Monday, March 08, 2004


While i'm on my way to meet gf..something funny,weird & strange happened! the train that i took has jus pass by redhill & its approaching tiong bahru..but instead of stopping at tiong jus pass by tiong bahru! & the weird thing is dat,it can reverse back to tiong bahru! haha .. ok dats for a start to my blog weird yea? anyways..its a movie day for us today.dirty dancing 2 was the choice. i'd give 2.5 ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooppppppppppccccccccccccooooooooooooorrrrnnn!! ehhe okla if u all love dancy dancy stuffs then this might be the shiznit yea? anyhow..after dat we walked ard town in search of famie pressie..(oh yea yesterday was his bro bday) his bday is this thurs if i'm not wrong..btw gf did blog b4 of some tips about love etc etc..well i've jus finish termenung & i think i can come out with some too...

1 - try having dinner/lunch/supper(wateva eating fucntion u wanna have) at a place where u can eat alot(for eg. seoul garden ke,seafood rest ke etc etc)
the whole idea of eating at such places is not cause of the price but then its how u spend time while having ur feast..jus imagine..u can talk about the past..the present..gossips..the future..beautiful things etc etc..for eg,when u eat such fd like chilli crab its kinda hard to eat kan?so u'll def joke ard..n somehow some funny things can happen...n then when in the future while u watched tv...or lets say u walk ard by such places again..u'll reminisce the day & u'll say to ur partner,"hey look last time we also like dat eh?" eheh see? well..its jus one of my philosophy..

2 - the only way u so noe u gonna marry the gal/guy/partner is by the blessing of each mum.well..i jus think dat mums noes us best n mum is the one who raise us from doll size to bapak budak(adult).unlike dad,mum see us more everyday than any other person,hence thats y i think that mum's blessing is the guys/gals out there...pikat(win) mums heart more than anyone else!!

3 - & the only way u noe u love that gal/guy/partner so much that u gonna marry him/her is by doing some stuffs that u wud nvr think u urself will ever do.wat i actually meant is dat do stuffs tht are very romantic,nvr done b4 in ur life,nvr think u'll do dis & make ur partner feel maybe...writing letters..sewing...painting....etc etc etc .

4 - Hmm..i cant think of any now but if i can i'll update k? till nxt time!

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