Monday, September 27, 2004

Did I Mention That,"Another New Mth, Another New Chapter?" Hmm...Guess Not! Haha

Air Zoom URL

Ouh man, I can't seem to keep my words. Forth pair already this month. Haha ';P

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Made A Statement with my T-Shirt Today.

It's a "No Heels" Day for me today. Hehe!

Happy 3½ years anniversary Sweet Darling BF.

I got Choccettes! Weehoo!

Painted the town red.

Mac D's Ice-Cream.

Caught a Movie.

Caught up with friends.

Did the Walking and Talking.

Home Sweet Home. Supper Awaiting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

She Wants To Move. Uh.

Mister! Look at your girl, she loves it!
(Look at her) I can see it in her eyes
She (come here babe) hopes this lasts forever, Hey!!
Move, she wants to move !!!

BF Honey got me this (Nike Woman's Pink CityKnife) today as an advanced 3yrs 6mths anniversary present. Oh how it bends! He just asked me to try it on at the shop and surprised me with the purchase. He said,"Anything for my Love." BF, thank You so much! I love you. Next time, it's my turn to give you a treat.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Learn Animation. It's Fun!

Source:Msnbc. Click here for more on the article. No, i didn't do this. (but i'm sure inspired!) I got this from the MSNBC website. Isn't this just soo cool or wat. i Wish i could make this stuff. Animators, they inspire me! Keep on learnin'! ANd i Will. KIV for my starters.

Yes you know what's on my mind right now. Start Drawing again. hehe! Me going out wit FRANSS later. So, till later.

Friday, September 10, 2004

SheZai's Dayre

We had a great time with each other today although BF fetch me after work around 6pm and we just met for a few hours. We went to town and poor BF who just recovered from sore throat was craving for KFC so we bought the ultimate meal. Chicken chicken chicken....Hmm.. talking about KFC, i have to talk about a Dare that BF made me do last few weeks. hehehe! *BF }:P*

We were at Lido Orchard and as usual we had KFC. The spoon for the mash potato accidentally dropped and we are like so lazy to go and take again as it was so crowded. So the only "other" means of eating the mash potato was the drink straw.... erm. hahha... So BF say... "ok, i dare you.. if you finish up your mash potato by sucking it all up with the used drink straw, i will pay for a cab ride home."Hahhah! Daym i just had to do that dare, just for the fun of it... And so, with people giving me weird stares, i took the straw and stir up the mash potatoes into a soggy, brownish, yucky icky gooooey stuff and suck it alllll up with the straw. Yes.... hahah i did it, down to the tiniest morsels..... BF was shocked i did that and we laughed like crazy all the way. hahah!!! Ok, never again ok BF! Another time, I will dare you, it's your turn. ;p

P/S: Framewerkz Fusion Cafe is opening soon. Wanna know where? :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm On Off For 2 Days & I'm Sick..Oh Gosh..

Visited the doctor just now. Had my breakfast & medicine & I'm not too sure what I'm going to do until 5pm later which is I'm going to meet Gf. Hmm..Ok I think I'm going to bitch about some customers at the shop & how they normally do their shopping.

Caucasions - These are the people who are very careful when doing their shopping. Everything must be up to date(eg: new technologies & shitz). But when they spend their cash, sometimes you'll be shocked by the way they splash their cash. Overall I would say they are the best customers, very polite, courteous & even generous at times.

Indians(India) - They will always look at the weird colours( especially shoes) & when they talked to us, they'll go round & round talking about the products. Their most famous line? *shaking their head while talking* "Can we get any discounts?" & when we said no, they'l start to say, " Why other shops gave me discounts & you guys never?" & when we asked them which shop, they'll answer, "Mustafa Centre".
Indonesians - Most of the shoppers are usually on business trips or work attachments. You'll fine the rest usually during school holidays. They often spend on the latest items on shelves. Very friendly too.

Chinese(China) - When customers stepped in our shop, we'll greet them. As for them, when we greet them, they'll just stare at you & walked straight in. They talked so loud in the shop & sometimes I would say they spend lots of time browsing around the shop & when they want to purchase the item, the first thing they'll ask is, "Made from where?" & when we replied China, they'll walked away. How old fashioned can you guys be? Even if you go to Nike Town, 80% of the items are also MADE IN CHINA! Might as well you guys go & buy the Jerseys or even soccer balls cause soccer balls are sometimes made in Pakistan. But of course not all their
shoppers have the same thinking, there are some good ones but they come so rarely like the rare sneakers you can find around the world.

Bruneians - Very rich people. They spend like nobodys business. The catch is, you can hardly find these people purchasing their items using their credit cards but instead they use their Brunei notes. I don't know whats the reason but sources says that they don't fancy their own currency. They are one of the easiest customers too but the only kind of things that turns me off is that they always pay in their currency & I've experienced once where this customer bought a t-shirt cost SGD35 & he paid using 1000$ Brunei. MADNESS!

Japanese & Koreans - My Favorite customers for the moment I would say. They don't create lots of trouble & most importantly they are not fussy! I would describe them as leftover shoppers. Reason why? Cause they don't bother by the size of the tops & bottoms & even socks. As for shoes, no problem at all. They have small size feet & they would usually snapped up all the small sizes whereas majority of the
others picked up on the bigger sizes. Another plus thing is that, you'll always love
to look at them, be it guys or girls. They always pull off in whatever they wear even the ugliest thing that we have in the shop.

Singaporeans & Airport staffs- They quite similar to the China people. When you greet them 30% will acknowledge you back & 70% will just walked in. These 70% are also the people will ask the similar questions like ;
- "Which one latest one ah?"
- "Can take new one for me not?"(even though we jus replanished the new ones
they'll still insist & when we don't have any more stock, they'll put up a long
- "Only 10% ah? Last time 50%?"(when we tell them the last time was up to
50% was because it was a closing down sale) & they replied, "We'll wait for
that then" & they walked away.
- "How come B.I.R.D got sell this, you guys never?" (when we explained we are
both different dealers) they'll replied, " Still Nike also mah?" They just don't
get it.
- "Got any shoe can use for everything or not?" (when we explained to them
the reason why there isn't any) they'll reply, "Can la, surely can one" & few
month after that, they'll return back & ask for refund claiming our stuffs are

Actually there's more to it about Singaporeans but I can't be bothered to type
all out. I just wonder if our nation can't really behave properly here I wonder
how their attitude is when their away on holidays & what will other nations
think? Or is it these Singaporeans just taking advantage of their own people?
I really don't have a clue.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I have graduated!!!!!! Weeehooo!!!!!

i got a bouquet of Ferrero Rochers from my tution students..(so-called teacher's day?) hehe.. so sweet of them. The boy got all Band 1 (>85%) for all his CA2 subjects. Damn Proud of him. And i'm elated to say i passed my exams satisfactorily (2nd class honours lower division) too when i collected my results yesterday!! I can't wait to celebrate and for convocation. Still feelin' a lil trippy from the excitement. But the reaction from Dad and Mom wasn't convincing me. Mom just thought i could do better and aim higher for 1st class. Crazy ah!! And Dad? Hah! He was like,"You think she can pass ah?" Wah liao! I proved them the ultimate wrongness! But most of ALL, i'd like to thank my dear BF Zaini for all his encouragement and support throughout my schooling days, and when he's in NS.. Oh man... how we endured amidst all the loving moments. SheZai sailed through the windy and rough oceans to get to where we are today. Thank you Darling. *BIG hug* P/S: Waahh... banyak nyer kasut awak beli eh.... chets! Hari hari tukar kasut ok. =D

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Finally..The Last One.. ';D

Finally found the last one for me from our own shop & I would say the cheapest of them all. Till then, another new month, another new chapter...