Sunday, February 29, 2004


Made up my mind..Bought the latest discman from Sony.Cost me 279$ but who cares I jus wanna try other device other than Minidisc & Mp3 player.Hope this will last long~ .. By the way ..notice anythin bout this site? more tagboard..thanks to more & more irritating anonymous taggers. This not only happen to the tagboard here but also to some of my friends too.So the tagboard here will either not be there for a while or forever..

Yesterday was 'Honey' event held @ Cathay Cineleasure... Only manage to catch 2-3 acts..but it was ok though..met Najib,Sham & some of my old friends there.. missed out on Groove Theory due to last minute work,Hope it went well Shakirah.. ';D

Saturday, February 28, 2004


I'm definitely not gonna buy MiniDisc anymore..alwasys screwed up..but then..Ipod has been in my mind..but also then I had a cdwriter it'll be either Ipod or Discman. Hmmm....

Friday, February 27, 2004


3 Popcornnnnnnnnnnnnnn to 'Honey'. Definitely a hot favorite for those dance fanatics..I've just got a feelin tht Jessica Alba is kinda nxt JLo..they looked a bit similar..they both dance well..but JLo can't act whereas Jessica Alba can but can't sing..oh well both name starts off with J. My tune of the week will be Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman.

Thursday, February 26, 2004


I had a great time also marks our 35th month together...nxt mth will be our 3yr!cant wait for tht!..anyways i met gf at 1230 yesterday at the usual place...after dat we went to cineleasure to catch some shows(thot of doing a movie marathon but 'Honey' is for private screening) but instead we opt of 'Love Actually' rated so highly by Gf..we tried to fina another show but most of them doesnt interest 'Love Actually' it was for us at 1620..lunch was nxt..I was feeling lasagne..but Swensens was on our mind too....furthermore its been a long time Gf digged into that..So we went to the one beside Singtel Hello..while we were waiting for the people to show us the seat..skali its my old neighbourhood fren la..he's the manager there ey..Food was great ...we ate alot...& lots of ice creams....yummy!!minus thing in tht shop was that they played the same westlife song over & over again until i told em..hahah..ok we thot of pool nxt but then...our tummy was so in our way..basically we're jus too full to do anythin...& i went to shit like 3times b4 the show(including 1 time jus b4 the show start jus to play safe)hehe maybe i am too the show was next..I'd give a rating of 5popcornnnnnnnnn!very good!I really love the show!!its very romantic,very touching I'd highly recomend this to anyone who's about to be together,first date...etc etc...zul..go for this show *winks* haha..I'd love to catch the show sometime soon...but anyways yest also we bumped into 2 people..first was the famous Indian lawyer who always handles rape/molest case & 70% won...& soon after that at paragon was Kumar..we then walked ard..I duno y..but then i bought SIMS haha..ok i jus wanna try out somethin new beside CM..Installed it yest but yet to really had my hands on it..

oh well...i jus wanna point out 2 important things i shud say now..

- Pinholes are looking for a bassist. There's a banner under our tagboard here for more info. If you have any friends etc whom are intersted by all means
call Mojo @ 94594580.

- Groove Theory plays this saturday at PLanet Paradigm. Lots of great artistes. tickets will be on sale on the day-$15.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I will be back blogging soon...

Ok, my Mock Exam is starting next week through the end of next friday, and Real Exams in June and i think i'm really getting down to studying. My Progress is not that satisfactory. :( Therefore, blog, i have to say "laters~!" to you. The next few months will also see me keeping me away from The Internet, The TV, The Bed(afternoons), The Fridge, The Junks, The Games. Resist! EeeeeeeeeevvvvilL~! Aaarrgh~! I'm turning Wacko! haha! Ok ok, maybe once a week will do. So seeee you around, Blog. I will be back.Soon.Ok gotta burn the midnight oil now. tata~! In the meanwhile, here's 100 Ways to Love your Mate. By Connie Saindon, MA. Reality Check. We R Hittin the 70+-% mark (except for those ones related to after marriage, of course!). One Werd... Communication: is the Key. I love you, BF! *hugs*

1. Hug them.
2. Write a love note.
3. Call them at work just to say "Hi."
4. Give them a foot massage.
5. Tell them a joke.
6. Caress them with slow gentle strokes.
7. Go for a walk with them.
8. Send them a "happy gram."
9. Admit your mistakes.
10. Say: "I love you."
11. Indulge a whim.
12. Listen to them talk about an interest of theirs.
13. Be trustworthy.
14. Instead of complaining, tell them what you would prefer.
15. Look at them when you're in a discussion.
16. Send flowers.
17. Compliment something they did.
18. Offer to help.
19. Ask them to show you how to do something.
20. Call when you are going to be late.
21. Take them out to dinner.
22. Write them a poem about how special they are.
23. Cut out a cartoon they'll enjoy.
24. Ask them what they'd like sexually.
25. Go shopping together.
26. Take an afternoon drive.
27. Cuddle.
28. Put your arm around them in front of others.
29. Take them out on a surprise date.
30. Do something they want to do.
31. Listen.
32. Plan a candle light dinner.
33. Look at old photos together.
34. Serve them breakfast in bed.
35. Hold hands.
36. Share sexual fantasies.
37. Do a work project together.
38. Rub their back.
39. Take a shower together.
40. Carry their photo in your wallet.
41. Go away together for a weekend holiday.
42. Kiss them.
43. Smile more when you look at them.
44. Go for a bicycle ride together.
45. Surprise them with "special" attire.
46. Plan a picnic lunch.
47. Read something together about how to have a better relationship.
48. Repeat what they say before answering.
49. Say "Good morning" first.
50. Ask if they have a few minutes first before interrupting.
51. Send them a card.
52. Surprise them with a gift when it's a non-holiday.
53. Cook them a favorite meal.
54. Try a new restaurant.
55. Ask them how they feel.
56. Let them know when you are proud of them.
57. Ask for their opinion.
58. Turn on some romantic music.
59. Dedicate a song to them.
60. Send them a balloon bouquet.
61. Watch a sunset together.
62. Play a game together.
63. Have them teach you something they know.
64. Tell them they have the night off.
65. Go to a movie they select.
66. Ask them for a hug.
67. Wear some new cologne.
68. Take them to Bali.
69. Discuss future plans with them.
70. Ask if you can help when they look sad.
71. Ask them about their dreams.
72. Meet them for lunch.
73. Enlarge a scenic photo of a place you've shared.
74. Give them a gift certificate for their favorite store.
75. Tell them what you like about them.
76. Buy them a new perfume.
77. Take them to a scenic spot.
78. Send them a gourmet gift basket.
79. Send them a joke card.
80. Let them know when you've thought of them during the day.
81. Buy them a toy.
82. Compliment them to their friends.
83. Bring them a thirst quenching drink.
84. Tell them when they look attractive.
85. Send them a post card.
86. Invite them to a secret rendezvous.
87. Give them a massage.
88. Take a lesson with them.
89. Look at photos together of when you met.
90. Plan a vacation with them.
91. Listen openly to their opposing opinion.
92. Buy them a new piece of jewelry.
93. Watch a TV show they like with them
94. Write them a letter.
95. Listen to music with them, such as an old favorite.
96. Whisper sweet nothings in their ear.
97. Tell them what you like that they do.
98. Give a head massage.
99. Invite them to a concert.
100. Let them know you care.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My Side..

First & foremost I'd love to say thank you to gf for remake this blog!i so love it so nice ! haha..i hope 1 day i can learn html apply it someday. By the way, I'd jus finish my BCLS course also known as the cpr course.So i can be a hero anytime now!ahhaha hmm..or shud i say it cud help me in another way in my future resume. ';) yesterday me n gf went out for a movie..'Along Came Polly' I wud rate it 3/5. Great romantic comedy though but maybe to only those loveydoveys~ or lovebirds.. ehhehe true u noe.. anyways i enjoyed it. but gf really begged me to watch 'Love Actually-- the UNcuT version' this shud be alright though provide we booked the tix. Tomorrow me & my friends will be doing some experimental stuffs. I hope it wud turn out great as these wud be our first time doing these together.We nvr met each other b4 except for 1 half of the grp..but i jus hope everything wud turn out great.

*Raudha - this is the way i type.. ';P i dun force pple to read ahahha... i type jus the same as i tok .. 'freedom of speech baby' ahaha
Cheers! oh yea reserve a table for me for yr wedding k? cos i want my table to be served with delifrance food on ya big day!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Surprise! I Dedicate this New BlogSkin to BF. I love you.

Phew~ After quite an hour of HTML meddling, i finally got this up and running. BF is so into Neptunes, NERD and Pharrell Williams nowadays. So, here you go, Hun. Just for You.
Happy Valentines Day!! hahaha! Yea just for the sake of it. We both don't celebrate this occassion. But Hope to spend some time with you soon, Luv. *mwahs* :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

whooaaaaa momma~

Ok, What BF wrote below about the website. Yea man, can't agree more, it's good. Click hehehe! Anyway first time i see BF write so long in his post.. His side.... hahah! BF is on his way to werk now.. nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh. :P ... OooOooOOps! I'm supposed to be studying now! Shhh!

A cute thing happen to my tutee student a few days back. He wrote a composition about going bowling with his family. And he scored a strike in one of the bowlings that he did. And he knows that the past tense of "strike" is "stroke". ok so here goes the his compo......

"I was very excited when i got a stroke!!" ..........*_*.. When instead, it should be...

"I was very excited when i got a strike!!"

Damn, Dan... You make me laugh! I'll teach you about verbs and nouns next lesson ya!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

My Side..

I really had a great time last week..firstly of course the pay day..haha..of which i mentioned earlier that i did some shoppings..then the dinner by the beach watching the sunset at pasta fresca east coast like what GF mentioned too(Al Marinara is the SHIZNIT dude!) then of course followed by Beats Society at Woodlands Library..Great show by Dry Peanutz despite only have 2 of em there..great work guys..& of course Ecstatics with their hard hittting beats & phat juicy lyrics,they daym sure rock the crowd that day..good work too guys!when can Proverbs do wit ya'll!haha & as usual Ahmad(TTC) on that day look very slack but did talked/asked the performers out of nowhere questions where most of the perfomers went blank..ahaha that happened to us to other time...anyways another gro that peform that day was Trilogy.Not bad though but I jus feel somehow that they had to change another intro...its frequently used already but they did ok too on dat is next as there is more n more politics going ard at my work..i can't be bothered.As far as i noe..i jus wanna earn extra living there & get the fcuk outta there whenever i got a good oppurtunity..chalet by R.M.G at dowtown east was next.Plain Boring..paid 15$ for it but i was suprised when they hav dis lil mini lucky draw.haha was quite funny..cos the prize are all cheap ones but hillarious...some of my colleague got a pkt of Maggi Mee..haha for me I got a jar of Biscuits.didn't overnite though due to the lame crowds(in addition to my working story::SCREW YOU SITI AINSAH::) .. okies no one noes dat ..ahahhaa footy with my old frens was nxt. but b4 dat i did meet up wit gf after her tuition class on sunday..did a lil walk ard city hall..had lunch...did a lil shopping from Nike..then walked n walked ard to seaarch for somethin i want!(GF you know)haha but cudn't managed to do so.....SSSSsssiiiiiiIIiiiIGGGggggghhHHH...........oh well..we'll see how...yea as i said earlier..footy was nxt after shopping..met some of my ol frens there...have some kicka rounds...chats here n there...lil gossips...& we chilled nxt at AL-Ameen nxt for some drinks & dinner..I'd a great time there guys.....& yesterday was also fun....starting off with the Grammys.OUTKAST ROCKS!!!!!NEPTUNES PRODUCER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!Oh well..i'm pretty excited!haah the show really hit off well ..but If i'm not wrong there isnt any host isit?I dun see any same pple walking up n down joking ard...hmm...but the rest really pulled off a great sleazy/halfnaked show though(maybe its cos of janet/justin hoo haa @ the superbowl) fav slot for that day wud hav to go to Andre3000 from Outkast. Gila babs la! ...sad thing though..i missed the red carpet(btw did they show it at starchannel?18)hmm...oh well i did hav a great time after the grammys...went to chilled by the orchard parade hotel(Starbucks) with gF. but b4 dat GF did a lil lingerie shopping...den we walked & bumped into famie n this white guy while on our way to Starbucks. havent meet him though for quite some time..& he offered me an offer tht PV might wanna consider..ok no ones noes..haha..& no One will ever noe untill its really done..soon we sat at the starbucks for few hrs talking....gossiping...& releasing the good news to gf for the upcomin years to come......*winks*(lihah if ur reading dis,u noe lah kan..haha btw badawi & soalihah...any links??)hmm...ahaha ok i dun wish to further that..anyways while we were chilling my colleague suddenly called to replace him for work...well..i do wanna help but then...its too late N i dun hav enuff time to change n report work too on time but i did asked him if anyone willing to cover from a certain period...but no one wanna do i said sorry..sorry wan...ok after dat me n gf went to far east for dinner at getting buncit!!hahaha then we slowly walked ard ....then head to borders....which i bumped into lobo...had a long talk with him bout the scene here...joked ard.... & oh yea.. I shud spread this ard too.. go check it out guys ..ya'll missing on a good shiznit all these while...anyways...after that i did bought The Neptunes cd*winks*. sent gf home...Hmm...I'm jus wondering Anak Metro giving out positive msgs to the masses here?it seems so tau...the mrt are full of those pple~...well....i really hav no idea too..but if they really looked up to the show as an inspiration..then suria is in deep shiet....orang melayu kita ni da la banyak addition to dat..hmm..jialats. oh also seems that tatoo is an in thing too yea for guys/gals(malairens) oh shiieett...."Whats wrong with the world Mama"(lines taken from Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love)

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Little Flu-Bug, Please Leave Me Alone!

I've been down with flu since yesterday. Not feeling that well. But i'm still havin fun, nonetheless. I went to meet BF just now for a short while after my tuition lesson with Danial. We walked around and talked a lot.. Did a lot of catching up coz i've not met him for 3 days due to his workshift. After that, he went to catch up with Friends at Tampines for a round of Soccer and Gossips while i headed on home to rest. :)

Oh anyway, a few days ago, me & BF were dining at Pasta Fresca @ East Coast Beach Food Centre when we saw a beautiful sunset cascading across the silhoutte of the city sky-scrapers! And you know how much of a Sucker i am for sunsets, i left my meal at the table and took my PDA wit me to capture the moments and every breath-taking second i had with the sun. hehehe! I got this. Though from afar.

Gorgeous ey? Mother Nature at its best. And i got to share it with BF. By the Beach, on the sand, waves crashing as we dine in peace just metres away from it. Enjoying our dessert of vanilla ice-cream topped with cherries, peaches and cream along with chocolate fudge. Sigh.....

OK i've just deleted a paragraph of post abt Ogre becauz i think it will spark a lot of controversy.

Friday, February 06, 2004

BF write so cutely. hehe.

You know sometimes you can tell who the person is by the way he writes or maybe by the way he SMS you.. and u know it's gonna be that person straightaway.. distinct instinct.

I met Ana for Lunch at SIM today and we had our girl chat. Hehehe~ Thanks for havin lunch wit me Ana. Let's hope there'll be Kway Teow Noodle next time yea! Or maybe i could go over to NP for lunch~ I met Mom and Sis for dinner at Kpg Chai Chee after my school ended. All of us didn't finish our food. It was somehow.... not that appetizing. Anyway, that's all. I hate Ogre. Bye.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

My Side..

I had a great time yesterday...but firstly i must say sorry to gf..haha cos i tempt alot from not goin to skool..aha which actually she did! ahha so we went to town after lunch which hav some objectives in out mind.firstly was taufik's bday pressie then haffiz's one..& lastly a pair of shoe for myself. .. it always feel good to buy a friends pressie but then i jus hate the thought of having to think..ahaha so leceh..maybe its jus the fact tht i'm getting lazier day by day.blame it on the stomach! haha ok anyhows..firstly it was taufik's pressie from X-large. afterwhich i had surveyed some shoes(nike). had 3 choice actually..wanted to get all three.. but then i'm jus afraid that i wun use..haha so i jus settled for a Zoom Air Angus(159$)...then we walked2 trying to think of wat to buy for we walk n walk...i suddenly remembered that my mum dropped a hint on the new lancome perfume.there's 3 sizes of which the smallest(73$)medium(103$)large(138$) i called her up which one she she said its too exp! no need to buy..but then i was also thinkin that my $$ ehehhe.(see i'm very honest tau...wat to do i need to save up for my pc too) ahha ok well then reason me out...its not everytime that i buy for my mum i ggave a thought wisely...& boom! i've decided to get one for her! n YEs i did! bought her the biggest one! hahah.. ok thats bout for haffiz susah want to get him ..first his size.second duno wat he lik..haha cos he's a crazy chap! oh well..i think we spent quite sometime till we made up our mind by getting him 4skins t. well..hope u lik it bro! haha ..afterwhich we head down to holland v to have a 'FRIENDS' kinda chill by the cafe + b'day celebration at starbucks. its kinda lik a private celebration when i thought its lik a kecoh2 one by his frens haha..we had a great time there gossiping etc etc .. & oh has been so sporting too! ahha Gf ur so diff yesterday! aaha*winks*