Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 weeks has passed....

Tomorrow will be my official 31 weeks! 6 - 9 more weeks to meet u baby Aaliyah! Hope you are growing well in Mummy's stretching tummy! She is currently at 1.3 kg and is still growing. Sleeping is becoming very uncomfortable at night, especially when I want to turn from my right side to my left side. Imagine taping a sack of 1kg rice on your stomach, lie down on one side, and then carry the rice, using your tummy muscle strength to switch to the other side. It takes a whole 5 seconds at least. I have been having really crappy weird dreams too! Haha! Maybe it is the uncomfortable sleeping position or maybe it is just one of the symptoms that baby is also dreaming. There was also a night when I woke up with a sudden cramp on my calf. I can't straighten my leg at all! I had to wake Hubby up to help me massage the muscle cramp away. Luckily Hubby is understanding. =)

I have begun to waddle like a marshmallow man (as per Hubby's words, haha!).But so far, ALL train and bus commuters have been very very kind to me, giving up their seats. I am blessed. Maybe it's the silly MRT jingle that helps to remind them... "give up give up give up your seat!" Haha!

Work has been a little bit more challenging. What with PTC coming up again in a month's time! And those 15 little 3-yr old "angels" of mine leaving a trail of chaos everywhere they go. Phew! I am indeed VERY VERY TIRED. My job totally drains out my energy physically and mentally. One parent said I am a Superwoman and wondered how I managed. I am grateful for understanding parents to my class children. I do sometimes feel like I am going to miss my class when I go on maternity leave. They have taught me many qualities that I do not even know i possess; endurance, confidence, flexibility and patience, patience patience. Everyday is a learning experience and I hope to instill my teaching experience in bringing up Baby Aaliyah. =)
My Baby Aaliyah 

My mom has just undergone an operation (total hysterectomy) to remove her uterus/womb/cervix. What was supposed to be a day surgery turned out to be 9 days in the hospital because she has been vomiting and was not able to eat solid food. I have been visiting her almost everyday after work to check on her well-being and now she is recuperating at my aunt's place. I am very lucky to have very kind and understanding relatives around me. There are 3 strong women in that house (my mom, cousin and aunt) and I look up to them a lot as they have gone through so much. Little Afiqah is super adorable too and I love to play with her and 'train' myself to be a Mummy. =) 

Oh have I told you that I LOST my iPhone... as in i mistakenly left it in the ladies at ION! I was horrendously terrified and cried like mad! Sigh.... i know one of the pregnancy symptoms is forgetfulness and not to mention clumsiness. But oh what a fateful day! And on that day, Hubby's true colours shine. He helped me so much and I love you, Hubby.