Friday, February 27, 2009


The GST Credits (& maybe your pay) are in, People! Go check your bank account and spend it! Help the economy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 95th Monthversary Honey!

5 more months to SheZai's 100th month! This calls for excitement and celebration! Next month is our 8 years anniversary of being together too! It is indeed very very tempting to go on yet another honeymoon..... to continue our 6th and so forth, but alas, time may not be on our side since we are both studying part time and can't take leave from work just like that. Aaah! Just like the song say... Cheer Up Baby... It's ok! We'll find other creative alternatives! Always loook on the bright side of life. *whistles*

How's life for us? Oh yeah, we're taking it in as it comes by. It has been marvellous. Slow and steady.

How has the recession affect us? Nah..... not so much. Maybe not at all. =D

How's my job been so far? Oh Yeah it is far, it is at Yio Chu Kang.... OK Lame.Ha. Ha..... I have a pretty much safe and secured job now. Being in this line is superb! There are a billion gazillion stories I can share with you about my pre-schoolers and their smart antics. Their brains are like colourful rainbows to me. Each colour represents a creative thought ready to come out of their mouths. Everyday, I learn something from them. Everyday, they inspire me like no other. One kid said,"When I grow up, I want to be like Teacher Sha...." Now, tell me, wouldn't that just make your day? A single simple comment like that can never be heard in an office job!! Aaarrrrrhh!!! I melted.

How's my Honey been so far? Woo weeee..... apart from being too busy to blog, my honey has been doing splendid. He's like Mr. Superman to me. Working so hard managing his shops, studying so hard at nights. All I could do is be by his side when he arrives home by 11pm everyday, give him a good shoulder massage, talk about his day, let him rest by playing his football manager game or let him watch soccer, prepare his sumptuous dinner and smother him with tender loving care. And the cycle repeats itself. Hehe!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feline Friends

Hon and I always alternate between both our houses in the east and west until we get our own house hopefully by this year-end. At my Mom-in-Law's, whom the ladies in the family are super huge feline fans, there are 6 cats, namely Ginger, OoooWhale, TaiTai, NingNing, Babe and MimiLabu. Haha! I was afraid of cats at one point of time, (the point where Saddam was still a kitten at my Grandma's) but being more exposed to them ever since married, I grew to be fond of them. The 6 cats at my MIL's house appear to understand Malay and are very toilet-trained. Whenever one goes on top of the bolster to sleep, Hon's grandma and mom will say," Aahh... dia dah naik Motorboat dah tu, nak pergi Batam." I couldn't help but laugh at their antics! The cats are very very lovable. Check out the video (Click on play on the left one) I took of Mimilabu and TaiTai licking and hugging and teasing each other.

2.14 is such an event to all couples out there, with flowers, chocolates, nice dresses and pretty heels. Then 2.15, you see millions of lovey-dovey pictures on blogs and facebooks. Yup, spread the love, people. Not only on 2.14 but every single day! Why must only be 2.14? So how did SheZai spend our Saturday night? Aaaah...Barbarian Food Dinner just like how we love it. Our first date meal back in March 2001- Sop Tulang Merah Deen Biasa. Bought it and feast at home in front of the TV. Haha! Now that's what i call romantic. =P

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adrena & I

I had a great time with one of my closest gurlfriend Adrena yesterday. Though it's a short meet-up, it was a coincidence that our timing was perfect. I accompanied her to buy a gift for her BF's birthday cum their Valentine's Day and we headed to the West together. She bought a Gucci wallet for him which I think is super sweet! Good choice, Gurl. As usual, we talked about so many things and catch up with each other while eating our favourite Prata CheeseHotdog. I knew her for more than 3 years now. Love ya Babe!! Let's meet up next time for a shopping spree yea!

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P/S: I'm very proud of Hon who has been working and studying so very hard nowadays, way into the night. Work and study smart Sayang. We are working hard towards a goal, hopefully achieving it together by the end of this year. Diplomas and House first. Our very own, next. =)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Out with the old; In with the new

It's time for a revamp. I can't stand the way my very dry, hay-ey, splitted-end hair is torturing me. It needs treatment. I intended to spend my Saturday doing my assignment essay but alas, the thrill of the world out there is too much for me to control within. Of course, when you spend your weekdays being confined to the school and centre, u feel like pampering yourself every weekend. So assignment, i bid adios to you... for now. Headed to Suntec for 2 missions. A haircut + rebond + treatment and maybe survey some eyelash extensions. Hey, a lady needs to take care of herself prim and proper. The eyelash extension shop i was eyeing was selling Fibrewig mascara instead of the service, so it's goodbye to that. Headed to a hair salon and managed to get me hair done by the Japanese stylist who doesn't even speak English. It's a wonder how i managed to explain in a few words on how i wanted my hair cut. " Layer" , "Step Fringe" , "Add body to hair". And Walah! It's done. I like the result. No more Flyaways~! I realised that I can't keep a long fringe due to my wide forehead. So short fringe it is.

First mission successful. I was on my way for my eyelash extensions next. Called up the place to book an appointment and took a train to Orchard. All being done abruptly. Half an hour and a hole in the purse later, i came out of the place with heavy eyes. Haha! The person told me that they can last for about 2 weeks to 1 mth if i take care of them. I love the natural result sans make-up/eyeliner!

It is indeed important to take care of your 'self' especially after marriage. I have some friends say," Marry already what. For what want to wear make-up, everyday see husband. Husband see me everyday like that already. At home got so many baju butterfly, so comfortable, no need to waste money on all these nonsense." Ah but these 'nonsense' are actually your own secret desires in hiding. If you don't do it for your husband, at least do it for your 'self'. As for me, I keep a "Pamper Stash", I set aside some cash just in case of a pamper boost aka confidence boost. That is... apart from 'Princess Days' of course. Hehe! Missions accomplished.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Crunch Time ...

Crunch Time Doesn't Mean I'll Stop Spending! haha Presenting my newest catch ...
Weighing at 6 oz, This Sportswear pack actually consist of more colors such as blue, yellow, red & the lime green but since Singapore brought in only the blue & pink ones only, I've decided to get the pink as I've never fancy blue. In fact, I've never owned any blue shoes! Anyhow, from now on, I've also decided to try getting exclusive Performance kicks(compare to the normal or given colorways that most shops sell) nowadays rather than the Dunks/Air Max's/Trainers. I'll definitely stop wearing or buying Air Max's cos of the Mat Reps. Since when guys? full stop. Sigh. But I'll definitely put them on again once "they" phased themselves out of the culture.

All of us has grown up yes? haha All these pictures(courtesy of Zul's camera) were taken on Taufik's Birthday which happens to be CNY as well.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Typical Update

It was my husband's first day at school yesterday. It feels kinda weird when both husband and wife are still schooling. Haha! All is perfectly fine, though. In fact, we will both talk about our day, like bedtime stories, before we go to sleep..... I tell him everything, from how cute the children in my class are and what we did in class to how much I want to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slum/dog Millionaire. *hint to hon* Hee! He will then tell me stories of how his lectures went, his classmates, difficult customers and other things that happen at work. I just love the way we communicate, how he understands me and our relationship and how we hug and kiss every single day... (It still feels like a deep-loving relationship to me even after marriage.) I love you, Zaini.

I am addicted to Tap Tap Revenge and will always play the game on Hon's iPhone. Arrrghh... Becoming an a-lian liao!

PhiQue has planned that the ladies in the family, Mom, her and me, watch 'Menopause' the musical on Friday. Like they say, all women have to go through this phenomenal chapter in their lives one way or another so why not have a laugh about it. Menopause.... here we come. =P