Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm A Runaholic!

I had a very hectic week so far even though I'm on leave till 4th October. Late night sleep..early morning wake ups, trial running in the noon, go courses, assignments etc etc. Sounds stressful but its fine with me as I love every minute of my job! heh

I've always been collecting sneakers eversince i finished my NS in 2003. From the all Air Maxs, SBs, Vans, Bape, etc, never in my life suddenly I'm really motivated to start chucking away some of my unwanted collections & start getting various kinds of running shoes, Nikes still of course. What really motivates me to change all of a sudden is the course I went on Monday & Tuesday by Nike. It really drills my mind in, like for eg; We studied the real technical features of the shoes, etc. We also get theory lessons with a Podiatrist & also a marathon runner. The interesting part of the course that I like is that, we get to study how people runs, lands & then how we can correct them by wearing the right pair of shoes. How all this works you may ask? Just come down to Nike Takashimaya on the 11th Oct onwards till 25th Oct & I'll be your Doctor! haha. This campaign has already begun at Suntec B.I.R.D. till 10th Oct. There'll be walk-ins trial & booking format too. Whatever it is, I'm very excited & this could be my new interest! A very Healthy one indeed. ';D

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lazy Picnic

Monday used to be our special day 5 years back while i was still in SIM and when Hon still in RMG. And we relived those moments yesterday. I was on leave and Hon had his off day. We planned to have a lazy picnic at Sentosa but alas, it rained so so heavily in the morning just when we reached Harbourfront. That did not dampen our spirits. We looked for alternatives instead of just brooding over nothing. That's SheZai! We came up with Bowling at Marina but before that, we sat at the Big Wheel (the one near the escalator) to eat my specially-made White Sauce Chicken Pasta. Hon has always loved my Italian Cooking!

Bowling was fun! 3 games each and as always, the trick is.... to tease and irritate and make each other laugh before throwing the ball so that he/she will lose concentration and his/her hands will be soo lemah to even carry the 9-pound ball. Hahaha! Our scores barely hit even 100 but we had fun~ Geee. That's Our Bowling.

The sun came up again and we took a cab to Sentosa to spend the rest of the day in perfect weather. We played a game of chess, read FHM, eat marshmallows and goreng-gorengs, and finally played frisbee-throwing by the sunset. It was romantic and lovely. We felt that jolt of electricity again. You know, the familiar one you feel on a first date. Ours was 5+ years ago. And we felt it again just now, when Hon showed me how to throw the frisbee. I just love him... all over again.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Imagine Me (& You).

Poor Honey, i'll massage your feet for you when you come home from work to me next year k Dear. *=)

Today was a marvellous SheZai's Day Out. Started the day with another movie. I love this movie, it's such a feel-good movie about lesbians in love. To sum up, The Bride fell in love with a girl she saw at her own wedding, who then became confused of her own gay-ness, who eventually broke up with husband to chase her lover. Well, i was so caught up mesmerised by the sexy Brit accent of the ladies' lips ala Keira Knightley. And also the parapara dancing scene. They are just so damn sexy. Oh Bullocks.
Hon & Me walked and talked as usual, doing our favourite thaang= window-grocery-shopping! We just love foooood! Oh yarr. It was a day we actually counted 25 striped-tees and 12 waist belts in under 2 hours. *horror*

Next on our list, we're preparing for SheZai's Lazy Picnic 'morrow. And i'm on Leave!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Today(sunday) is not a really good day for me. Bad luck, can't really concentrate at work, basically i screwed up at work. Sigh. Dead tiring. Oh well, I guess I'm going to bed now. Laters..

Saturday, September 02, 2006


The Pretty fiancee visited me at shop just now & surprised me with my fav snacks! Yea! Cheese Prata Hotdog & Eclair! Thanks Hun, its really sweet of you to do that!

Hmm.. What's for dinner tomorrow eh?

I Blog!

I would really love to blog everyday but time & time again, the reason why I didn't is still the same, No time. Well it is, especially for the last 2 month. It has been work, work & more work. It's really no joke to do setting up for a new store & especially when you're the store-in-charge. It has been round the clock for 13 days & it has open finally! Do visit the new Nike Concept at Takashimaya! ':) Other than the tiredness of doing the setting up, it has been fun also at the same time. For eg, shopping new "barang-barang" for the new shop like vacumm, ladders etc etc.

Anyways, life at the new shop is totally different. Its like a bit here & there of T2,Wheelock & Paragon customers. Its fun though adapting to a new enviroment.

I really need to get a laptop soon. Apple ibook is really tempting me! haha Oh ya I didn't get any shoes for this month but instead, I got myself a new LEVIS! haha My first ever jeans & I really love it! Hun loves it also ! haha at the same time, I also got myself a top from Zara & Obey each. Shopping is heaven! haha

Anyways, wouldn't it be nice if the things we think of blogging suddenly is being automatically blogged without logging into blogger. I really hope I can do that! Haha, then Hun won't start nagging at me!