Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy 4 Years Anniversary!

Remember the time you said to me,
Just how lucky a man you'd be,
when you asked me to be your lady,
And I told you not to worry.

Deep in my heart, i was silent,
As i realised i had fallen,
So deep in love, there is no turn.
And from then on, our past we burn.

1 year passed by, We were SheZai,
Going out with you, I'm still so shy,
You held my hand, I let out a sigh,
My thoughts felt giddy, i wonder why.

2 years then passed, why me? i asked,
You gazed my eyes, answering for us,
Love needs no answers for it to last,
Just being with you dear has been a blast.

3 years come and go, Look how we glow,
Our hardships we burrow, we will not show,
From a seed we sow, To a tree we grow,
To survive the low, Our boat we'll row.

4 years marked this day, we have come a long way,
Our teamwork is strong, in both work and play,
"Forgive & Forget", Our rule we never betray,
Till the end of day, Together we'll stay.

A bright future awaits, for us to create,
To be each other's soul mate Lies in our fate,
From the very first date, Our love is great,
With you i can always relate, You i can never hate.

I love you with all my heart, right from the start.
Happy 4 years anniversary, Mohamed Zaini.

From Your Hun,
Disclaimer: Specially written by Sheikha To Zaini. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Baby Sotong, anyone?

I was having my lunch of a plate of Nasi Lemak this afternoon... And among the school of ikan bilis (anchovies) I found a teenie-weenie baby sotong. It looks so pitiful, i totally lost my appetite. And took its photo instead...this is where my HP came in handy. I wonder how this miniscule sotong got there with the plenty of small anchovies. Maybe it had just spurted out of its egg? Maybe it was too weak to swim to its Momma? eh, Merepek.....I'm sure your first reaction to the photo will be..."EEEEEEEeeeeekkkkk!!! APA ITU??!??" hahahahah! I'm going totally whacko because i'm in a totally bizzare and restless and brilliant mood today!

Anyway, we'd like to thank those who dropped by like Kins/Moch, Mar, Ana, Diana, Effa/Fiz, Home, Serine, Rawini, Yati, Ernie and the rest who had been so kind to sign the g'book. Thanks. Greatly Appreciated!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Great day out wit Hun

I had such a great time with Hun today. We had not met for 4 days and basically we only meet 1 time a week when both of us are busy. Therefore it is the most important to us that we make the best of our time together.. Trying our best to keep up with each others' lives' happenings. Our schedules are soo hectic, it is so difficult to meet up. Finally we did. Being such a darling , he fetched me from Raffles Place and we head on to Orchard. I missed him so much and it is just so breath-taking to finally meet him again! We walked around and had a lovely dinner. He was constantly by my side, taking care of me although he is tired, being from work since 3 am. We walked and walked and we talked of all the romantic things in the world. We never run out of things to talk about. Or places to go. We always make decisions and will sit down on a bridge beside the river or even have a picnic at Botanic Gardens. When I feel down, he will always perk me up by hugging me or buying me chocolates or flowers and will never blame me for crying. He always knows the best places to go when I run out of ideas. He will always ask me if there is anything i need to buy and always puts my needs before his (... although he likes to buy shoes and i will always nag at him... ), he will bring me window shopping and recommend me the nicest clothes. Without him, i don't think i can carry myself that well. He will also send me home when it is past midnight, afraid if robbers or rapists are around... it IS not THAT safe in Singapore, right. Sometimes, he will give me a cab fare just so that i can get home quickly and be safe in my own home. Money is never a problem to him... my safety is.. I still remember the time he had only an hour to meet during his NS. He took a cab down from Yishun all the way to Tampines to meet me for that 40 minutes, just to hug me, talk a while and say i love you and then take a cab back all the way to Clementi....... So u see, i can never live without him in my life. He is a dearest man to me. I had a great time with him today. And i love him a lot.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Life has been kinda busy & fast lately. New responsibilty, new updates & whole lots of catching up to do nowadays. Hopefully I'll adapt to this new life & line & hopefully I know I can do it. Anyways its been a long time since I went over to EKIN. Well, todays visit was an interesting one indeed. It was the footwear & equipment sell-ins. Basically its a whole new experience to me. The presentation was great but the purchasing & balancing out the budget could be a great headache. They also mentioned about the price comparison between the concept store & Queensway, Mustaffa Centre kind of outlets. Its because of the difference in price that our local consumer has come in to the concept stores & ask for %. So the only way to rectify these problem, they will soon implement the control price system for all the buyers for all of the local outlets so that the price can't be compared anymore. How interesting that will be yea? haha.

As for the sell-in I went just now, it was fun as I mentioned earlier on. Got to see the new shoes & equipment that will be in most concept stores 6 mths later.Lebron James campaign will be back,The Total 90 series too along with the Brazil 2006 World Cup Campaign which Nike aimed to be the number 1 brand by then.(soccer fans will love this campaign alot especially if they have been playing the Fifa Street game on Xbox & PS2) & also not forgetting the womens fitness campaign which has alot of bright pink colors in it. By the way do also check out for the new total 90 boots that will worn by Roberto Carlos & the rest & also the new Mecurial Vapor3 worn by Ronaldo. Simply WOW.

By the way, tomorrow will be meeting hun. Will treasure some nice time together after few days of not meeting up due to our hectic schedules. Can't wait for that!! Another thing I'm looking forward will be on Saturday which is a mobilisation day which I hope it will not activate! haha If it will then it will be troublesome as I'm working on that day & after activation I have to go back to the shop still to do the closing. *cross fingers*

Anyway I need a whole change for my room. Its getting messy. Hmm...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mars vs Venus

My Boyfriend is a Judas! *Shocks!!* :0 ouh well.

The king and queen is out of town. Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily ...Life is like a dream. Hehe!

Caught a late movie "Hitch" last night with BF. Nice, romantic and Eva Mendes is drop-dead gorgeous.. even with her buck teeth. Hehe! Love her clothes! Will Smith exudes charm! It's such a feel-good movie and all BFs can learn a thing or two about how to treat a girl on a date.. ehhe! So-called *tried True & Tested* Taken from Hitch's official website. These pointers are what girls call.... a little bit of Heaven.... Right girls?

Top 10 dating practices for guys.

10:Tease her - means "i like you"
9: Wear cologne : less is more: It's better if she has to lean in to smell it.
8:Leave your hat at home
7:Open doors, She'll say thanks.
6:Pay for dinner, lunch or coffee. She has shoes and accessories to buy.
5:Shave, stubble hurts.
4:Be Cocky, throw in a little self-depreciating humor once in a while.
3:Crack a joke during sad movies. Women cry, and you remind them it's just a movie.
2:Your eyebrow should be bushier than hers.
1:Write Love Letters: Use a pen and dictionary.


I can feel some guys thinking about making a list for girls about how to treat a GUY on a date... heheh! I wonder how funny that will turn out. like.... e.g. Look pretty but wear no make-up as they will stain his shirt. or. follow his decisions once in a while... or. pay for your own meals, damn it! hahaha!! Wanna take up this challenge? Hit back!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Judas For 2nd Pick Up Of The Month Of March! haha

Image hosted by
Superstar 35th Anniversary I Love Tokyo

Oops an another another one.. heh

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Counting Down......

BF - Thanks Honey for Bloggin'. And what did i say about buying Shoes!?!?!?! Hahahhaha! You really really can't stop, can you?!?! But it's ok. I won't stop you since that is your passion and hobby. Who likes being stopped for doing something they love, right? Nobody does. Let's be rational. I know you're still a responsible man who thinks for the future too. I know. :-) Oh, and damn i'm so proud of you (again) for that brown envelope.......... you know that.

Going out wit the Pinholes was a blast yesterday~! Me & BF had a wonderful time with them at Samar Cafe. We were the loudest table no doubt. ahahaha! It was a triple "celebration" for them all rolled into one Swensen's ice-cream cake. Splendid.

Is it fate shining our way for being able to celebrate our 4 years anny together this month ?
*Plans ahead . .. . . . ..... .... .. .. . .. ... . .. . . *