Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Still Looking For the Last One..

Read 'The New Paper' yesterday & was quickly agreed to the new rules set by the M.O.E which was a strictly 5 days school. The Ministry Of Manpower was the first to land this rule for the civil servants. Haha I think the whole country should stick to this 5 days a week routine. Hmm..this also means that most students can't lie to their parents that they have extra lessons or e.c.a on weekends JUST to go out! haha.

Anyways yesterday was so fun. Spent times with Gf around City Hall, did some home shopping, browse around some of the empty stores & sat down to have some good talk. I think Monday is a the best day to shop. Almost all the shop there were empty & before 2130, most shops pulled down their shutter.

Was at work last few days & happen that I'm serving this guy & his 2 kids(they're Greek)

Dad: Hey bro, do you have any Greece Jersey?
Me: I'm Sorry Sir but Greece are sponsored by Addidas.
(the kids were browsing the shops during our conversation)
Me: We do have some national & club kits here though but not Greece.
Dad: They look cool, by the way did you watch the final of the Euro 2004?
Me: Yea I did. Big congrats to your hometown.
Dad: Yea it was a good game but I pity the host.
(The kids return to their dad bringing with them a kit)
Kid: Look Dad, Its the PORTUGESE BASTARD!
Dad: haha..Ok put it back, we might not know if there's any Portugese im this shop.
Me: haha..Okies guys, thank you very much, have a nice day.
Dad: Same to you too.
Kid: Gdbye Portuguese Bastard Kit!
Me: haha

Can you imagine if there's any Portugese around in the shop & they overheard the conversation??

Saturday, August 28, 2004

2 Down...1 More To Look For...

Beautiful, I just want you to know (Oh-hooo!)You're my favorite girl... (Ehh... oh yeah, there's something about you...)

...See I just want youTo know that you are really special...Ohh why, oh why, oh why, oh why...

Hehe..I'm Lovin' It(My new Air Trainer III)..

1 down...2 more to go..

Girl you don't know what you are to me..You are my baby doll...You are my compass star...You drive me up the wall...Girl you don't know what you mean to me....You are my everything....You are my alien...From Queensway....

My New Cortez Premium..Ooh la laa.. ;D

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Alooooha~! Waah BF like EPL reporter. hehehe!

oh how fast time flies. A blink here and there, it's the coming of the weekend. I can't wait to meet BF tomorrow! Jeeeez it's been too long! Feels like ages. Miss him like crazymadness. Ohhh.. he's got something to buy for himself in his mind..and i know what it is. hehehe! Oh well, he deserves it after working so hard. *you poor poor honey you, Hugggzzz*

As for me.. Oh God... ok i now realise that my final year results/classifications are gonna be out come MonDay!!! Should i clock off work? Or should i just wait for SIM to snail-mail me... arghh!! The raging emotions, the thumping heartbeats, the jittery fingers! Sheesh, it's that time of the year again for me. I'm freaking out here. Can i make it? And if i did, will i do well in it? Oh man.

Coleague:"So, have you considered sending in your resume for that perm position we have here in our department?"
Me:"Ermm.... hmmm..... i..... not... sure."
Coleague:"You've seen people coming for interview in the conference room right in front of your desk, don't you?"
Me:"Errr ... yah."
Coleague:"So how?"
Me:"I don't know what exactly it is i want in my job-scope right now."

WHAM BAM! A door of opportunity slams hard right there in my face. Was i stupid for not applying for that position amidst the persuasions from my elder colleagues? Hmmm.... Many thoughts raced in my mind. Yes, i am fickle, i know. I shouldn't be.... especially in this oh-its-so-difficult-to-look-for-a-job world. Arrgh! In the end, it's what I want. Not my parents, not anybody else. I ask myself time and time again what is it that I want. But my mind always always drew up a blank piece of crap with a few scribbles of doodles here and there. It's so difficult to choose one favourite when there are so many of my likings. It doesn't make it any easier that the favourites have to be on two extreme ends! I love to draw, i love sketches, i love designing, i love art! But at the same time, i love Maths and numbers and figures too! Teaching them to kids is my next choice! Then there's a deep part of me that likes travelling. And also not forgetting my interest in IT and computers! So how? BF himself has found his passion in his job in Nike Retail. WoW, he's soooo enjoying his job sooo soooo much ok!! So great for BF! Oh honey.

Back to the previous topic, then again, i was told the company i work in has a damn high turnover rate. "Mostly people come and go. They just take this as a good stepping stone to work towards their future,"one said. "Oh that girl already resigned and she has just worked here for 3 months,"another said. Ouh Well, my mind map draws me to a decision. Continue as a Temp Staff till another door of opportunity comes aknockin'. Like one more wise person said,"Sapa yang nak pergi kasi duit gitu sajer?" (Who else want to give away money like that?") Hahahaha! Somehow, that sounds funny.

My musings stops here.

Monday, August 23, 2004


Watched the first game Arsenal played against Everton. Was pretty impressed by Reyes, Fabregas, Non-flying Dutchman & Henry. The depth are certainly there but what they need is just one more signing. They badly need a back-up centreback. Cygan still haven't settled in yet wheras Senderos is still untested. They missed out on Woodgates who has flown in to join the rich Galaticos. Wouldn't be suprise if Viera joins them in the Jan 1 transfer market. Its better to let an unhappy player goes than letting him to stay but if he really goes than Wenger has to look into the transfer market for a replacement. Fabregas may look an ideal replacement but I doubt so Wenger is going to play him that often. He has to protect the hot prospect of the Gunners just like he did with Reyes, Henry & Toure from the previous season. So lets just see & how the Gunners going to do for the new season & hope for the best yea! .. Oh by the way did I mention that I sat beside John Barnes watching the first Arsenal league game? Hee..shud hav ask for autograph. dang.

Anyways below are some of the players from the epl clubs that the fans want to get rid of!!(courtesy of FourFourTwo Mag) of which some are quite suprising indeed..haha..

Arsenal- Igor Stepanovs
Aston Villa -Lee Hendrie
Birmingham- Stern John
Blackburn - Dwight Yorke
Bolton - Emerson Thome
Charlton - Carlton Cole (Aston Villa now)
Chelsea - Geremi
Crystal Palace - Shaun Derry
Everton - Duncan Ferguson
Fulham - *None at the moment*
Liverpool - El-Hadji-Diouf
Man City - Sylvain Distin
Man Utd - Diego Forlan
Middlesbrough - Michael Ricketts (Leeds now)
Newcastle - Kieron Dyer
Norwich - *None at the moment*
Portsmouth - *None at the moment*
Southampton - Neill McCann
Tottenham - Goran Bunjevcevic & Dean Richards
West Brom - *None at the moment*

Interesting yea? hehe till next time..

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Blog's too lonely. Let's make it happy.

Hey hey to all the people who stumbled upon this humble blog of ours. Thanks. =)

Aaah how clever Blogger is to put that awful blue thang on top there. But! I think the blogging season is gonna deteriorate soon. Just a prediction. In years, maybe the younger generation will take over.. and happily blog away. Since me and BF have insufficient time to update our blog due to..(u guessed it), work, we will still try to keep our diary a'flowin. but of course, there's always phlogger.

SheZai's reachin' 3 Yrs 5 Mths next Wednesday!! Yeay! Got our lucky number 5 in it! I'm so lookin forward to meeting BF coz SheZai didn't get to meet that often nowadays due to fluctuations and clashes in work schedules. But we know that apart from all these hurdles, we're still the SheZai that we are. We still call each other askin,"Have you taken your lunch Honey?" or saying,"Good luck in your sales today ok Hon!" or "Take Care, Don't stress up ok Dear." smses during our only 1 break-time during the whole day (that's OnLy When our break time clashes). I miss BF soooooooo badly. I think Trust & Understanding is the Key now more so than ever. I went to BF's house after work to help his Mom and family with kenduri, but BF wasn't there coz he gots to work. I feel like a part of his family, esp when his ever sooooo cute & gentle GrandMa tease me and calling me "Picha, Picha!" Hehe! She is sooo sweet.

I can't wait to hear Prime Minister Lee's National Day Rally Speech. "Let the young generation step forward to voice out and shape their future...." Yea... sure.... right.... I envisage Havoc.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Soccer Anyone?

iWebMusic creates lots of dangerous pop-ups. Never click 'Yes' to pop-ups. Music is with-held for now. Enjoy the Soccer game!! And enter your hi-score! Go beat mine!

The first week on the job at SIA Engineering Finance Dept. has been tough and tiring for a first-timer like me. Cheques, money, invoices, bla bla bla. Wow. So.... THIS is working life, ey.... whoochaka! Sensing some Overtime soon. P/S:Thanks BF Honey for your loving support! I'm doing my best to gain experience in this job and see if office work is really NOT for me. Hahaha! I love You BF Honey. *hugs*

Friday, August 13, 2004


I've been telling myself that I'm going to blog yesterday, the day before, the day before before etc but then I think I've been far too lazy,haha. Anyways lots of things have yet to be update. I really can't recall any to blog for now but there's one I'd really love to say was that Gf found a job! Congrats once again Gf! Anyway life has been quite hectic for both of us since we're working. I've had my share of stress & so does Gf. As for me, these few days has been quite busy for the team cause' the Directors of Nike from South East Asia & US are paying a visit here to do some marketting stuffs. There'll be lotsa new & old stuffs back to be relaunched here again(can't confirm when but prolly for the new season) such as AirMax 95s & 90sfor the sneaker fanatics, the Presto for all the Presto lovers, Tiempo Series for all the Soccer fans & many more!! As for me, I'm going to get the Zoom Miller & Air Zoom Drive wheras I got GF a set of the Olympic Classic apparel series both at a shocking price! haha. By the way, Shezai going to meet up with Azila & Baem tomorrow noon for some stuffs. After that we're going to spend sometime together yeaaaahoooo!!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

It's a holiday.

Dear Diary,
I've just read the 3rd and last Dave Pelzer Book, 'A man named Dave'. Some of the chapters are so emotional that tears flow from my eyes. Here's a little excerpt...
"In life, you're gonna make mistakes, you're gonna fall down, but it's getting up that counts. Don't ever quit. Find your focus. There are so many people who cave in at the first signs of trouble. They quit school, they act like they know it all, and develop a habit of quitting on everything. If you quit, everything that you fought for, --your grades, your self-respect/worth, your happiness, -- would have been in vain. The thing is at the end of the day , you still have to face yourself.... The choice is yours.." pg 395, Dave Pelzer, Orion publishing.

So i'm like.. thinking, there are so many things u can achieve if u try and try again.... yea... though it ain't that easy.

National Day telecast on TV is boring me out. It's like the repetition of what they had planned last year and the year b4 that. The commandos, the soldiers hanging here hanging there, the vehicles, and especially the martial arts thingy. That's soo similar. But kudos to those who have been involved and put an effort in it. Pat yourself on the back, i know how it feels. *winks to TK Band members.* Few more minutes to SG Idol !! Lookin forward to that!

First day at Work starts tomorro. But BF is on Off tomoro. Damn. Clash of the days. Can i get a day off too on my first day? Haha, you bet not. Don't count on it. So i'll just have to resort to meetin him after work. Till then. I miss my BF. Sheikha...... signing off.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

She reporting for duty, Zai reporting for lights-out.

Dear Diary,
Today was fun. Met BF in the afternoon after his boss treat him and his koleegz pizza n swensens for their job well done. We thought of watchin' a movie but none seemed interesting. So we walked around, eat ice-cream, eat pasta, eat eat eat although we are full. Hahah! Itulah kerja SheZai. We Love nice Food!

In the morning, i had a tuition lesson with my student. Taught him masculine and feminine. e.g. duke/duchess, lion/lioness, tiger/tigress. So when i asked him if "butler" has a feminine, he said,"Haaaave.... Buttless!" Hahhaha! Kids nowadays... soooo creative. So fun to teach. *Sharmira must've laughed when she reads this.*

Up to date, I've sent out about 30 resumes. Waiting for a reply makes my heart beat so fast. Insya'Allah, I'll find a job-match soon. Work the works, baybee. *Prays hard*

Guys & Gals, watch out for a new fusion coming your way @ Bali Lane.

P/S: New SheZai flash cartoon coming up again soon! hahahha! Like real.

Monday, August 02, 2004

SheZai Cartoon!

Heee heee.. My first try-out on Macromedia Flash MX pro '04. I downloaded the 30-day trial version to godeh-godeh with, and i searched for an online tutorial for flash. Wow. Quite Difficult for me, man! So many functions!! My first try is so very Very Basic and very very Simple.. Will try to get more ideas soon b4 it expires. Hope ya'll can see it. =) Click Above k. Hehe!
Oh yea! The song is back!! yeay!