Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Parachute Play

Today I brought my babies to the stadium for Parachute Play. As you noticed, I will never blog about my job here due to confidentiality. However, today, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I love it when they sweat it out, screaming in delight and laughing with glee, releasing their cathartic energy! Parachute play is gonna be one of my most favourite activities to conduct with my children now. SO FUN! All of them were really excited to go under the HUGE canopy of a parachute. The above picture, taken by my iPhone, is a classic example of the-child-who-loves-to-explore-and-don't-give-a-heck-to-the-teacher-who-is-screaming-for-her-to-get-out-of-there! LOL!  P/S: I am teaching 2-3 year olds.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Towards the end....

The bittersweet feeling upon the completion of my Diploma is unexplainable. The journey I have gone through with my coursemates turned good friends, is now etched deep within my memory and will stay there forever. The fun, laughter, frustration and joy of groupwork, assignments, outings and whatever not are now a past as we inch closer to graduation. Looking back, I remember my lecturer Mr Philip Koh, who happenned to by my Practicum Supervisor too. He made the class (everybody) do a video on a Science topic. And I am now going to share with you a video that I have made specially for this assignment. Something good must share right. Hehe! I put together this video on Mushrooms and Decomposition. Took me one whole day to do, using iMovie. Song is by Mika. Perfect song ambience for the whole atmostphere. This video can be used to introduce Science/Mushrooms/decomposition to upper level preschoolers/Primary level. I wouldn't want it to end up dusty in my folders. So Enjoy!

This is me and my lecturer during last year's batch convocation.
This year is gonna be our turn..... Graduate, yeay!
The crazy bunch of DPTP23/A during our last day in school.

My best friends during the course. HNSM.
Coursedays will never be the same without them around. Thanks Gals for sticking through thick and thin. Let's meet again soon. I have no regrets taking this fun diploma course.

As for me, now armed with a Business Degree and an Early Childhood Diploma, how do I place my cards right on the table? I am still thinking about my future.....

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Cheerful Entry

Well, I wanted to continue blogging yesterday but was already dozing off at my laptop. Wouldn't want another weird combo of sentences forming up now, would we. 

First of all, I am super duper happy that, apart from the completion of my Practicum, I WON the consolation prize for the Cathay Nuffnang contest!!! (Click here to see other bloggers' entries!) I won a $50 Ben & Jerry's voucher. Ooooo! Phish Food, here I come!! There were really really creative entries for the contest and kudos to the rest of the winners too! To see my Cathay entry, click here. 

Next up on my list is the poll you see on your right. WOW! The results are.....
25% - Terrible earthquake debris from Haiti.
37% - The balcony door to my future house.
25% - Sneak peek of resorts world Sentosa.
12% - Crocodile jumping in air to eat a baby in stroller.

You wouldn't have guessed the answer to 'SheZai's Guess The Picture Part 3' challenge is actually.......... the 4th one!! Crocodile jumping in air to eat a baby in a stroller! Yar I know some of you would think it is the door to my future house and I am indeed flattered by that! Hehehe! But no, oh how I WISH! So here's the small portion of the picture again...


I got this pic off the net, source unknown, and I was really intrigued by it. Thank you to those who participated in the poll!! Next one coming up soon! I won't make it so hard this time..... promise. Thanks to Hiryani who informed me that this pic is from the movie 'Shorts'! Looks cool! Gonna check it out.

On another note, Hubby and I watched the movie "How to train your dragon 3D" and it was really awesome!! The 3D effects were great! There were touching, dramatic, hilarious and superb scenes in all. Would love to do a SheZai's Top Ten Facts on this movie but is too bogged down with work. Soon, soon I will. On another note totally, I was happy to model for my friend last Saturday. Details soon. Stay tuned.

25/03/2010 (today) marks SheZai's 9 years in the making. Hubby and I have weathered through our relationship and came out stronger than ever. And we still do not have any fights or arguments! Not that I want to! But i find it so strange that we have never ever fought or bicker badly! I guess Forgive and Forget is a rule we hold dear. Communication is also key. Hubby is my inspiration and I will always LOVE him no matter what. Going out on HOT DATES with him is always so fun and interesting! This year is the 3rd year that we have been married.....So here's to more SheZai... and hopefully, SheZai Junior in a few. =)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello once again to all our readers! I have an exciting post coming up! So do read on! You may sense that I am in a super cheery happy kinda mood. Well that is because today is the day that the burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Seriously, I feel so so so much lighter. I was talking about my Practicum supervision. My lecturer was my supervisor and he has a knack to be very strict and fail his students. So I was very upset and let down when I got to know that I got him as my supervisor. Having your own class as well to prepare for Practicum in another class was daunting! So much work, so little time, so much effort just for that one day that will determine if you pass your dip. I came back on Sunday to work as well as stayed in the centre to do my set ups till 11pm last night! I slept at 330am to finish my essay and lesson plans and have to wake up at 5.30am. I even dozed off in front of my laptop WHILE writing my essay! Suddenly I see the sentence..."Classroom management is important because..... the evil mother will come and take the children away." What the hell! I actually TYPED WHILE SLEEPING! Hahaha! Well, he came, he supervised closely, and he left. And I passed!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

SheZai's Top Ten Facts on the French movie "Agathe Clery"

1. Please be aware that this is a comedy cum BROADWAY MUSICAL kinda movie. (For those who totally abhores musicals, do not watch it and save your own butt.)
2. Their coordinated dance moves totally blow my mind away. They can be SO in-sync in their moves along with their facial expressions. They're good!
3.There IS such a thing as Addison's disease. Addison’s disease is a rare disorder wherein the adrenal glands produce insufficient steroid hormone and often mineralocorticoids. In layman's terms, it's a disease which will cause hyperpigmentation and will make you darker and darker each passing day, until you may be ebony, in Agathe's case!
4. Agathe is a racist when she was white and she totally changed for the better when she became black and fell in love with a black man whom she turned down during an interview at her precious company when she was white. Comprehende?
5. She still look horrid after her 'makeover'.
6. I love her dance moves in 2 scenes: the Michael Jackson moves and in the club moves when she danced to 'Tainted Love'. =)
7. Again... an epitome that most men are sleazebags. Her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend when she changed colour. 
8. Hubby and I can actually laugh at some scenes, which means that our funny bones are working in this movie.
9. I don't find her dress sense nice. Office wear don't suit her!
10. Being racist isn't that bad after all.

Quote of the movie," If Michael Jackson can turn from black to white, why can't you turn from white to black? Come to accept it, Bitch!?" Ok, not exactly the lines, but somewhere along it. 

P/S: Pizza Hut Soft Shell Crabbiata is soooooooooo delicious! I tried it yesterday and it's really good!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Invested Interest

This blog has aged gracefully and I am so thankful that blogger.com is not going to shut down anytime soon unlike Geocities. *crosses fingers* =( Blogging for 7 years now as SheZai has opened up my eyes to many things. The aging that this blog has gone through is phenomenal. It has seen the different stages in our relationship. The essence of a blog, I feel, are pictures. Therefore, we have invested in a new camera. I was very interested in the Canon S90 series as blogged by XiaXue. The pictures on her blog are 'mad fab'! So we visited Best Denki (didn't bat an eyelid at the IT fair at all, fo' sure there's helluva crowd!) and scouted for the Canon S90. It was selling at $740. Just beside the Canon display was Ricoh, and most would feel that the brand sounds very 'Apek' or 'heard of but not so glam'. But both of us fell in love with it at first sight. It was an old model but we don't care. The freebies that were thrown in by the very very friendly salesman (2 lenses, casing, adapters, whatevers) speaks much of his generosity. He gave us $100 off the original price of the camera too! Look forward to better-quality pictures!

It was a very impulsive buy. Both hubby and I wanted a light-weight camera which is not so bulky and Huge Ass like the Canon EOS series which you see many YOUTHS lugging around their neck like it's an accessory, with no casing and everything, even when it rains, Gosh! (No offense to those real photography enthusiasts/friends. I'm sure those are really good cameras~! ) But we were looking for something more practical, light and easy-to-use. And finally we've found it. Ricoh it is. =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jack Neo's "apology" video V.S. Tiger Woods' "apology" video.

SheZai's Top Ten Facts about these 2 who are after all human.

1) Both men are sex-crazed. They should go to Sexaholics Anonymous therapy or something. Well, no longer anonymous, I guess. Lol! =P
2) Handphone and SMS are the main cause of evidence. Heh heh heh.
3) Both admit they are the main cause of all the frenzy.

1) At least Tiger Woods apologised.
2) Tiger Woods' papparazzi is not SUPER CRAZY snapping pictures at every second of his speech.
3) Tiger Woods is professional and very rehearsed/prepared (aka talking endlessly about his life goals, his religion, his sport, *yawn*) in his speech compared to Neo.
4) Tiger Woods speech is a whopping 15 mins while Neo's speech is a mere 3 mins.
5) Tiger Woods did not involve his wife in the media unlike Neo. 
6) Tiger Woods is VERY ANGRY with the papparazzi for ruining his family's private life unlike Neo's video where he seems to be very bo-chap!
7) Tiger Woods made a very quick and solemn exit while Neo had all the Drama Momma what with the wife fainting and that "loan shark" -looking guy shouting "Chou Kaiiiiii!!!!!!!" to the Papparazzi. I dunno why, but i laughed at the end of Neo's video. Sorry. 

Jack Neo's Press Conference

Tiger Woods' Press Conference

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SheZai's Guess-The-Picture Part 3!

Hey Readers! Well, i know it's been a long time since I put up the poll on the right ever since part 2! Here it is again! Shezai's Original Guess The Picture Poll !!!! The small picture that you see in the poll has been cropped and comes from a bigger picture. I'd like you to guess what it is and I will blog about it come end month. Let's see.... how corny can i get. Mwaahahah!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A whole lotta Update!

It has been a very very long time since the last update. I do have the urge to blog but everytime my mind tells me to, it suddenly shushed me up, asking me to concentrate on my work brought from home/assignment/lesson plans/etc. It really IS annoying. Reminds me of the voice of Iracebeth (Red Queen) in Alice in Wonderland, shouting,"Off with the blog! Do your assignment!" And since the hubby is watching the Arsenal game on TV now, I might as well be updating this pretty dusty blog-o-us. Let me recall the events that have happened lately.

Firstly, my school is coming to an end and I will graduate with a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching soon. 2 more essays to go and 1 deadly practicum coming up this month. I will still be bonded with my company since I did not come out a cent for my Diploma. But I am assured that time will fly super fast. It's no wonder why my work-brought-home is neverending. I have to plan, execute, care, love, teach, service, manage a gazillion things all at once. And I know I can never multi-task. Leave it be for now.

Secondly, my makeover pictures from Spacefifty is ready! Zahila has added an entry on her blog about doing my makeover. I enjoyed the "Colours Theme" makeover session and would love to do it again anytime! I Love Experimentation!! It all started when I got curious on Facebook. I know Zahila as my aquaintance but we didn't really talk coz I was the timid, shy and quiet one in school. I think I still am. But I hope to change. We exchanged e-mails about the shoot and Spacefifty was really specific about what to wear. I do admit that I was so excited that I went shopping. The day of the shoot came and I was as nervous. But all went smoothly. The best part was that I found out we are neighbours! She lives just across the garden from my block, 1 minute away! I even dared to walk home in my outfit and makeup. Only the Apek Garden can see mah, haha! Overall, I find the quality of the pictures to be really good! Have a look! Do make a booking with Spacefifty and sign up with them! Photographed by Shah Reza. Makeup & hair by Zahila. Accessories by Spacefifty.

Next, well, as you can see, I entered the contest for Nuffnang's Alice In Wonderland. Alas, I DID NOT win. Most probably they didn't think Twiddledee and Twiddledum were the main characters. But fuck it. Better luck next time. As a twist in fate, I got a call that night from MTV Asia, telling me I had won a pair of tickets to catch "Alice In Wonderland", specially hosted by hansome VJ Utt! Hah! And So since Hubby was in reservist, I tried to scout for somebody I could go with. I met up with Zahila on that day and yup, we love the movie. It was worth it. I wanted to do my "Top Ten Facts" on this movie, but my brain has stopped functioning at 230am now. So maybe next time ok. I am still anticipating the results for the 'Cathay' Nuffnang contest. I LOVE contests.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 9 years anniversary of being together this month. We took a week of leave in May but have no idea where to go. It is scary to go overseas what with the natural disasters happening all around us due to the greenhouse effect. Mother Nature is really angered. Temperatures soaring, parts of the world affected by floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought. Singapore is one helluva lucky country but we must not be complacent. Seriously, I am scared. Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, out. We are left with no more Honeymoon destination choice. =( I can only have Hubby in my arms. I will be updating again soon. Sleep beckons. Eyebags and dark rings are here to stay this month.