Monday, February 28, 2011

Aaliyah's 3rd month today @ 28/02/2011 and her first day at school is tomorrow!

She has reached 1/4 of a year today. Time flies superfast. And tomorrow will be her first day at school. Yes, she is going to school at 3 months old. Infantcare, that is. Hon and I came to this decision and believe it is the best choice for her. Firstly, both our moms are working and are very busy. Secondly, we do not want a foreign helper or nanny bringing up our child alone at home (God forbids anything were to happen these days) and she won't learn or enjoy anything. Thirdly, I get a staff rate which cuts the infantcare fees by a lot and damn am I so glad I made the switch to this career path. Fourthly, Aaliyah gets to socialize, make friends, refine her motor skills and she is being taken care of by infantcare professionals and I wouldn't worry as much as I will know her progress is being tangibly recorded every step of the way. Fifth, her infantcare school is only a walk away from my workplace. So there you have it. Five valid reasons why we chose to send her to infantcare.

I also have another month of maternity leave left and will be going back to work in April. I chose to send her to school one month earlier not that i can have time for myself or hubby (that is a secondary reason, though =D), but so that I can be ready and prepare myself mentally and physically when I go back to work and also knowing that Aaliyah has settled down in her school by the time I start work, I wouldn't have to worry so much. This is the path we chose for her and we believe and have confidence in ourselves as parents. Some may disagree and call us mean by saying we 'throw' our child anyhow and we got no feelings or whatever the eff. Grow up, man. We see so many positive reasons and NO negative reasons at all and everything is stated above. =) So do you think we made the right choice? mmhmm...I think so.

Now that I have some free time in my hands for the month of March, I have resolutions to achieve. First, start running to prepare myself in time for this year's 10Km Nike race (Yeay to running again!!). Second, have as many hot dates with Hubby on his off days as possible and then fetch Aaliyah back from school. (Month of March being our 10 years of relationship!!). Third, really really clean and spruce up the house (it has taken a backseat since I am busy looking after Aaliyah). Fourth, go shopping for new work clothes (now that I have lost that preggie weight)! Fifth, sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep (Catch up on deprived sleep). Another 5 grrreeeaaaaat reasons to enjoy the month of March!!

Her first few milestones: Lifting head and shoulders up @ 2mths2wks. Good Job Aaliyah!!

Till her next update!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aaliyah's swimming videos

Aaliyah's 2nd swimming session @ 2 mths 1 week! She's kickin' those legs!! Strong girl! Pls ignore the conversations in the background and the stupid video adverts at the end. Hehehehe!

Aaliyah's 4th swimming session at 2 mths 3 weeks!!! At a point of time, she looks like she's holding on to her very wet and heavy diapers, afraid that it may drop off anytime soon. Hahaha!!

P/S: She's in a swimming tub powered by jacuzzi. So instead of 'swimming', she's just relaxing.... She loves it!