Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lazy Stay-in Sunday....

Today's such a gloomy weather Sunday. Just the perfect time for me to update this blog, with not much to do around the house. Lunch was just a moment ago , and damn those bugging mynahs who keep flying into my house. I will go like, running into the kitchen like a mad woman, shooing those irritating pests away. And they leave behind gross watery poo poo stuffs you wouldn't want to imagine. Urkh, ok enough of that disgusting things. Life has been great, still. I've never thought of blogging in-depth before but i just feel so right now.

As said, SheZai Phase 2 has long been over, and it has been a brilliant ride. Another month-versary to celebrate this Wednesday. You know, as we age over the years, it kinda feels good being in the different stages of relationship with your soulmate. It's like.. every stage is a challenge. We are now looking into... marriage preparations, house-surveying, learning to cook (on my part), to be financially and mentally (and religiously) stable to dive into that next phase. No doubt it won't be easy. Maybe this is our life. Sometimes i wonder, do other people face the same things? Maybe some others prefer to have it simple and just live-in with parents, or hire a maid to cook and clean, so that they can enjoy life, or even nightlife as a couple. Things that they may have been enjoying before marriage. But is that safe? I really wonder of the side-effects of that on relationships. Others, just maybe, prefers to stand on their own two feet and stay independent. But to me, I think life needs a proportion of everything, it just depends on the right time, the right place and the right people.

I just got my last pay to splurge and i am so going to indulge and pamper my guts out next week. After sludging N enduring for 8 months at work, getting cursed and scolded and whamed at for things that i didn't do, I've had enough. My emotional stability at work is on the down low. have had enough of all that Singaporean customers bullshit. I'm slamming down my power-letter. It's time for that 1 week of pure ultimate pampering and indulgance, where i can just zip down my fake exterior and emerge as another new me... yea well.. again. Splurges here I come! Of course, that is, after i have put aside some for rainy days. Wait a minute , did i just say last paycheck? Yes, i did. Oh double whammy.

But to hell with that. I'm gonna start a new job soon. Already got one with a much much much lower pay. And i feel funny, cos deep inside, i don't mind. Neither does Hon (cos he wants me to be happy.) Though people will be shocked. But why should i care what other people think, as long as i am satisfactorily happy and that opportunity comes along at that very perfect moment? I've had enough ringing in my ears, of friends, colleagues, people, whining, "i hate my job... but what to do." If they don't do anything about it, I will. I want to just look up to the sky and scream.." I love my job!!" Just like a few friends i know who does. I really admire them. Sorry Mom and Dad. I will prove you wrong by climbing my way up slowly. I just want a simple life. Why make things difficult?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Its Football, Not Soccer ( with the british accent) ';P

Was browsing through some of my old folders when I came across a "Chocolate" 2004 skatevideo directed by Spike Jonez. Not only did they have some of my favorite lads such as Mike York & Kenny Anderson but they also have nice tunes along in it like Cody Chestnut, Bjork & Flaming Lips & right now, I'm like hooked up to Flaming Lips.. OOo yeah..

Anyways.. how many of you actually believe in karma? As for me..I really do. hah

Saturday, January 14, 2006

SheZai back to the movies.

Supposedly known as Green Street Hooligans in other countries, this show is about football "firm" street fights. Guys would absolutely love the show, just like Hun did. I don't quite understand much about football, or soccer, or whatever they call it, so i didn't enjoy it that much. Girls, as always. Seriously, I don't get it why the passion can lead to huge serious fights where people die and all. Politics they call it? Hah. I find the British accent, sexy though.

Speaking of sexy, I am so fascinated by Jennifer Aniston's character in the movie, Derailed. Gosh, she's exuding that sex appeal. Very unlike her to play the "naughty" character. Hon got the catch of the story at the beginning of the movie, so we would say that this movie is predictable. Many lessons to be learnt from this movie.

More movies to catch this season. More burnt holes in the pocket.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Facts ...

I miss bitching around here. haha Anyways it has been raining non-stop these days. Slacking at home, playing Need For Speed Most Wanted, munching mommy's cornflakes macaroons..oo yummy. That's what I've been doing lately other than working & meeting Hun.

By the way, speaking of the rainy days. On my way to meet hun last Saturday, train was as crowded as always & usually on Saturdays, you'll also get to see all the "cool fashionistas" in their groups, very interesting ay? Ok, this brought me up to give few comments about this group I bumped on my train towards town. It was a cooling Saturday. This group of people (feeling,ooh I'm so a rocksuperstar living in winter country) I can describe, was at their very best in their dressing in the whole cabin with their coats,shawls etc etc. But, the part that tickle me off was that, one of the girl in the group started to sweat, the others started to complain that its hot & soon start fanning themselves.

Haha .. I really wonder.. y?

Friday, January 06, 2006

its been a here it goes!

Image hosted by
Bapesta Halloween

Finally..ok nuff said, I'm so happy!hah.

Anyways, December has been so great especially on christmas. Thanks to everyone who came! Thanks to The Killer Gerbil, Fazli, Ema & Syazlin for the wishes.