Sunday, March 29, 2009

Excursion to the Fire Station

It's a Saturday morning and i'm working. Hahah! No I am not complaining at all. Instead, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Yup, the kids had an excursion to the nearby Fire Station and I'm blessed indeed to accompany them. For 2 hours, the children enjoyed themselves basking under the hot sun doing lots of things. They get to sit and ride on the red rhino, blast the water hose, sit in the ambulance and the best part of all is take the CPL, where the ladder extends up to 10 storeys high to save victims from burning buildings. At the end of the excursion, they get cute little red fireman's hat to bring back. The kids love that! The trip is soo exciting. Ok ok, maybe I have a little kid's soul inside me to have said that.

Fire Station and the CPL crane thingy (i think that's what's it's called)

Going up up and away! The wind is strong up there.

An aerial view of the surroundings. I got a lift too. =)

The view from up there. Coming down already! Next is a ride on the red rhino.

Wiuuuuuu wiuuuuuu wiuuuuu wiuuuuuu wiuuuuuuu! To the rescue!

This is an ambulance.

The inside of an ambulance.

Kids playing with the water hose. Oh wish I could stand in front of the spraying water on this hot day!

That's the end of the excursion. These abang-abang CD need to get back to more serious work now.

Karma has taken place last night.

We went to Kak Mai's new crib last night. Congrats Mai and Fahmy on their very nice home! It's gorgeous, especially your bedroom and the jacuzzi. After the house warming, me and Hon booked tickets to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic at midnight. Suddenly, my stomach felt queasy, like needles poking every sides of your stomach. I was in cold sweat. I thought I would be ok after sitting down for a short while but the pain was unbearable. Must be something stale I had eaten a while before. The movie was starting in 10 minutes and I was crouching so badly in my seat. Hon had already bought hotdog and drinks. I had puked out all my food in the toilet before this. Hon asked if I wanted to go home. So I nodded my head and Hon immediately threw away and dumped the uneaten hotdog and drink into the dustbin outside and held my hand. We took a cab home and.....something happened (refer below). I was still in cold sweat. We missed the whole movie and wasted $30 just like that. I am OK now.

Once we were home, Hon began frantically searching for his iPhone. I was getting ready to shower when Hon tapped on the door in a sad voice i've never heard before. "hon... my phone..... hon...... my phone....I think... it dropped out of my pocket.... in the cab! Hon.... how? All my work documents are in there.. my sales figures... oh no.... all the confidential things..... hon.... help... it's my iPhone!" Hon quickly called his number using my phone... I dunno why but i was crying, looking at the situation. No one answered. He tried and tried again... and no one answered. I quickly call Comfort lost and found dept.. but that bloody dept is only opened during weekday office hours. I wanted to start filling in the lost items report on their website. In my heart, I prayed to God, "Dear God. Pls let the cab driver be a kind soul and return my hubby's iPhone. Just like how I returned Jenny's handphone that was lost in the cab the other time.(Refer here )" Suddenly, there is a 'hello...' on other line that Hon called. It was the cab driver!! Hon quickly asked him to meet under the block and luckily he is a kind soul. He returned Hon's iPhone!!!!!! Thank God. Hon gave him a Nike jacket as a token of appreciation. Thank you Honest cab driver.

So many things ran in my mind. Just like the scene in Benjamin Button. If only i didn't have that stomach ache, we wouldn't be in that cab. If only I didn't eat the food i ate, I wouldn't have gotten the stomach ache. If only we watched the movie, we wouldn't have gone home in that cab. If only we left from Kak Mai's house earlier, I would have cleared my stomach and be better just in time for the movie. Hmmm...... are things happening for a reason? It's Hon's iPhone for crying out loud.. Every single personal and confidential information is inside. His work especially. And at that hour, the cab driver could've picked up another passenger who might be dishonest and sell his iPhone for $1000+. So many things could have happen. But did not. Why? Is it Karma taking place?

At that moment, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Told you so. Good begets Good.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ugly bruise on my knee

Just two weeks ago, to expose me to other levels, I was attached to the toddler class, consisting of near 2 year olds. There are 9 toddlers altogether in the class. And trust me, I know nothing of 'babies'.... yet, and i am absolutely clueless on how to put on their diaper for them (while they are standing up). And when the toddlers are in class, their passion is running about, crying, poo-pooing, pee-peeing, vomiting, throwing of food on the floor and screaming. Yes, in spite of doing all those, they are still to be considered 'CUTE' and 'ADORABLE'! How can this be? Oh the irony! They are still wobbly wobbly when they walk so when we make the puffer train, it looks like jolly jelly train.

I think I have developed muscles (after going through days of backache, muscle ache, neck ache and ear ache) after carrying them to entertain them. Looking after them is like running the 10km race. To stop a near-fight or hair-pulling from going on, I will always accidentally bang my knees hard onto the floor, when i bend down to scoop them up like Supergirl, or to go eye-level with them. My knees are known to take the consequence... and thus.. I have developed a HUGE BALUKU! (Blue-black bruise) Oh for the passion.... For the passion!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning How To Make Epok-epok From My Mother In Law.

Excuse the quality of the images. I used my 2mp camera phone.

Kneading the dough.

Having a ball of a time with my in-laws. Reminds me of the gotong-royong of the Kampung days.

Hey! I'm a pro now!

Learning how to make the mould.

The End Result. Thank you! *Applause*

OK. Meeting my Hon now for some ice-cream at Holland V. Cold Rock beckons.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Wet Thai SheZai Day

It was a cool and nippy day. Hon wasn't working today so it was another precious day to spend with him. I will always treasure it when his off day falls on a weekend as time does not permit weekday night rendezvous. With a little exception for last night. Waited for Hubby to come home from work at 1030pm. He has already booked the movie "Gran Torino" at 1130pm.

And so off we went to the nearby Jurong Point to watch it. The movie has very witty dialogues that will make you have short bursts of laughter, though you have to strain hard to hear what he's saying due to his low indistinct rough berkahak-kahak voice. And I'm talking about Clint Eastwood. He is a brilliant actor and director. His acting made the whole story shine. On the other hand, there are a LOT of calefares (esp the scrawny botak gangster) whose acting sucks. Haha! If it wasn't for Clint Eastwood, this movie would just be a dust in the wind. Because of him, I give it 4 Popcorns! (Oh, I cried at the end.)

We went home and slept in late this lazy morning. Woke up and did our assignments. By 5, we were bored. So we headed to town. It was chilly. A perfect day to have nice bowl of Tom Yum Goong noodles at Thai Express. We talked and talked and shared about our lives together. It was great to have open conversations, esp with Hon. We walked around town and decided to catch a 10pm movie 'Coming Soon'. A thai horror movie to wrap up our Thai day, Haha. It had been ages since we caught a horror movie and my heart was in my throat during many parts of the movie. The image of Chaba kept on replaying in my mind and that is not good. The sound effect and shock factor are kinda disturbing, but it got my heart pumping like mad, and I like it. I find the story line not up to par with other horror movie though. It's kinda abrupt, with a little cut and paste scenes here and there. Quite messy and disoriented. It seemed like the director wanted to have an all-in-one array of emotions - funny (the midget scene), touching, romantic (the watch scene), shocking, gore (eye-gorging scene), ghostly, horror (image of Chaba). It left me all in a tizzy. Overall, i would give it 3 popcorns!

This mind is still clueless as to what to do for our 8th year anniversary (of being together) this Wednesday. We might have a small celebration but the ultimate celebration might have to be postponed, again due to time constraints. My mind is churning out yet another getaway. Both of us longed for it so much............

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I'm not trapped in here with you, You're trapped in here with me!" - Rorschach

I have just returned from the movies with my hubby. We caught 'Watchmen' at Tampines Mall coz I had to finish my assignment (which i concentrated on it for 3 hrs the whole afternoon) due tomorrow. Me & Hon had a lazy Sunday morning, slept in and woke up at noon, the only time we get to catch up on our sleep and time together. I am just so tired and fatigued, as is he. But we are lucky to be with each other on this beautiful Sunday.

Back to "Watchmen", oh my gosh.... I love this movie! Although it is 3 hrs long, the videography is totally artistically amazing. Reminds me of Sin City. The scientific nuclear terms and intellectual dialogues are just so intriguing! Hon's favourite character is Rorschach and mine is of course Miss Jupiter and Dr. Manhattan!! I love his calm and soothing voice and blue glow, not mentioning his.... .... oh never mind. And the Action and Gore factor is there! Subtle and sweet gore combined with visionary videography, oh i love it. I give it 4 stars. You may or may not like it or call it boring. But I Love It! Try to watch it with an imaginative mind. I may source out for the movie poster for the bedroom next!

I have just recovered from my flu and fever and as all couples do, Honey contracted the disease from me and he too got the flu.. Thank God he is recovering now. I accompanied my poor honey to the Doctor that day. And I am so worried sick when he told me something that the Doc said. So from that day on, I try my best to cook for him healthy meals with less salt intake. For dinner the next night, I made for him salad! And hotdog cheesebread.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Didn't Want To Blog About This But I Couldn't Help It..

Yesterday class was indeed a short one because we're just like suppose to pass up our 2 assignments. Didn't do much group activity work but instead its more of like class interaction with the lecturer & the lesson was all about pricing. Not really that important to our final assessment but still it's a good knowledge to gain. Time & time again the lecturer told us to read the newspaper as sometimes there might be useful knowledge for us to take note of & guess what I replied? 'It's always the same lei, everyday sure got people die, either rape or molest case, child,maid or spouse abuse, drug or smoking issue, prostitution or loanshark, accidents & Singaporean favorite pastime - Complaints on Forum". haha True,yes? The only thing I'll look forward other than sports are juicy scandalous gossips!

Anyway, I've been a regular on bus 28 from school(Toa Payoh interchange) straight to Tampines home. Like every other day, I've always like to observe the surroundings throughout the journey or sometimes just like every local, I can be kaypo at times too. Anyhow, just now was slight different & I've to admit I'm damn one of a hell kaypo person. Why I said that was because I was too engrossed with what I witnessed that I actually swtich off my Iphone music & still continue playing my Bejeweled2(in silent mode) but still sticking the earphones in my both ears. haha I told you I'm damn kaypo this time round. I couldn't help it & this is why.

There's this "malay family" of 5 that board the same bus as mine at 2200. The "malay family" of 5 consists of a mother & her 3 kids(10yr old, 8 yr old & a toddler I assume) plus a grandmother which I assume was the kids grandma. Both adults were wearing tudung(head scarf). I didn't notice at all until the mother was like talking to the 3 kids in high tone. The 2 school kids was sitting in front of me while the mum sat just beside their seats with the toddler & their grandmother sitting in front of her. Both the grandmother & mother was speaking(in angry tone) towards each other & also the kids. The mother was like scolding the elder boy to teach her sister maths in the bus while she wants to teach her toddler some stuffs. Despite the girl telling her mum that she hasn't learn percentage in school, the mum still insist her brother to teach her. So the girl got sick of it I guess & starts to play around in the bus. I wouldn't blame her seriously cause what's the point of studying in a jerking bus & worse still trying to understand somethings she has never learn. All this while the conversations between the mother towards the kids were like abusive, rough, harsh curses & what the grandma did was to add salt to the wound & laugh at the 2 kids. Seriously I forsee this to go haywire sooner or later whether it'll happen in the bus or not & I'm damn right. Once the bus passed Geylang Serai, more passengers start to board the bus & it was getting packed. By then it was reaching 15 minutes to 2300 & the kids were like tired(obviously right? they definitely need to go school the next day) & was half asleep as they're nearing to their journey. As the bus was reaching Bedok Reservoir, their mum & grandma started to shout again asking the kids to wake up to standby to alight. Despite the bus being very packed & most of the commuters including myself was taking notice at them, they seem can't be bothered by any of their loud antiques. The mum kept shouting at the girl to wake up & stop sleeping & threaten to slap her, kick her or leave her in the bus. I can see the eyes of the girl trying to wake herself up but still daze around & guess what happens next? The mother got up pressed the bell & then actually gave a hard slap at her left face & continue to shout at her again. Worst still, the grandma still can laugh. The whole bus was shocked & even I was stunned by that action. As the bus stopped, the mother alighted with the toddler first. The girl in front of me stood up next along with her brother & then the grandmother. All 3 were the last to alight & I think 1 of the clothes bag dropped at the steps or on the floor. & guess what happens next? The mother forcefully just dragged the girl straight from the bus steps right down to the floor with the bag. In fact there was a malay lady at the bag trying to help the little girl. Being unappreciative at all, the mother instead hurled harsh words at the little girl, repeating to her, see what happen when u sleep & stuffs. The girl was in real pain from the hard fall & guess what happens next? The mother KICK her! The commuters in the bus was so shocked to see that & as the bus drove off, I looked back & saw an old man stopped the whole commotion.

As the journey continued, there're so many things that came across my head. All the 'What Ifs' start to appear. If I were to alight at the same bus stop & with good samaritan support around me, I'll definitely call the police for help. I mean how wrong can the girl be till she needs to be treated in such ways. But what matters most to me was the race the family belongs to & worst still, both the grandmother & mother was wearing a tudung! What the hell the grandmother was thinking in the first place!!?? Instead of the laugh, being an elderly she should show the right path to her daughter. Jeez, only god knows what happens everytime at home. Being a malay myself, even if they didn't wear any tudung at all, it's still a shame to our race.

Sigh, I really wish all the best to you little ones. I also hope I can help you guys one day even though I know its very impossible but even if I don't stand a chance, there'll surely be a good soul to help you guys just like the old man just now at the bus stop.

What goes around, comes around. Take Care..