Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Princess Day

Hon gave me a Princess day today! Thank you so much Honey! Ok, For us, A definition of our "Princess Day" is where He will treat me to anything and everything i want in that one day and for a "Prince Day", I will in turn treat him to everything... Food, shopping, movies, clothes, etc. We will really spoil each other silly. =) Now, this does not happen every time or it won't be as special anymore. Only on "Occasions" where we reward each other for something and acknowledging that that person is special to us. Just like how special you are to me, Hon. He got for me a nice turquoise satin top and a bottom from Forever 21. The other 4 books are for my light reading before bed ...

After shopping, we went to have a candle-lit dinner by the beach ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... guess what we had?

Oh, we're all about the Good Food! Calories going up!
Going jogging this Friday, right Hon?

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