Sunday, August 31, 2008

SheZai completed our first 10KM Race!!

We reached the event spot around 4pm. It was kinda crowded as expected; congested with humans. Our Flag-off was at 4.45pm. Hon and me decided to race separately so it's each man his own. My mind shifted to endurance gear and I started pacing slowly and not care about the people around me. Hon ran way ahead of me already so i didn't mind running alone all by myself. But in fact I'm not alone coz i have another 'person' to beat; which is the inner me. Hahaha!

This was us before the race flag-off!

The running crowd

Success! I completed the total distance of 10km at a personal best of roughly 1hr 25mins even though i had my 1st day menses cramps handicap! Amazing!! Hon did his personal best too! But kudos to the best lady runner who completed the race at an amazing 40mins! The feeling of accomplishing that long distance is great!!! I felt a magnificent adrenaline rush through my whole body and soul at the finishing line. Yesss ah!!! Completed!!!!

Met up with Hon again after the race to enjoy the concert for a little while before heading home tired but happy.

Elated and accomplished!

Our next 10km race will be in December. Yupp! We've just registered and we're running another 10km for the Standard Chartered Marathon end year. Personal Training to start soon! Yeay!

I Love You Honey!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gearing up for the Nike Human Race 10K !

We are more interested in the distance running than the concert.
Trying to complete the whole 10km race in 1 piece.
Let's have the greatest fun tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SheZai's Collectibles Galore

I've started a new hobby. I am really crazy about movies so what more can you say about their posters, right? Me and Hubby have started collecting movie posters ever since we got married. It initially started off as an art addiction to articize our room, but it soon grew into a liking, or more so as an addiction, an ardent passion for these movie posters. This raging fire within me will always be burning to check out what's new at the movie memorabilia shop. I've visited their shop the 3rd time this week! We have 9 posters to date. 5 original double sided teasers and 4 commercial prints. I have even placed orders to be in the queueing list for the new 'Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen' poster which sellers have no idea what image it will be. But I've seen the image through the member's grapevine and I am assured that it will be good! So exciting! I am serious about collectin' movie posters just like how serious Hon is about his collection of 40 pairs of sneakers. Hee!

This is my precious latest acquisition at $140! US Original double sided Teaser B. After the death of Heath Ledger, movie makers are having this poster recalled (according to the market) and so there are only a few left which makes it even more valuable! =)

And of course, here we have the Dark Knight Batman poster, also in original double-sided. I am not going to open this poster and leave it in its mint condition in its tube. Rumour has it that The Dark Knight will overtake Titanic as the Number 1 blockbuster of all time. Therefore, this purchase. =)

Oh and of course, my most favourite movie poster also recently bought, is my Angelina Jolie's original 'Wanted' poster. It is so magnificent in black and white print, and there is no title on it too! It's so beautiful! I can't take my eyes off it! It will be SheZai's next bedroom theme. And black and white bedsheets to go along with it. Gonna hang it up tonight. OOoooOOO can't wait!

And other posters in my collection include.... some of which you may have seen hanging on our bedroom wall.

Friday, August 22, 2008

SheZai's Rag-N-Bone Mississippi Friday

Here I am to blog about the day we had. I took leave today just because Hon was on his Off day. It is something which I treasure a lot - time. We planned the day to be something different and exciting but more of a SheZai's "Lepak T-shirt-shorts-and-slippers-day" because we just wanted to chill, lay back and have fun exploring the old treasures at Bras Basah.

We ended buying nil and headed on to the National Library to look for books on Mac, iLife, Garageband, and digital music, which was cool coz we're on a music producing high. Har Har! I have just created my own song for Honey last week using Garageband and am addicted to it since. You see, my Dad used to own a Roland midi synthesizer along with its Yamaha tone generator, but when we brought it out from the dust and mess of the store room (where he keeps it with all of his other treasures), we realised that the equipment is waaaaaay ol'skool. They don't even use USB cable! He bought these about 15 - 20 years ago, i can still remember playing along to Beethoven when i was 14.... hahaha! Yea right. So back into the dusty ol store they went. To collect dust for another few more years before somebody decides he/she wants to buy it. Any takers? Still looks mint new. Hmmm.. I doubt so.

And so with that in mind, me and hubby went in search of a new synthesizer compatible with Macbook and Garageband. We shared money to buy this:-

A simple 49-keys midi keyboard.

We have also expanded our Garageband with many samples and the music-making runs all night long in SheZai's bedroom... Hehehe. It was super fun! We will upload our song once we come up with one...... Hmmmm....

Onwards, we met up with my sister Phique to chillout around Suntec and was surprised by the sudden display of fireworks. Must be the left-overs from NDP. Here are some random shots we took:-
I love this pic. Perfect shot, Perfect timing, by Phique.

It starts to get crazy...

Very touristy shot of my tourist sister who just came to visit S'pore on a social visit pass from Indonesia. She looks happy..... MWaAHahahahhahahahaha!! ROFL!

Closing ceremony.

The fireworks are nice. Wonder why people are still awed by the colourful explosives. Waaaaaahhh.. mouths agape.

Your mouth will stay agape too when you see what food we discovered next. The most-talked about Cheese-sticks!!! Perfect when savoured hot with Chilli and tartar sauce. Remember I tried to make these on my previous entry but failed? I draw inspiration from these yummy ecstasies. If you wanna know where they sell these, ask Phique, cos we've brought her there. Or else, it's our little secret... =)

Come nightfall, we had drinks at a cafe in Boat Quay, as suggested by Phique. It's such a good place to laugh and have fun, man!!! We played board games and had snacks and drinks. The games we played are so funnY! We're gonna hang out here more often for the neverending games and laughter!

A few of the games we played.

Hon in action.


A great Friday out!


The End.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shezai Gearing Up

Pictures courtesy of Frenzatwork Media & Nike.

The pics explains it. We're very serious about the Human Race. Hun has been doing on her part too, training herself on her off days & I've been clocking up mileage as well whenever I can. On the other hand following pictures below are the Brasil game against the Singapore selections. Complementary Grandstand tickets again! yeay! As it was super last minute, I didn't bring along Hun's camera. So its just me & my Nokia Hp to take some pics therefore its quite blur.
Anyhow, the game that's important most to me, witnessing 1st class Samba 1 touch futbol from the Samba Masters. I don't know why the critics are so harsh against their display against the home team but 1 thing for sure they're just stroking the ball around doing some sparring only. Rafinha, Diego & Lucas were the only one playing their heart out. Overall it was breathtaking. If I could reply to the critics, I must say that, "Send the Singapore team to the Samba city & they'll show you no mercy".

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oreo Cheesecake Trial

It was yesterday that I made this cake. Hon said just buy Rojak and noodles for dinner, so that means... I don't have to cook! Rest day! But still, my hands are itchy-mitchy. So my thought process index for food. Oreo Cheesecake it is! I searched the recipe in the web, and got one decent one and started working on it.
The ingredients:

The crust. I overlooked and actually caused the crust to burn the first time. Smoke came out of the crust even! It was a flop. So i threw that kerak away and started afresh with a new one. I realised you don't actally have to bake it to retain the flavour. Now i know.... so next time, no need to bake. Because of this, the whole thing took 2 hours to do. But never mind, cooking is a learning practical in itself anyways. An avenue to experiment and be creative.

The cheese and cream bits and oreo bits.

After baking. It turned out a little bit on the brown side, which it is not supposed to. I guess again the baking part makes a whole lot of difference. Maybe next time, i'll just bake for 5 mins flat. No more, no less.

Hot from the oven.

After chilling for 4 hours, the end product looks like this and is ready to savour.

Dessert for any stressed moments. =)
- By a satisfied wife for her loving husband.

The End