allah, I pray for tomorrow morning. Please let my parents be safe in Mina for the ritual stoning of the three pillars representing Satan. This is the most dangerous part of the pilgrimage and I know me and my sister cry most nights worrying about our parents.

My Mom called 2 nights ago to assure that she is safe. Dad and her are separated for the time being. As for Dad, he called last night around 11pm to ask how his daughters are and to send his regards to the elders. His voice sounds faint..... and weak. Like he was shivering, teeth chattering. Very far from his normal boisterous booming voice. Most probably due to the icy cold weather at nights in Arafat. It was the first time i felt so happy to hear from him. I assured him everything at home is under control and in order. Oh God, Please take care of my parent's health.

I remember the day they left for Airport, Dad hugged Zaini and said," Please take care of my daughter when i am away," to Hon. I was most absolutely touched by that and tears started swelling in my eyes. I have never seen this softer side of my Dad, ever before in the 20+ years of my life.

I know... when Eid-ul Adha comes this Sunday, my sister and I will feel at our most lonesome. Crying from our hearts, longing for our parents.. It is when we realise how much our parents mean to us and not to take them for granted. As an elder sister, I have been trying to take care of Phique, but alas, working long hours everyday does not help at all. Phique, I know and trust you that you can behave and take care of yourself. Please do good.

Statistics show that about 4 million pilgrims -- 55 percent of them males -- had arrived for the haj from 187 countries. InsyaAllah, semoga my parents will have Haji yang mabrur.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Busy Busy Periods..

1330 - Taking a break from my assignment.

Was blog hopping for a while & I'd like to say big Congrats to Ayu & Wan. Wish you guys all the best for all the years to come!

2 more of my friends getting married in a couple of weeks & that should wrap up for 2006. Like Hun said in a much earlier post, 2007 is the year. Lots of weddings to attend. Friends & relatives mostly.

My favorite wedding for the year of 2006? Had to be Juherman's & Fildza's wedding(both place). Simple, Elegant & Warmth. That's the 3 main words best describe for the type of weddings that I really like. Well, I never fancy the "big fiesta" ones or the "over" westernised ones. Therefore I hope mine will be the Simple, Elegant & Warmth wedding. It's all going thanks to my best mate, Zul, Insya'allah. ';D

As for now, best wishes for Hun's Mam & Dad's trip to Haj.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Assignments & more assignments..datelines..& more datelines too. Christmas this season weren't as fantastic as last year when I was stationed at T2 but its still fun though, my first time in town store.

Anyways I took the wrong bus home! haha, guess my mind are too tired. Silly me.. haha.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My New Toy,From Hun For My Birthday Pressie

Now I can MSN anywhere since Sg is going wireless in most part of SG for free! I can also do my work using the Pocket Pc. Thanks Hun!

Well, I haven't been blogging lately. Quite busy with work as always. Anyways I've found myself a favourite movie so far that I really can memorise the plots, cast, lines etc. The movie is? SAW 1, SAW 2 & SAW 3! Well, I didn't really catch the first 2 actually but went to watch straight away the 3rd one. Didn't want to watch it in fact but was highly persuade by Hun. Got a little help by Hun about what its all about during the show & from then on I was like wow! Very gory & manupulative plot! We then rent SAW 2 & caught it on Saturday at Hun's place together with mum. I bought the 1st one & now I fully understand the whole story!

Hopefully there'll be the sequels to it!