Monday, May 28, 2007

My Niece's 1st Birthday

Damia Amirah turns 1 year old and had a special princess party chalet specially planned for her in pink and purple theme, thanks to her mom who is my cousin, Raudha, and family. Cuteness in all her glory!

The Pink and Purple theme, specially decorated by... yours truly. Hehe!
See even the utensils are in line with the theme.
Ah now you know which section i like... The Food Section. Loads of food from the relatives. Here they are: Otah2


Mee Birthday

Pisang Goreng

And my personal favourite, fresh prawns and crayfish which my cousins drove out to the port at 5am in the morning to buy.

Lollipop biscuits specially made for the birthday guests

And.. the Birthday Cake

The Happy Family with Damia trying to blow out the One candle on the cake.

I got to spend time with my Hub2b too! I Love you, Hon! See what i tell you? Hon's got them shoes again! Hee! Watched my second run of Pirates with Hon. Good Movie. All because of Captain Jack. As Always. Agree? Next movie : Transformers. (Hon's crazy about the toys.)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


New Toys.. New Shoe .. Yeay!!

Had a great weekend trip. I believe the pics posted by Hun speaks for it. Quite a stress relief for me by the shoppings & the foods as well.

Happy 6 years & 2 months dear. Love you always.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Food Escapade

I am going to start writing about KL by introducing the Food Escapades we had there. Of course, We're Food Junkies and We Love Food. Me, Hon, and my cousins escaped to Food Heaven during the weekend. In just 1 day, we had 6 meals. Our trip to KL was a mere face-stuffin' and shoppin' routine. We left for KL after work on Friday, had a bad experience with 'GL Exp' bus. The bus jalan hutan instead of the highway to avoid tolls, and i think that's just bad. To make it an unforgettable experience, we witnessed a car crashed into a tree when we first alight from our bus at Bukit Bintang ard 2am. Drunk Driving. What a way to start our trip. Totally heart-wrenching. All of us stared in shock as we walked to our hotel. Westin Hotel was SUPERB. The spacious one-of-a-kind-only beds are heavenly. Everything is heavenly. The toilet, the room, the service, the interior. Now don't get me started on the Cabs in KL. They have ripped us off more than once. A trip from Pudu to KLCC cost RM15. Now is that crazy shit or what. Bloody hell. We learnt our lesson to pakai meter ok. Enough talking. Let me introduce the Food we had...

Nando's is just delectable. And FYI, they are thinking of opening one in Singapore! First hand information from the staff there. Oh god, do you know that they are having this promo whereby all the guys have to wear boxers with T shirts. Funny sight they are!

And who could ever forget A&W!! We had to have Coney Dog, curly fries and Root Beer Float!
Why oh why did A&W disappear in S'pore?
BB Chicken rice.. as always. Everytime we are there we eat this, dunno y. Sedap sangat KOT.

Nachos with Cheese and Sour Cream with Chillis and tomoto toppings.
Planet Hollywood Next to watch the stupid soccer match btn ManU and Chelsea.
The Bananananna Split.
Pasta Period - Aglia Olio marinara penne fussili spaghetti olive oil cheese tobasco sauce mussels prawns lobster ..aah.. u know what i mean.

Ladies' Fruit Punch packs a good Punch for my throat!

Haagen Dazs' ice-cream and fruits Fondue
to end the ever-groooooging stomach cravings.
Hon's indulging.. hehehe!

Haaa.. Ni mesti beli kat Yong Peng. Sapa tak beli, rugi. Kena pandai cari yang garing Ok. Hon and me bought a pack each. Our fave!

Next, let me give you a tour of our hotel. We stayed in Westin Hotel for 2 nights. Let the pictures speak for themselves yar.
Inviting freeflow drinks at the lobby.
The chic reception area
Our heavenly bedrooms
Our heavenly toilets
I can soak up in here for hours.
The hotel main toilet
The swimming Pool.
The poolview from our room
The sky view from our room

The Heavenly Bed

And yes, onwards to our pictures next!

The Backpackers-in-making

Us with the Nando's-guy-in-boxers.

Cousin Firuz n Hon

Waiting for our Nando's chicken

At the Italian restaurant

SheZai at Planet Hollywood

My cousins Fahmy and Mai

Sister and Cousin Firuz
My Sister

Trying the night effect on them

SheZai in KL

Yes! We met the lovely Tina and Fawa, our good friends in KL. They were a great bubbly bunch and we had so much fun cathing up with them. Thank you ladies!

I miss them already.

I can't believe they are promoting Singapore in KL, using PHUA CHU KANG props. Pls lah Singapore. Come up with something else... Tourists will think Singapore is full of Ah Peks in weird yellow oversized boots, unruly messy curly hair, and a ghastly witch-like huge-ass Mole on the face which is like EEEeeeWww!!
Ooops.. We dropped by Madras, India for a short while. And when i say short while, i really mean short while. We couldn't take the noon heat there.

Well that's all folks for our SheZai's KL Trip! Till our next Eating Adventure. We'll meet again.