Sunday, August 27, 2006

Movie weekend.

Watched "The Break Up" on Friday and "The Devil Wears Prada" on Saturday with Hon.

The Break-Up made me cry.. i dunno why. Not to say that fights like that happen in all relationships. It's just that.. the way they argue... woman vs man.. is sooo typical of almost all relationships/marriages. Man don't understand woman. Woman try to give hints. Man don't know how to read hints. They argue.. It sounds soo silly sometimes when you think back and reflect on the arguement. Hahaha! Lemons?? A MUST-watch for couples everywhere. You'll find yourself nodding your head and pinching each other silly. Hee!

TDWP is an inspiring movie. I love the book too. Complete with what is happenning in the fashion industry. With a Boss like Miranda, you'll cringe and shout BITCH at every venomous word she spits out. I just LOVE the wit and sarcasm. However, both Hon and me agreed that if we were Andrea's boyfriend, we will not take Andrea back even though she is sorry for her confused high-fashion life that involves mingling with the rich and famous, being drunk and jolly. Watch it for main attraction - Miranda.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Updates. edited.

Have anybody noticed that the public toilets at Orchard Cineleisure Level 4 has really really shiny floorings that if you are in one toilet cubicle, you can see the reflection of the cubicle next to you, what that person is doing, peeing or whatever.. ? Oh my.

Have anybody noticed that Polka Dots are In and Stripes are (going to be) Out?
Have anybody noticed that really tight 3/4 leggings (lace even) are like....everywhere? Worn under 3/4 dresses?
Have anybody noticed that the broad waist band are worn..even with t-shirts? eew. *the list goes on below*

Have anybody noticed that RED belts (wide or thin) are hitting the streets? Why must be red? Even if you wear bright green top and purple pants... still a MUST to wear RED belt is it? hahahaha! Jeeeez.
Have anybody noticed that the VEST is making a comeback? Mango and Topshop is head of the pack, havin sold this short vest for quite some time already. Just.... wear it appropriately, ya.
Have anybody noticed that the long headscarf (stripes or polka) is only randomly worn, though shops sell them everywhere ? Not that hot an item these scarfs.
All these... nice or ugly? You decide.

Have anybody noticed that next month is the start of the fasting month (already)?

Have anybody noticed that there are going to be a lot, a LOT of weddings/wedding invitations AND BABIES next year? *Watch out for 070707. Wedding bombardment.*

Have anybody noticed that?

*Sit back and wonder*

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Mi Mi Plant

OK i so know this is so lame..
But i bought this cute thingy in Phuket and watered it to let its "hair" grow. Basically the "hair" is made of grass seeds and it's growing nicely. Will trim it and style it soon.

I got one for hubby too.. but i wonder if it's still botak. hahaha!

Well, anyways, Hun and I watched Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift just now. It's good. Gorgeous drifting cars ..And beautiful Tokyo. But less could be said of the cast, sadly. Typical story-line. It it weren't for the cars, i'd personally be bored.

Me and Hun have less and less time wit each other now due to more work commitments, but we ain't complaining. We loved each other then, we love each other now, and we'll love each other in the future, even if time isn't on our side. On another note, we have a wedding to prepare for.
And we're all smiles..... =)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Destination: Phuket

I'm baaaack~! Phuket was splendid, marvelous, superb... but i'm like so lazy and tired to blog about my trip. A LOT to blog/bitch about. Oh anyways, I have 1 more day of leave today to sleep all i want. (The thought of having to go back to work on Wed is freakin annoying. My brain has been refunctioned and reprogrammed.) But please... do feel free to visit my Multiply site by clicking on the above pic yea, and let the Phuket pictures speak for themselves. Thank you! Until next time .... (enjoy the song at the moment).