Monday, February 28, 2005

Pick Up For The Month Of March

Zoom Air Angus

Simply my favorite but too bad this are one of the few last batches. Nike's not manufacturing Angus anymore. Boo hoo..Anyhow..more to come this year, Blazer SB, Lebron 2 Low, etc etc & even Air Max & Presto will be back! *looks @ Gf*

March is simply a whole new life for me, thanks to the brown envelope! heh *winks* It's also the month where Shezai is going to celebrate their 4 year annivesary! Can't wait for that! ';D
In the meantime..I just can't stop shopping..Oh my,Oh my..

Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Happy!!

Happy 47th monthversary to Shezai!
Woo Hoo...Am happy today too with another news!
What a year to start with..lady luck been smiling on my side!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Perfect Day Out.

Had a perfect day out wit BF yesterday. Nope, in order to avoid Chingy at town,we settled for Ikea, Queensway and then City Hall. Ikea was great, looked around at some beautiful furnishings, fantasizing of our future home. After scouring around for some shoes with BF, we went to have our lunch of Hainanese Chicken rice at the nearby Hawker. DAmn, it was soooo good. Together with the air mata kuching on a scorching day!! The chicken rice there is superb. We took a bus down to City Hall and it was already about 6pm. We sat at our special spot in Milennia Walk where the sea breeeze just keeps on blowing non-stop. We used to sit there on our very first date back in 2001 before BF was in NS. We were reminiscing the times and tickling each other pink when he swooped me up and carried me and twirled me around like we were youths back then. Laughter filled the cool air. Staring up at the sky, giddy in love. We had a nice talk with MacDonald's ice-cream and then he sent me home. There's a pasar malam in Tampines, and there's Otak-Otak!! hahaha! So you know i know you know.

2 days back, BF called me online. I was wondering why. Then he passed me this song and said," Hon, I dedicate this song to you." He passed me the lyrics and all. My heart skipped a beat listening to this song and a tear flowed down my cheek fathoming the lyrics of the song. We have been through a lot together. Some verses of lyrics==>

"Though relationships can get old. They had a tendency to grow cold. We
have something like miracle. Yeah, I'll stay with you." - "Oh I'll stay with you
through the ups and the downs. Oh I'll stay with you when no one else is around
.And when the dark clouds arrive. I will stay by your side. I know we'll be
alright" - " And there will be heartaches and pains, yes it will. But through it
all, we will remain . In this life, we all know. Friends may come, they may go.
Through the years I knowI will stay. And in the end I know that we'll find. Love
so beautiful and divine. We'll be lovers for the lifetime, yeah. And I'll stay
with you. I will stay with you"

He has been a romantic BF to me and I'm so thankful for him. A month plus more to our 4 years anniversary. :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Me & My Boyfriend Loves Mocca!

BF & I went to watch them at Esplanade last week as we just love them and their music! In the end we managed to get a photo with them and i met them backstage to get their autographs! Weehoo~!!! Their CD is selling so fast that we didn't manage to snag one. Luckily, Famie is so kind enough to sell his to BF! Yes! They are just soo superb, even back then.

So the weekend passed us by like a flash. I'm glad for the time I spend with BF, esp this week. We talked and caught up with a lot that has been going on in our lives. He got me a cute teddy bear and I got him the 'Babes of FHM' magazine as a surprise for just because. Nyah. What's there to be ashamed of. I respect my BF as a man and we'll just end up commenting and bitching about the babes TOGETHER. Hehehe!! I love him.

BF is so tired after working for long hours that he can just doze off anytime. hehehe! Poor Dear. As always, when SheZai is together, our passion is FOOD. Hong Kong Hor Fun at 11am, MacDonalds at 2pm, PoPeYes Chicken at 4 pm and BF's Mom packed me some delicious Mee Rebus to bring home at 10pm. Sihat benar ya!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Secrets Of Dorothy Perkins..hah ';P

My Pick For The Month Of January - Air Rift Leather

I've been on such a lazy mood this few days & that explains why Gf has been the one always blogging away,haha. All I do besides meeting up with Gf was just work, playing my Football Manager, Shopping & eat!! aha Anyways been to the Esplande event on Saturday. 3 groups performed on that day namely, Trivalation, Public Eyez & Triple Noize & I must say that Public Eyez improved alot & they were extremly good on that day!

Btw eversince Gf has start working, our schedule has been quite tight but then we still manage to catch up with each other whenver times are on our side. Anyhow I fetch Gf back jus now & we walked & browse around some shops. We happened to go in Lavanita (2nd floor shop @ Peninsula which sells football merchandise) & we managed to eavedrop this conversation between an Indian lady & the Indian guy whom both are the owner & boss I guess. Anyways this was how it goes..

Indian Guy : Eh, where you buy the yellow bands ah?
Indian Lady: Oh, I got it in USA, my friend got it for me.
Indian Guy : This one sell in packets of 3 isit?
Indian Lady: No No, my one is Armstrong one. Also nike & the packet also got 'tick'
Indian Guy : Oh isit? the 3 in a packet one where got sell?
Indian Lady: That one is basketball band, Anywhere also can find. I got the catalogue for it if you want to order it & sell.
Indian Guy : Then how much & your one (referring to Armstrong) how much? Where got sell?
Indian Lady: The 3 in a packet one is $9.00. My Armstrong one can be found on internet & its sold at $1 USD & this whole $1 USD goes to this Armstrong guy who runs on one leg ah.
Indian Guy : Oh like that ah.

Hmm.. Terry Fox & Lance Armstrong. Not The same ok?
*shakes my head*

Btw for those basketball sneaks, Check out for Lebron All Star shoe this yr & also Jordan 20.
JUGLIST MASSIVE!! haha.. Another thing I've just discovered yesterday after serving a South African couple. I don't know for other brands but Nike shoes over there for example Nike Shox are selling for 500SGD!! Whereas ours over here mainly sells @ 179SGD. Believe it or not, Its a fact. Do check it out if you happen to go to South Africa. Till Then..I'm gonna be a Judas For the month of January!