Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shezai On The Run !!

We're going to start exercising starting today,31st January 2007 till God knows when, lol! Yeah, this will keep us distracted from the usual heavy splurges every Month & more importantly, to keep fit & in shape towards our big day!

Anyways I'm starting to love hun's cooking! She's getting there real soon. Her 'mee pedas' is one of my favorite dish now after lasagne! Her dad first commented that it's 'masin' but later asked for a second serving! Haha! See Hun! Now, a bit of coaching by my mum and that will be the icing on the cake.

Few things that I really love about hun is her confidence, her will to learn and most importantly, she's also someone who refuses to give up easily. Now her biggest challenge is to channel all the 3 points to the physical side. Like what i've mentioned earlier, we are going to train hard and at the same time eat healthy!

Shezai will officially go Nike for 2007! Hooray!

Monday, January 29, 2007

It's time

Hon's coming to my house tomorrow and i'm gonna cook my favourite (and his) Mee Beefball Super-Pedas for him! Yeays!

After which, we'll be going to our first appointment in wedding planning preparations. It's only about 10 more months to go before the big day and i bet things are gonna get busy pretty soon. I can feel the rush and i know how stressed things can get at the last minute. Bedroom Reno, Deco, Food, Kompang, Car, gifts, bookings and the list goes on. I just wish weddings can be so simple.

Anyway, it's been a week since the Parents are home from Haj and syukur things are fine. Thank you Sayang for helping me spruce up the house and doing a great paint-job on the front door. You are so wonderful. We've reached a state where me and him don't really care how unpresentable we can look in front of each other. I think we have turned each other inside out and have accepted our silly little imperfections with the same degree of love as always. Muka busuk ke, taik mata belambak ke, rambut kusut-masai ke, baju besar ke, kaki kurap ke, macham macham lagi lah. We still sayang-sayang each other no matter what. hahaha!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*shakes head*

Why wouldn't I want to go to one of my close friend's birthday event this week?
It just doesn't sound so right.
Why wouldn't all of you understand that I need to work?
How is it posibble to take few hr time offs on a god damn Saturday?
How am I going to change my working roster if all of you tell me 4 days before a birthday event? Why the need to press me so hard?
Aren't we suppose to call or ask first if he/she is free on that day first rather than 'Why can't you go cause' we haven't hang out for so long?'

We don't need to wait for birthdays/Festive seasons etc to hang out, cause' we all used to hang out like we all used too.

Owe you a big one, Taufik. Happy Advance Birthday!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Warning! : Explicit Scenes. Enter at own risk.

In the previous post, I have volunteered to show you the pest that lurks in your kitchen at night.. even in the cleanest kitchen, these pests give no mercy. Now i am going to show you how I got to become a tad too sadistic (pardon me) and exterminate these damn pests... *the Cockroach*. Hold your breath... It's an ugly sight to behold. Do not ignore the warning.

Here we go :

Trap-A-Roach. "More Powerful Catch with Special Foot Mat!" Oh yes.. Believe it.. Roaches now have a mat to 'wipe their feet of oil and dirt' before they go into the 'house' for some 'hot tea'.
"Wavy Glued Surface catches more roaches!" Now that's a good start. I have confidence in this thing. Let's put it to the test.... Now now, let's look inside... lalalala

What a nice prim and proper little house for all my little pests. Siap with all the cute cartoon drawings and all. See how attractive they made the "lady" roach? More like "hooker" roach, if they could ever have a high sex drive.. hahaha. ok i'm blabbering off... next!

On the right is the roach's foot mat, made of absorbant substance to trap oil and dirt off the roaches' feet before they "step in" the house. The Bait will be laid in the middle of the "house", on the patch of sticky icky gluey substance.

Simply place the 'house' in a dark place you know roaches love to go at night. Let's just call it the "Roach Hooker's Love Motel".

Look what happened in a week! It trapped 3 cockroaches! Super Big! Super Naughty!
How do you know they are naughty?
You'll be Eeeeeeewwwwed by this last pic.

This Huge-Ass one tried to escape!! But the glue was too strong. So it's butt and hind legs were stuck to the glue.. And you can see the struggle this Giant had to put through...
A scene from SAW .. The roach's head was snapped off and left dangling halfway out of the 'house'! My mission is completed. Happy Dreams Everyone! heh heh heh.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Anything from you... is Everything to me.

SheZai watched 'Borat' yeterday. Slapstick comedy.. really. Character-infused Borat is so original and look out for that addictive accent. Laugh-out loud ..... and then forgettable.

Peep-watch Update: Tight Cheongsam dresses are giving Kimono-like-top-wearing chicks a run for their skinny arses. It'll be shorter and butt-hugging ala left pic. And i envisage these littering the streets sometime soon. But worn with leggings???? a no-no. well. you decide.

Yes, the house is so clean you can lick a jelly off the kitchen floor. I am proud of myself, sprucing up the state of the house and all while my parents are away. Doing almost 20 batches of laundry in 1 week till the clothes made a mountain heap in my living room. Phique called me laundry-obsessive-paranoid-android sister. Almost grew biceps turun angkat gala baju. haha! Bought roach trappers shaped like a house, ants baits and cockroach baits and scattered them all around the kitchen. It works! Stick around and i'll show you what lurks in your kitchen at night.

Bought JIF and scrubbed every single speck of dirt. Then... it struck me like an oily frying pan on my head when Hon mentioned," oh.. you'll have more to come in the future."

errr... yarrrr......... The Dawn of the Wife-To-Be.