Saturday, March 31, 2007

Schoolboy Day ..

Haha.. Hun says I look like a school boy today. In fact most of the time she says that. Anyway, we had fun today. As usual, gossiping about passerbys, friendster pics, Myspace pics, blogs etc. but the most fun of all?? Blog webbie!! ok hun gave me this website & his topics are so so interesting & full of controvesy.

Btw we had our Shezai day just now. Shezai day means walking day! heh. So we walked & talked. Catch up & updates with each other.

We just love spending time with each other!

*I'm just not any "nice" guy* lol *looks at hun*

Love you dear.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Princess Day

Hon gave me a Princess day today! Thank you so much Honey! Ok, For us, A definition of our "Princess Day" is where He will treat me to anything and everything i want in that one day and for a "Prince Day", I will in turn treat him to everything... Food, shopping, movies, clothes, etc. We will really spoil each other silly. =) Now, this does not happen every time or it won't be as special anymore. Only on "Occasions" where we reward each other for something and acknowledging that that person is special to us. Just like how special you are to me, Hon. He got for me a nice turquoise satin top and a bottom from Forever 21. The other 4 books are for my light reading before bed ...

After shopping, we went to have a candle-lit dinner by the beach ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... guess what we had?

Oh, we're all about the Good Food! Calories going up!
Going jogging this Friday, right Hon?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our 6th Anniversary

It was a lovely day to be celebrating. We started off at noon, where I have made table-for-2 reservations at Royal Plaza Hotel's "Carousel" High Tea Buffet. The setting was marvelous, the food spread magnificent. They even have free-flow fountain chocolate fondue, sushi, rice, noodles, pastries, desserts, everything. Ambience and service was near to excellent.

Hungry already

A little surprise for my Honey

Here's to many more years to come

Present time

Self-made card from me to him

Wonder what's he feeling inside.. hehe.

Nike SB T-shirt for him!

Not the end of it.

Watched "Freedom Writers" movie at midnight. Close to say that it is the "Best Empowering Movie I Have Ever Watched". You have to , no, you must watch it. Better than Dangerous Minds though it has traces of reminiscing scenes in it. And It will sure be waaaaay better than that dumb-dumb Mr Bean, I promise. It's all about racial apartheid and discrimination. It can leave you in tears too. And Yes, I am going to buy the Freedom Writers Diary and have a good inspiring read. Discover more here -

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today, We are going to pre-celebrate our 6th Year anniversary..... I have a surprise for you, my Darling. =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lovely Early Weekdays!

Yesterday we had fun shopping! ate at ViVoCity's The Chicken Rice Restaurant which reminds me of the KL Chicken Rice thingy. Speaking of KL, we're going there soon!! heh Can't wait for that. Anyways I forced Hun to give me a "Prince" day! haha

Today was so much fun also! We had picnic by Kallang River. Watched the sunset & ate yummy sandwiches prepared by Hun! I'm so gonna have well-balanced diet when we live together. ahha Godiva Dark Choco drink was a Sin. Now Starbucks Java Chip has met her challenger! Coffeebean? long way to go to match Zaini's ambition. haha & Oh yea, Haagen Daz also has met my Bravissimo! Wee!

On the brighter side, here's my new baby.
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Happy 25th Anniversary, hah!

Till Then..

(Sheikha): Here Are the Pixs from SheZai's Picnic today...

What's a picnic without sandwiches?

Red Ant Captured

Ants Part 2

Our Future Lies Ahead

Thinking of Sheikha

Now, Now, Hon

"I Do"

I'm here for you, always.

The Stages in Our Relationship.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Movie reviews & More

Watched The Pang Brothers' "The Messenger" with sister the day before and watched "Music N Lyrics" yesterday.. Can't wait for "Freedom Writers", "The Hills have Eyes 2" and "Mr Bean's Holiday"! Movies Movies Movies.... Love'em!

The Messenger was more of a chilling shock show... The pang Brothers merely took some scenes from Ju-On, The Ring, and Dark Waters. You can practically tell them apart, what with the small cracking crawling boy, the undisappearing blood stains on the wall and the woman ghost...

Music n Lyrics is a good ol' sweet... Romantic comedy.. watch It!

Watched Stomp The Yard too and it has a very typical story line. You sure know who's gonna win. But fun and enjoyable , nevertheless.

Hon promised to blog but he was too busy for his own blog. haha. We'll be going on a picnic come Tuesday at my newfound favourite place in Singapore thanks to Kak Mai.. Will post pictures up soon. Oh About my job situation, I am now praying and praying to get that job which i went for the interview which lasted 2 whole hours which the HR took for me a glass of water after talking so much. haha! Sold my points well, I hope. Meanwhile, enjoy pics of our family bowling outing, afterwhich the cousins went to watch a midnight movie, and then have supper at Arab Street until 4am. It was so nice..

Treating my sister to a nice seafood meal of ikan bakar and cockles at Orchard Kopitiam!

I have a God Damned Trojan.Vundo virus stuck in my computer which is making things so slow and difficult!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Take A Break, Have A Breather.

Hon, me and his friends went to have a nice evening movie at Vivo Max yesterday, with the huge screen and power dolby sound system. The movie "300" is extremely superb. Artistic, witty in a way, ooh and all those testosterone adrenaline rush looking at all those rock-hard 16-pecs abs of every medieval Spartan soldier.yummy. Ok that's exaggerating. But i think you'll get what i mean when u watch the movie. I don't know how else to describe it... I'm speechless. Ego-boosting, excellent graphics, a total feast for the eyes, gory and bloody, I LOIKE. The part i find funny was all the Persian's weird way of including those weird animals, giant mutations and other what-nots in the war. Elephant la, rhinoceros la, nampak ajer gigantic, kena sembeleh, mati jugak, hahahah! No ,really seriously, a good movie. A Must watch.

B4 that, Me and Hon spent the day at Sentosa for a picnic. It was a very destressing day, especially for Hon who was really stressed out from work. A day whereby we put our handphones on silent modes, keep our watches in our bags so we wouldn't keep track of the time, and just let the day pass by slowly, enjoying the waves, the sand, the sun and each other. :) Yes, the working dog-eat-dog world out there is a cruel cruel one. Thus, we need time to just take a brain-free break just to breathe and re-charge. It works. As for me, I'm looking for a job again as it is a pity my previous department has to outsource its people, including me. It has been almost a month of frustrating no-replys. And maybe God has something better in store for me. I'm hoping and praying, especially at this crucial moment when i NEED to save money for my wedding. When one door closes, another door of opportunity will open, and I will always stay positive. God has plans. =)