Saturday, January 29, 2005

I still haven't found my passion.

I feel like blogging today. It's been a number of times I blogged this week. (BF will blog soon k.) :D

It's been only 3 days into my new 2nd temporary job after 1 month of bumming around and collecting dust at home and i just had to take half-day MC today cuz my fever was running high at 39.2 degrees! Uh Thanks ah Sister :P **A flu virus is doing its roundabout so be carefull y'all.** It feels as though i've been working for so long as there's just so many things to do. This time, my job has a very very high level of responsibility as I am under the CEO of the company (a chinese lady). I am very nervous as a single slight mistake may cost me my job and my dignity. It's not that great a pay but I'm still gaining experience. My mom said,"You give peanuts, you get monkey la!" (meaning, if the employer pays too little :-*peanuts* , you'll get equivalent to what's worth of it :-*a monkey's work*.) Hahaha! Mom, Mom. I totally agree with you. But I have to save my waterface. Getting a job itself is difficult, so I have to hang on to whatever I have and be thankful. However, I do not see myself in this line down the road.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hotel Rwanda is a Must-See.

This is a must-see. Tears will flow naturally down ya eyes as you watch people being killed and murdered without cause. The story-line is fantastic! Of course it might be the fact that it really happened in Rwanda. Based on a true story, I just can't bear to see the riots and shootings of innocent lives including women and little children. The story depicts the 1994 Rwanda Genocide where 1 million people were murdered by the overpowering tribe (Hutu). An ordinary man named Paul, summoned the courage to shelter more than 1,000 people as the slaughter raged around them. The love this man (Paul, the manager of Hotel Rwanda) had for his wife and children is so unwaveringly tremendous and the sacrifices he made for all of mankind (the 1000 refugees who stayed on the floors of his hotel), no matter what tribe or culture they were from is significantly moving. He was from a Hutu. His wife a Tutsi. As husband and wife, I admire their strength. The Hutu tribe wants to eradicate and annihilate every single living thing that moves that is Tutsi tribe. A very touching and affectionate story. It will stay in your hearts forever. Very powerful and Moving. A true classic. 5 stars!!

Anyway, HAPPY 46 Month-versary Hon!! I can't wait to spend time with you today BF honey!! Let's celebrate with cakes and candles under the full-moon-lit night.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hiatus is a word? It's everywhere!

Ehehhe! Hey. It's true nonetheless.

Spent my day busy doing a website. Quite drained out now. Didn't get to see BF for so long already as he's on the PM shift most of the days. Planning to spend some time with BF this week if the scedule's kind to us. Hmmmm.... Schedule? What schedule? hahahaha!

Mom cooked roti jala today. And tomorrow, i'm making my creamy Lasagne for BF again as he's craving for it. It's been a long time since i made some Lasagne. I plan to innovate. Instead of the normal meaty sauce lasagne, i'll try Seafood Marinara Lasagne..with added prawns, sotong, .. Hmm..... BF! It's on the way k! See ya soon Hon!

Angelina Jolie, Kelly Brook, Jennifer Garner & Milla Jovovich.
Aren't they just Sizzling hot?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Wicked Aura Is Woa..

First of all. Thanks Gf for remaking of Shezai Blog. Its really nice & brown is really a nice color! haha. I loike!!

Wicked Aura is really damn good la. Wonder when they are going to release an album & speaking of albums, I've been on a Cd shopping spree this month. Bought the Linkin Park Vs Jay Z Cd & Jedi Mind Tricks & the 3 local ones were Triple Noize, Zouk Flava & Taufik Batisah Cd. If you're asking me why I bought them, be it mainstream? overhype? whack? The reason for me is that I want to listen songs that are nice to my ears & these Cds I bought are really nice to my ears! ';)

My shopping spree hasn't ended. My hands are still itching to get something. But wait, before I do that, I need to get some presents for my friends & cousins. Afterwhich I think I'm smelling another pair of shoe again...heh..& also a Tshirt & a brown berm.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Revamp Reviewed

a)Spent most of the day brushing up SheZai's ol' dusty blog and design a new one from scratch. i Learnt some new stuffs on my PSP imaging software. There's still something that's not quite right with the CSS or HTML codes somewhere in here but i can't seem to figure it out. Now, that makes me one anggggrrrryyy lady..(those who can't imagine me as one, just try ok. hehee!) Damn. Argh WtH !!---------- FastForward--------> OK, Finally I found the bugger. It's rectified. I'm satisfied. Now i can sleep. Good Morning~!! GOsh i'm turning nocturnal.

BF is gettin the flu and fever symptoms. Take Care Hon. Get well soon alright. (*hugs*)

I am soooo hoooked up to the music video of Franz Ferdinand's - The Dark Of The Matinee. They remind me of The Beatles. In a really really fancy cute way.
I'm also trying to find this music video but i can't seem to remember the title and artist. It's a laid-back song, the video shows south-parky-like cartoons where the little people explore space in their tiny cartoon spaceships and in the end the spsaceship with the 70's era flower-power deco ruled the world. What is the title?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

ShOpPiNg SPrEE!!!

WOO HOO.. Ray Barbee Vans..

Another one to the shoe racks..

Its been a hell of shopping time for me so far! haha More to come..
Anyways had a lovely time with Gf & her sis..(yea for the first time)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Selamat Bertunang Aisyah!

I wish Siti Nur Aisyah a fulfilling life ahead with Murad as she embarks on her journey of being engaged.Semoga berkekalan. till marriage & 4eva. :) Thank You for the opportunity to let me be your non-experienced Mak-Andam for a day. hehee! Thanks for your confidence in me and being my first guinea-girl. I hope you like my make-up work on you. The engagement went smoothly and i had a nice catch-up time with my girlfriends. Pics courtesy of Liza.

Me, Liza, Fitri and Asyiran went to watch "Meet The Fockers". The main attention is just when the cute little toddler say..."Asssss.....hoooooooool!" ahahha!