Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hon posted this video in his facebook today and after I watched it, I was totally creeped out. Yes, there are so many comments out there comparing Kerli to Lady Gaga and a LOT of them saying that their music, their videos, their actions are all reflective of the Illuminati. Well, the 'message' has become widespread, thanks to the media. I think a lot of people have been given the 'realisation'. A few choose not to believe in it, some just prefer to enjoy the music and shut one eye, while the rest exclaimed,"oooohhh myyyyyy gooooshhhhhh! Yarrrrr!" when they watched episodes of 'The Arrivals' on You Tube, and then relate what they have aptly discovered to their surroundings. For example, the black and white checkered floor, the pyramid, the all-seeing eye, the bloodline and a lot of other things and events. You choose where you stand. (if you know what I am talking about.)

I have deleted my 2 weeks leave (which was planned for Tokyo in the first place) in November which has been approved by my boss. I have a sudden tinge of regret. Oh... I don't know.... When I tried to apply on other days, it was rejected due to the many many many many many many things we have to do during this period. My Folder is also due end of this week and I am only halfway done! I am almost always so tired! I am not able to carry my children anymore, especially those who are very very very misbehaved. What more carry the tables, or bend too long to mop the floor? I don't want to strain myself. I don't care. I am going to take care of myself.... I come first, job and everything else comes next.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sudden Thought

I suddenly realized that SheZai conceived on our 9th Anniversary exactly. Hehehe!

A Delightful Saturday!

Hubby and I planned to wake up early on Saturday morning coz we were on a mission. To book our vacation destination. I have taken a week's leave in May to take a break from work. I guess it'll be also a celebration! We call it our prebabymoon! We intended to go to Boracay Island, Philippines. However, when we arrived at our favourite travel agency in Orchard, they do not serve that travel destination. We listed down our choices. Koh Samui, Phuket, Sabah. The flight timing to Koh Samui were all bad and the worst part was we have to book Tiger Airways by ourselves. Too much of a hassle-bazzle... So we finally decided on Indigo Pearl, Phuket's Pearl Bedroom Suite. Lush greenery surrounds this luxury resort and I can't wait to relax my mind and body. We'll be there for 4d3n and had a great deal.We paid extra for travel insurance and flight change so that we'll be on the morning flight there and late afternoon flight back. And the counting down to May begins now..... can't wait to leave this stressful Singapore. Picture courtesy of Indigo Pearl, Phuket.

After making the bookings, we headed for lunch. I realised that I am always hungry and I am not even one month pregnant yet! Foodie Time!

After lunch, we booked tickets to watch 'Shutter Island', a movie directed by Martin Scorsese and acted by Leornado DiCaprio. Both of us feel like the movie will have mixed reviews so it's difficult for me to do a Sheikha's Top Ten Facts of this movie. Basically, all i can say is..... the sound FX is ridiculously LOUD to build up the suspense, you will only understand what is happening halfway into the movie and the moral of the story is.... 'The brain controls everything'. After the movie, I told Hon that I wanna have a romantic walk to City Hall. He was shocked and asked if it's ok for me and all, I told him i'm fine, and so we walked all the way from Orchard to City Hall. Just like the old times when we were on dates. =) Snapped pics along the way......

Hon said the pic above looks like 'Date Night' the movie..... Hahaha!

We then reached City Hall. And we bumped into Zahila and Shah at JCo! We joined them and had supper  until JCo had to close shop. So we headed to Macdonald's at Orchard since all of us had no plans and everything was really impromptu. As we were eating, this butch came up to us.. "Hi... you guys wanna watch movie... I have 4 tickets here, don't worry it's on the house. I bought the tickets already and I can't make it to the movie, it's at 1130 pm, Greenberg, by Ben Stiller. You know the actor." We were like... ok... what luck! So we agreed and took the tickets from him. Free movie can't hurt you, right? right? right? Wrong. This movie hurts our butt like a butt-crunching machine. It SUCKS terribly! What the hell is with this movie. DON't Waste your money!! It's even rotten than a rotten tomato. Ben Stiller was talking 80% of the movie like some hippie you just want to slap his mouth shut. R21 sexual scenes my ass! wtf,  a toothless grandma would make a better sex scene. mwahahahaha! Ok, moral of the story is... don't watch it. Till the next update.... 

Have a great weekend, Readers!

Friday, April 16, 2010


 The Story of My Pregnancy

If you were to notice the description on the right hand sidebar of this blog, it states:-
"We have been blogging since 2003. From the time we were a naive couple to the time we got married and awaiting the time to start a family."
This blog has now entered Phase 4. Phase 1 was when I was still dating Zaini way back then in 2001. Phase 2 came when we got engaged in 2005. Phase 3 came when we got married in 2007. And now, in 2010, Phase 4........ starting a family. It sounds like a BTO (built-to-order) project ey. We build our relationship strong enough and then order a baby...... LOL! ok ok, kidding.

It all happened when I got curious even before my p was due. I bought the pharmacy pregnancy test and it came out negative. What to do.... i was kanchiong. I leave it to fate. Didn't give it much thought. Can always try again. Then i got a high fever one day... stayed home to sweat it out and went to Sentosa Resorts World at night to chill as per post below. My close friend Aisyah said it might be the hormones.... Well, to think of it... I did vomit once. I thought it was something I ate. Decided to pass it off as a normal fever.

Then a week later, my p didn't come when it was supposed to, so I was curious. Normally I will wait one day or two days, but my hands itchy sangat.... so I go and buy the pregnancy test again... I was in the toilet.. and the feeling was overwhelming when I saw the result came out positive. :'D I nearly screamed. Am I really!??!?! I read and re-read the instructions like I don't understand the gunk of English gibberish written there.

A lot of things ran through my mind. When should I tell hubby? When should I tell mom and mil? Should I go to the Doctor to confirm it? What am I supposed to do now? Like a dazed and confused pre-teen, I tried to grasp the fact. But I still can't. So I decided to go the Doctor immediately in a state of excitement. When the doctor confirmed it and gave me Folic Acid pills to down every morning, I was even more overwhelmed! OK.... so does that confirm it? I tried to keep my cool the whole evening and waited 3 hours for Hubby to come home. My heart was beating ridiculously fast!! I wanted Hubby to be the first one to know. I tried to mislead him by saying I have p-cramps on Twitter and all.. hahaha!

And then he came home. He was sharing with me about work, and he got a free pair of Nike shoes and he got a free Nike Cardholder.... and he told me how fated it was because someone stole his Nike Slippers that morning and he lost his EZlink card a few days back. So he said... "Wah it's so fated eh I get these free."

And then suddenly, he showed me a small Nike Box....

and he said," Hun Hun, guess what.. I buy this one when we have a baby in the future. I like the shoes ah.. so nice."

I was stunned!!! And no, he still does NOT know yet. I gave him a very very very weird Sheikha look.

And I very slowly said....." Hon, you know what..... you are going to be a father."
He exclaimed in delight and excitement," What?!?! Really!??!?!?! WOW!! Eh! It's fated!! I just bought the kid shoe today then you tell me you are pregnant?! Yeayyyyyyyyy!!!!" It was the happiest moment of our lives... I have NEVER seen him laugh and smile soooo happily before. The next few minutes were classic... hahahah! A moment of "Eh-nak-bilang-skarang-ke-tanak-eh". And the rest of the moment just went with the flow. I really want to convince myself to the core, so I tried the pregnancy test again, and again, it showed positive. I showed Hon. Confirm Liao!

The next day, I bought another pregnancy test kit (the ones where you can keep) to keep a memory of that very day. Just like how you keep all the memorabilia in a shoebox.... Maybe I'll start making a scrapbook of SheZai Junior. =)  An exciting journey awaits!

Syukur Alhamdulillah. I have just finished my Diploma, talk about the perfect timing. hehe!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I scream for ice-cream!

It's the weekend again! Yeay to resting the whole of 1 1/2 day. Went to the Nuffnang office to collect my $50 Ben & Jerry voucher. I asked myself where the hell is Kinta Road sia! Thank God for Google iPhone maps! The place is super ulu. Alighted at Farrer Park Mrt station and walked a short distance to their building which is totally dark and gloomy. Went up to their office and once the lift doors open, everything was pitch dark as outside was raining. Then the lights started to flicker in the hallway. They have this sensor lights that automatically turn on when the lift door opens. Eerie and creepy. We had to take off our shoes before entering. Signed and collected the vouchers then off to town to redeem them ...... 

Hubby's banana split with 3 Phish Food scoops of ice cream, hot fudge and chocolate sprinkles...

Whoever invented the banana split must be a genius. Who thought banana could taste nice with ice cream!

Waffle was quite rubbery in texture.. but it goes well with the ice-cream. I had Chocolate chip cookie dough and A cookie affair. Super delish. But the taste changed when eaten with the waffle. Should ordered the scoops of ice-cream just like that instead.

Just for these 2 orders, i paid $31..... suddenly i feel it's so not worth it to pay this amount for ice-cream. Luckily it's free. Whipped up my iPhone and took these photos above...

We then watched 'Date Night' at the Cathay... and I really love the movie. It's ha-ha hilarious! Especially the Pole Dancing part...... Hahaha! Yes... there is a pole dancing part..... Do catch it in the movies playing now... Next up on our movie list... 'Shutter Island'. Can't wait for that!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Integrated Resort opening soon

I am not here to blog about the Integrated Resort opening soon. That, we all know. But my imagination has gone ridiculously wild and you will see in this post what is becoming of my really wild imaginations. Look at the picture above, and you will see a normal architectural structure of 3 buildings. And then look closer.....
What does the shape of the Integrated Resort look like to you? I would like to divert from the topic of Integrated Resort for a short while and talk about the movie, 2012. If you have watched this movie in the cinema, then good. Look at the picture extract taken from the movie below.
The arks built by the people/slaves of the world only to house the millionaires and the elites who paid exorbitant amount of money to enter this ark and save their lives from destruction in the year 2012: The Apocalypse. Look again at our Integrated Resort and see the similarity...
I may be crossing the border here by saying what my wild mind was made to comprehend.

1) The Integrated Resort is surrounded by water, just like the movie 2012, where the arks are all surrounded by water in a dam.
2) If there ever will be a tsunami, the 3 buildings will give way, and the 'ark' on top of the building will float on water, most probably carrying the 'Elite' gamblers who are billionaires/world figures.

Warning: This post is just a fraction of my wild imagination. Do not take it seriously. Lest you have the same imagination as I do. You will only get to see this post here on SHEZAI's BLOG.

Ok, ok, ok, on a much lighter note, flowers are all around tooo... heeheee.

And so we headed to the Esplanade to my most favourite shop, PopcornPop! I just bought myself another original movie poster to add to my dusty collection!!!! Pre-ordered it and due to arrive in 2 weeks time. This is what I bought! Gonna be on our bedroom wall soon..... The poster for Toy Story (1) has appreciated to almost $160!! Can u believe that?

We then headed for some waffles at Suntec City to end our Sunday.... Wish the long weekend could be longer.... *Sigh*.

Adrena Ties The Knot

One of my best friends has tied the knot yesterday.... Congratulations to her! She looked drop-dead gorgeous, I love her gowns!! Thanks for catering to me and Zaini, Girl. The food was delicious!! The ceremony was held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club. The ballroom was huge, the decor was really beautiful and everything was so very prim and proper.... as compared to Malay weddings that we have attended. Yes, it was our first Chinese wedding dinner, and we don't know what to expect. But everything went perfectly for the bride and groom. They showed their photo montage, video of the tea ceremony (which was so hilarious!), the cake-cutting, down to the champagne pouring... Fabulous. Once again, congrats babe, and hope you'll have everlasting bliss. Catch up one day!!

Here comes the bride and groom walking down the isle... To my excitement, I set the flash to soft flash instead of flash syncro, and there is this black shadow underneath. But the feel of the couple in the picture is great! And everyone's throwing confetti with smiles on their faces.

The groom, Vincent, giving a speech.

Popping the champagne bottle open.

I am happy for you, girl.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa @ Night

The whole day I was having a fever of 38.3 deg at the highest. Wrapped myself with thick clothes and blanket to sweat it out while sleeping and it works, my fever was gone by evening. The plan was to head out for dinner with my cousins Fahmy and Mai. First stop was the cafe, fika at Arab Street. Their cuisine was mouth-wateringly delicious! It is a Swedish inspired cafe and I love the decor! Their food is superb too! Portion was huge or just nice to fill up our stomachs.

Hon ordered Baked Pasta chicken with melted cheese on top.... oh my. yummy!

And do you know that meatballs originated from Sweden? These meatballs are made from scratch! It's not those processed meat you see in a packet. You can really taste the spices in the meat. And to top it with melted cheese, oh heaven! A queer side is the strawberry jam. It is the first time I eat meatballs with jam. Weird combo, but nice nontheless.

And so we headed to Sentosa after our dinner for a look look see see and for dessert.

At Festive Hotel, one of the most colourful hotels around. The cartoons and colours reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.

We walked around and came across this structure outside the Casino. If you were to watch 'The Arrivals', you would understand why the structure is like that and why it is put outide the Casino. Hon is gonna blog about that soon, SO stay tuned!!

Yes, if it's Art, I can understand.. but WHY? I can't fathom why do they need to put these naked statues here. The male statue has a really small penis. The lady statue is holding an apple. Adam & Eve inspired, I believe.

Directions, directions everywhere.

You wouldn't feel that it is Singapore or more so Sentosa. It's like you are totally in a new dimension. The peoples have really refurbished Sentosa very well!

They have a humongous Hershey's Store here!!!!! And yes, they do have Victoria's Secret too, if you haven't already heard about the hype....

A very typical pose. Can't help it. Need to conquer the world, with a smile on my face.
SheZai was here.

Heading to Hard Rock Hotel to spend the night..... Not. Well, we are planning of it one day n it will happen soon. =) We are heading to the carpark actually.

The caramel macchiato cake that is sinfully delectable. @ Coffee Bean Sentosa.

Oh we just can't get enough of the LIFT!! There's crystals in the lift!! How elegant!!
I am now waiting for Mai to upload the pics from her camera so that I can add on to the pics on this entry...... So Stay tuned!