Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nadiah aka NaDSsy!

May this day be the beginning of another special year.. Here's wishing that it unfolds many joys & happy moments for you to cherish! I hope you have a happy, incredible, fantastic birthday filled with all of the good things life has to offer! Happy Birthday!

P/S: Sorry I had to re-use our photos. But we'll have a blast on Monday k! Then we'll take more pix!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tikus oh Tikus

I am always tickled by the way my in-laws (Mom, Aunt and Grandma in-law) always make up weird names for things. Like when the cat climbed onto my bolster to sleep on top of it, they akin it to riding a motorboat and of all places... to Batam. With their loud shrill voices calling the cat," Jeeeeen! Jeeeeen!(Short form for Ginger) Mana si Jeeeeeen tu eh?? Oh tengok Mak! Dia naik MotorrrrBot!! Nak gi Batam! OOoooooooiiiiiii... Jahat si Jeeeen ni eh!! Turun sini!" Haha! What wild imaginations. I love staying with my in-laws! So funny!

So it is no wonder that the below dish is called....... "Mee Tikus" a.k.a. 'Mouse/Rat Mee'. Any idea why? Haha! The noodle looks like the tail of a mouse/rat. Short and pointed at the end. Ok Ok, I know i may have ruined your appetite tonight, but trust me, the below noodle, cooked by M.I.L. is delicious! It is my favourite and I finished one whole kuali of it. *Burp*

P/S: The original real name of the noodle is "Mee Tai Mak". Pls do not pronounce it as Mee Taik Mak. That is even more gross.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching up with Adrena

I had a great time with my babe, Adrena. We had dinner at Pizza Hut and sat and eat and talked and girl-talked about a lot of things happening in our lives for almost 2 hours in the restaurant! We felt so full afterwards so.. we went.. shopping! As usual, I had so much fun going out with her. Hehe! She wanted to find a jacket and I wanted to find a pair of ear rings..... but instead we both got caught away and bought lingerie instead. Side-tracked a bit. Haha! Girls!!! What's new.

Weekend is here!!!! Yeay! Busy weekend though. But I get to spend both days with Darling Hubby! Double Yeay!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love my girlfriends.

It's nearing 6 months into my diploma programme and I am having a ball of a fun time amidst the assignments and group projects. I think the main reason should be the lovely bunch of friends around me who have been crazy, fun-loving and playful. We know how not to take things too seriously. Close ties have been made among us group members and lectures are never boring with them around. =) Coincidentally, all our birthdays are only weeks apart from each other. So we're gonna celebrate everyone's birthday with one huge bang in June!

Today is Ms Hui Eng's birthday. So.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUI ENG! Enjoy your day with your loved one.

Coincidentally, we wore all black one day. Hui Eng, Mas, NadSsy and myself.

As for tomorrow, I have a dinner date with babe Ms. Adrena Lim. We're so gonna girl-talk! Looking forward to that!

I'm so happy nowadays. I even stayed back at work on a SATURDAY from 9am till 6pm to help set up some artwork learning corner at my centre and I have no complaints! I have 4 more assignments in queue too and they are all interesting. Love it! *I sound so deranged, pls excuse my kookiness!* Haha!

A huge weekend is coming up this week. With Haffiz & Effa's wedding to go to, Damia Amirah's Birthday Party and also SheZai's Sunday Night Agenda... Gonna be a busy week! Meanwhile... Stay healthy, People!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Greedy Shezai ..

While Hun celebrated Mama's Birthday + Mothers Day celebration yesterday noon together with Abah & Sis-In Law at Fig & Olive, I had to work. Not much of a choice though since I had my long weekend the week before. Anyways what I can look for instead was how to celebrate my mum's Mother's day. I ended my work around 2130 & asked Hun to meet me at my work. My plan was very simple since my mum work on Sunday. We went to Beach Rd & bought Makanan Babarians to celebrate yesterday. Yes! Tulang featuring all kind of Mee Gorengs. Haha. We had our meals together with the 3 Mums. My mum, Mik (the mums of my 7 cats) & My Grandma (the mothers of all). Maybe next year got another Mum? haha. It was great for the family & for hun, she got to celebrate Mother's day 2wice in a day with 2 different Mum! haha

Anyway, I best describe today as Foody Greedy Shezai Day! Yea, our ulterior motive today was to wake up late & just have brunch & probably head down to town for a movie or just slacking around the west in the late evening. So we decided to go for the latter. Scouting around the revamped West Coast Park & having Fillet-O-Fish at Mac was the choice made & heading to West Coast Plaza for some Java Chips at Starbucks was to be next BUT instead! *deng deng deng* Once we alight from bus 282, instead of crossing the road towards the park, we saw Sheng Siong & turned left instead. We agreed on looking for the Jelly Stick that we craved for at Jusco. Fine, we got what we wanted & it costs at $1 for a packet, hence we bought 2 packets. What happened next was terrible! We picked one thing after another & soon we realised that we can't hold anymore & we definitely need a basket! Haha I'll just let the picture explain on some of the things we bought that ended up from $2 to $40.

Not surprisingly, Shezai was too lazy to go to West Coast Park now & we decided to go straight to West Coast Plaza aiming for the Java Chips as planned but AGAIN! *deng deng deng* Chef Jr (Chef Bob) cooking series this morning was about pancake & Hun says that there's this place that sells superb pancakes + ice cream. Yes, we landed at Cottage Waffles very soon after that & skipped Starbucks. Again too, I'll let the picture explain.

Shezai is excellent at procastinating at all areas, from doing school projects to making such decisions like above stated. Haha Jialat big time right!

Monday, May 04, 2009

"Have a good reyst..."

At the eleventh hour, after I have made calls to travel agents to confirm all/most coach rides and hotels in KL and other Malaysian states are fully booked, I decided to research further and came up with going to Johor eventually. I pitched my idea to Hon, and succeeded in getting his interest. =) So it's a 2D1N trip across the causeway. After researching further online, I came across this nice little wonder hotel tucked in the heart of Johor. We are glad we chose to go to Johor (yes, Johor) to spend a day and night at a Johor Hotel. The feel is somehow a lil' bit like going to KL, only that this is way nearer and cheaper. We did not regret going for this very short trip at all! It feels good exploring our neighboring city. Agreed that 2D1N is sufficient as the city is still developing. We are marvelously impressed by the hotel we stayed in. The price is super-cheap for a newly constructed 4-star hotel (below S$100 for a night)! After confirming the bookings online, we packed and off we go! We took the yellow bus across the causeway, and we were delayed by the jam for about half an hour, which was bearable.

Our S$1.20 bus ride to Johor. It rained when we reached. Nice weather to snuggle up.

The Hotel. Reception. Bar. Cafe. Impressive? Actually it looks smaller in reality, but still.

Our Deluxe Room, Clean and comfy enough for Hon and me. 3 months old room. The view from the balcony. (Who cares? Curtains will be drawn most of the time, hehehe!)

The simple toilet with huge shower to massage your worries away.

After the rain stopped, we cabbed down to Jusco to eat at Nando's! I chose the extra hot peri-peri! Nice! It got my stomach burning after that! I like!

The meal comes with soup. Campbells i presume.

Next, we went to the giant supermarket for some grocery shopping, our favourite past-time! We came across this on the shelf! A bottle of chocolates was opened and in it left a quarter more. I thought this only happens in kiasu Singapore. I guess somebody just couldn't resist the almond goodness!

More shopping followed.
Fastforward to the next morning, we headed down to have breakfast at the cafe. Quite impressed with the free breakfast too. They have an array of dishes which include the normal eggs, bread, bacon, mee goreng, nasi goreng, hotdogs, wedges, ham, salad, roti canai, etc. etc. etc.

Back to the room after breakfast to find the papers nicely placed at the doorstep. Oh yes, the room comes with LCD TV and cable too!

Checkin' out of the marvellous hotel room at noon to 'backpack' around Johor and do more eating and shopping!

Kenny Rogers lamb chop! With mac and cheese, corn, wedges and fruit salad on the sides.

Famished! Chicken for last night's dinner, and lamb for today's lunch!

Hon bought a pair of Jordans and 2 t-shirts while i bought 2 tops and a pair of shorts.

So as you can see, Johor is not a bad place to go to after all! It is like a subset of KL. If you feel like just taking a short break, or spend like there's no tomorrow at Johor, have a good reyyyyst at the hotel to recharge and just return to Singapore the next day.

Once we returned to Singapore, I burned the midnight oil to finish up my assignment. Hon is so understanding to not disturb me and leave me be coz...... the next day, we get to enjoy our Sunday!! We went to Vivocity for some Ben n Jerry's and we talked and talked about life. =) He is the only man whom I can relate so well to and I love him.