Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tikus oh Tikus

I am always tickled by the way my in-laws (Mom, Aunt and Grandma in-law) always make up weird names for things. Like when the cat climbed onto my bolster to sleep on top of it, they akin it to riding a motorboat and of all places... to Batam. With their loud shrill voices calling the cat," Jeeeeen! Jeeeeen!(Short form for Ginger) Mana si Jeeeeeen tu eh?? Oh tengok Mak! Dia naik MotorrrrBot!! Nak gi Batam! OOoooooooiiiiiii... Jahat si Jeeeen ni eh!! Turun sini!" Haha! What wild imaginations. I love staying with my in-laws! So funny!

So it is no wonder that the below dish is called....... "Mee Tikus" a.k.a. 'Mouse/Rat Mee'. Any idea why? Haha! The noodle looks like the tail of a mouse/rat. Short and pointed at the end. Ok Ok, I know i may have ruined your appetite tonight, but trust me, the below noodle, cooked by M.I.L. is delicious! It is my favourite and I finished one whole kuali of it. *Burp*

P/S: The original real name of the noodle is "Mee Tai Mak". Pls do not pronounce it as Mee Taik Mak. That is even more gross.

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