Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jack Neo's "apology" video V.S. Tiger Woods' "apology" video.

SheZai's Top Ten Facts about these 2 who are after all human.

1) Both men are sex-crazed. They should go to Sexaholics Anonymous therapy or something. Well, no longer anonymous, I guess. Lol! =P
2) Handphone and SMS are the main cause of evidence. Heh heh heh.
3) Both admit they are the main cause of all the frenzy.

1) At least Tiger Woods apologised.
2) Tiger Woods' papparazzi is not SUPER CRAZY snapping pictures at every second of his speech.
3) Tiger Woods is professional and very rehearsed/prepared (aka talking endlessly about his life goals, his religion, his sport, *yawn*) in his speech compared to Neo.
4) Tiger Woods speech is a whopping 15 mins while Neo's speech is a mere 3 mins.
5) Tiger Woods did not involve his wife in the media unlike Neo. 
6) Tiger Woods is VERY ANGRY with the papparazzi for ruining his family's private life unlike Neo's video where he seems to be very bo-chap!
7) Tiger Woods made a very quick and solemn exit while Neo had all the Drama Momma what with the wife fainting and that "loan shark" -looking guy shouting "Chou Kaiiiiii!!!!!!!" to the Papparazzi. I dunno why, but i laughed at the end of Neo's video. Sorry. 

Jack Neo's Press Conference

Tiger Woods' Press Conference


woaini_87 said...

all rich guys are itchy for sex with other womens.. wonder why...

Supia Chao said...

I feel so warm for Tiger Woods apology. I accept his apology as he did it manly.

And for Jack Neo I dun understand why must him drag his wife into the spot light? Jack Neo apology is so not apology and his crying in the middle look so fake. He is an actor, dun forget that.

I respect both but look at the apology. I feel like Jack Neo didn't really feel sorry for his act just simply say something. While Tiger Woods talk really good and look like he really did regret it.

kenwooi said...

scandals here scandals there and everywhere =P

Kristin said...

Yea I have seen this before. At least Tiger is more sincere in his apologies. JAck's is more like a cowardly act.

Sheikha said...

woaini: They know they have the $$ and because the bitchy women go after their money sometimes.... easy target.

Supia: Exactly.. Maybe he just want to face the papparazzi and get it over and done with.

Ken:Instead of 'Love', its Scandals are all around..... lol

kristin: right!