Monday, March 29, 2004

Big Bold Love

Pic courtesy of Zul...the avid photographer. :)
L .............. is for the way you look at me,
O.............. is for the only one i see,
V............... is very, very extraordinary,
E .............. is even more than anyone that you adore.

BF did an unexpected thing for me. It was SO not him, a Guy, to do this! I was so surprised! BF actually weave and made for me a nice crystally bracelet for our Anny. He learnt from his friend secretly and he did it all by himself! I was like so awwww... Thank You Hun. Here's a short poem for you.

There are many men on earth, But the best ones are only few,
I can never know real love, until i finally met you.
You gave me a wall to lean on, whenever i'm sick and weak,
You are the one i rely on, whenever i'm hit by a brick!
My future will never be complete, Without having you by my side,
So here we continue on our feat, Awaiting the day i'll be your bride,
3 years and more we'll see, I love you, Mohamed Zaini.

--Originally written from Sheikha To Zaini--

Friday, March 26, 2004

Let Me See..

Hello ~ & Goodbye ~

Yea..Beginning Mid April, it's a whole new working environment for me, Nike Singapore is my new employer. Today is also the day I signed their employment letter. May 10th will the date most probably I'll start my new career not only as a retail assistant but also as a writer for the Nike Newsletter whenever I'm being given the chance.Thanks to SGhiphop/Liquide too cause of you guys that I've been given a chance to write as a freelance writer for you guys but for now I'm able to write for another of my Favorite company!(hopefully it'll be a long term career for me(insya-allah). Basically what's important about this job to me is mostly about interest ';) & as for Raffles Hospital(Raffles Medical Group), thanks a lot for experience & for employing me for the past 6 mths. Its truly an enjoying working experience for me especially with some of the colleagues. Fun is a better word yea? Hope we'll all meet again in the future ';)

& lastly I'd love to wish shezai, Happy 3rd Year Anny! It has been an enjoyable,romantic,fun,hyper-active,fantastic etc etc the list of good things goes on ~~ I've love you for 3 years but i can assure that I've you in my heart long before 25th March 2001 & it will be always be there forever from now on till forerver insya'allah ';) & I hope that if everything goes well too.. 2007 is the year insya'allah yea ? ":D

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sunday Outing Wit My Girlfriends.

This past Sunday, i had an outing wit my Girlfriends. They are my TKSS, Secondary school friends so i've been close to them for 8 years now and still are. We always had fun girl outings every now and then since all of them are working. FRANSS=Fitri, Ros, Aisyah, Norliza, Soalihah, Sheikha. Hehe. yea. And Soalihah was the one who introduced me to Zaini. :) Friends are the greatest. Ros is not in this Pic as she's preparing for her engagement on 04/04/04. I want to thank Liza for the Burger King Meal. And i want to thank Aisyah for treating me to Gelare's Ice Cream waffles. Thanks Girls! Luf Yous!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Do we look like brother and sister? err...Hhhhmmm.....

A few people told us that comment. Even BF's mom! Hmm... well....Hehehhe.. It got us laughing...and looking.... Well.. maybe so.. maybe not. maybe a little, maybe a lot. maybe......hahaha! BF! Do you think so?

Oh ya Honey.. it's time to change the song.

On another note... What would Forrest Gump say.... if he was black? :"Life is a box when you're chocolate." Oh G!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

I've been a Good Girl.

Heyya. Feelin' kinda under the weather today. Been staying at home since Wednesday. Not even out to the nearest Macdonalds for lunch or dinner. It's home home home all the way. And know wat? Time flies by soo slowly that i've been able to appreciate every minute, every hour of life... or what's left of it. Been thinkin back and reminiscing the past years and what i've done in my life that's worth living for. It's All Good. :)

This is the month of March. It's that time of the year i can't wait for. In a few more days, it's gonna be SheZai's 3rd Year Anniversary!.

I treasure Zaini a lot because he have taught me many things in life that i held dear to me. He once said to me, "Dear, don't you once talk back to your parents even though they scold you or beat you. Just smile at them and do as they say. Because one day, you never know, you could be in their shoes and feel how they feel. They are the ones we get permmission from to get married." Ever since then, i have never talked back to them. I silently obeyed every single task i was suppose to do. Go around my daily life as usual however hard it may be. Because of Zaini, I learnt life's little lessons that made me whole. There are many other things he does that inspired me.

I had a good talk with my friend and we agreed that," Whoever you are gonna marry needs to be your lover, soulmate and your life partner. Just after marriage, he's your lover because that's your honeymoon period. When time goes by, when you age and have kids, that's when you two are soulmates. Doing things together to stay together. Accepting each other for who they are heart and soul. And lastly, when you become grandparents, he becomes your life partner. As each of you greys and age, that's when you need each other the most for comfort and company. Just to have a loving conversation. Even though romance has died down due to time and age, you both know that you are there for each other and the love is deep down inside."

Haha me and Zaini sound like Alan and Barbara Pease! But nevermind. We learn.

An SMS from Zaini on 15/4/2002...:"In years, your face may wrinkle, your eyes droop, your hair brittle... but still i'll be there to listen, to love and to care.. We'll be the greatest Grandparents! :)" That wraps it up. :)

Monday, March 08, 2004


While i'm on my way to meet gf..something funny,weird & strange happened! the train that i took has jus pass by redhill & its approaching tiong bahru..but instead of stopping at tiong jus pass by tiong bahru! & the weird thing is dat,it can reverse back to tiong bahru! haha .. ok dats for a start to my blog weird yea? anyways..its a movie day for us today.dirty dancing 2 was the choice. i'd give 2.5 ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooppppppppppccccccccccccooooooooooooorrrrnnn!! ehhe okla if u all love dancy dancy stuffs then this might be the shiznit yea? anyhow..after dat we walked ard town in search of famie pressie..(oh yea yesterday was his bro bday) his bday is this thurs if i'm not wrong..btw gf did blog b4 of some tips about love etc etc..well i've jus finish termenung & i think i can come out with some too...

1 - try having dinner/lunch/supper(wateva eating fucntion u wanna have) at a place where u can eat alot(for eg. seoul garden ke,seafood rest ke etc etc)
the whole idea of eating at such places is not cause of the price but then its how u spend time while having ur feast..jus imagine..u can talk about the past..the present..gossips..the future..beautiful things etc etc..for eg,when u eat such fd like chilli crab its kinda hard to eat kan?so u'll def joke ard..n somehow some funny things can happen...n then when in the future while u watched tv...or lets say u walk ard by such places again..u'll reminisce the day & u'll say to ur partner,"hey look last time we also like dat eh?" eheh see? well..its jus one of my philosophy..

2 - the only way u so noe u gonna marry the gal/guy/partner is by the blessing of each mum.well..i jus think dat mums noes us best n mum is the one who raise us from doll size to bapak budak(adult).unlike dad,mum see us more everyday than any other person,hence thats y i think that mum's blessing is the guys/gals out there...pikat(win) mums heart more than anyone else!!

3 - & the only way u noe u love that gal/guy/partner so much that u gonna marry him/her is by doing some stuffs that u wud nvr think u urself will ever do.wat i actually meant is dat do stuffs tht are very romantic,nvr done b4 in ur life,nvr think u'll do dis & make ur partner feel maybe...writing letters..sewing...painting....etc etc etc .

4 - Hmm..i cant think of any now but if i can i'll update k? till nxt time!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I can't wait for Erin Brockovich!

I watched that show on HBO few years ago and it has since captivated me so much. I so love the woman power Julia Roberts instills into her character as Erin Brockovich! So strong so powerful... so .. woman. Airs on channel 5 this Sunday 10pm. Must watch it again for inspiration. hehe! Anyway i jus bought a new Celly Nokia 6220! yeay! And the ringtone is.... Kylie's red blooded woman. No no.. i'm not a feminist... dun get me wrong. I just have this woman-power thing going on in my head nearing the Erin Brockovich show. BF don't worry, I'm normal. heheheh!
BF is playin footie wit his friends and colleagues now. Hope the rain doesn't dampen your spirit Dear! Enjoys!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Weight = 74kg(home) shocked when i weigh myself(with shoes etc etc) (80kg)at cargo clearance weighing machine .. well..home one shud be perfect. Anyways..Gf did surprise me on monday after my 24hr shift..the lasagne was superb..even mum says that fav otah2 is selling at the bazaar beside Causeway point! the same stall,the same seller & they'll def gonna get the same buyer often! haha ..

btw..On monday too I was surprised.. the Sultan Of Johore & his kunchu2 was driving to Singapore but they went thru Cargo(most of the V.I.P includ our president also goes thru tht way)...V.I.P N shiet.. but oh well..the Sultan did wave at me & smile cause I was at the exit point there... haha (AiJusWannaBePrimeMinister)

Monday, March 01, 2004

Most Ladies are Red-blooded women. Right-on Kylie.

I realised the monotony of everything around me has sunk in. Only 1 mock exam paper has passed by and there's 3 more this week. I realised studying is so boring (for now). But i would give anything to be in school rather than start working so soon. So, Sheikha, be thankful. I met FRANS 2 days ago after so long. Miss them. And I'm so happy for Ros who's getting engaged soon.

Something else has been in my mind. Lasagna. Especially those wet, creamy ones like the ones at pizza hut. Damn how do they make the lasagna so wet and creamy? Is it the cheese? the milk (they add milk?!?) the bechamel sauce? Mine lacks the Oooomph factor that lasagnas are suppose to give. I'm gonna try making one again soon, tomoro maybe. Practice makes perfect. Since BF & me has been craving for it, i'm gonna make some especially for him. Hold those drools, BF. :)

Cooking with Love. That's the Oooomph factor.
Wanna click the pic for a clearer, yummyier view? It'll open up a new browser. So just click! :)

Ok, fastforward. Now is about 3pm on Monday. No i'm not schooling. I'm alone at home. As always. But not bored studying anymore! Ronovation works has caused my studying to cease. Instead.....Cheffiers Sheikha in da House. I'm just back from being busy around the kitchen since about noon. Cravings schmavings, i Bought all the ingredients i need from the market this morning to make that "perfect, wet & creamy & cheeeeesy lasagna" that i dreamed about ever since last night. Yes. Guess what?SUCCESS it is!!! It IS now wet and Creamy and cheesy! i say i say!!! yea baby! Cook, bake, add a pinch here and there, layer, cheeeesy, creamy, wet and wild. Dig in fellas. Looky there. Click it to see. Want some? :P~

So right now, i'm gonna surprise BF by fetching him from work (save him from that oh-so-tiring 24-hour shift!) at about 9pm tonight. With this lasagna specially made with love for Him. SSsssshhhh!! :) Wish me Luck!