Thursday, February 26, 2004


I had a great time also marks our 35th month together...nxt mth will be our 3yr!cant wait for tht!..anyways i met gf at 1230 yesterday at the usual place...after dat we went to cineleasure to catch some shows(thot of doing a movie marathon but 'Honey' is for private screening) but instead we opt of 'Love Actually' rated so highly by Gf..we tried to fina another show but most of them doesnt interest 'Love Actually' it was for us at 1620..lunch was nxt..I was feeling lasagne..but Swensens was on our mind too....furthermore its been a long time Gf digged into that..So we went to the one beside Singtel Hello..while we were waiting for the people to show us the seat..skali its my old neighbourhood fren la..he's the manager there ey..Food was great ...we ate alot...& lots of ice creams....yummy!!minus thing in tht shop was that they played the same westlife song over & over again until i told em..hahah..ok we thot of pool nxt but then...our tummy was so in our way..basically we're jus too full to do anythin...& i went to shit like 3times b4 the show(including 1 time jus b4 the show start jus to play safe)hehe maybe i am too the show was next..I'd give a rating of 5popcornnnnnnnnn!very good!I really love the show!!its very romantic,very touching I'd highly recomend this to anyone who's about to be together,first date...etc etc...zul..go for this show *winks* haha..I'd love to catch the show sometime soon...but anyways yest also we bumped into 2 people..first was the famous Indian lawyer who always handles rape/molest case & 70% won...& soon after that at paragon was Kumar..we then walked ard..I duno y..but then i bought SIMS haha..ok i jus wanna try out somethin new beside CM..Installed it yest but yet to really had my hands on it..

oh well...i jus wanna point out 2 important things i shud say now..

- Pinholes are looking for a bassist. There's a banner under our tagboard here for more info. If you have any friends etc whom are intersted by all means
call Mojo @ 94594580.

- Groove Theory plays this saturday at PLanet Paradigm. Lots of great artistes. tickets will be on sale on the day-$15.

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