Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy 83rd Hon!

I had a blast weekend again the past weekend! Weekends are the most looked forward to nowadays as work has been on the pile-up non-stop. So much work! So little time! You see, one of my managers was diagnosed with cancer a few months after he joined the company. Two of my colleagues caught dengue, my colleague's girlfriend had food poisoning and had to be warded and on drip, my another colleague's aunt AND grandma passed away in a week. Now, is that bad air or what. I tell you, the karma/feng shui circulating in my department is so bad. The people there are such workaholics, and I just disagree to be one too. I think my head will just burst. Thus, I need my weekend break to be splendid and enjoyable. It makes so much more sense that Hon is also on 3 days off!! During a weekend! Is that great or what!

Ok, First of all, there was my company's dinner and dance on Friday. Remember i said tie-non-optional? Hahahahaha! Hon has NEVER worn a TIE in his whole LIFE. And on that Friday night, he wore a tie!! Haha!! Thanks Hon. The dinner and non-dance was really boring. In my opinion, it's catered more towards the elderly, with Bingo and wine.. Even the food was a turn-off. Oh well, here's some pix. (Almost all of my colleagues are chinez).

And so, after the boring evening, me and hon went to catch a midnight movie (still donned in our chic & smart clothes..Hah!)..."The Leap Years", acted by Lilin. Well, i give it a 3.5/5. It's pretty good for a local movie. Very romantic.
We also caught Meet The Spartans (at the comfort of our humble abode). Very CRAP. Don't watch it. Really not worth the money. 1/5.
So that was Friday. On Saturday was the usual run at East Coast. Hon can jog !! albeit slowly, it's ok, but he still have the stamina!! Yeay! When we came home from towning in the afternoon, we played a game of Monopoly till 1am. Well, Hon won the game, (because of my stupid move not to get out of jail in the first round!!!) He's so proud that he won... i demand a re-match!
On Sunday, we went trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve! It was really fun and we enjoyed every sweat, energy and talks out of it. Next week, we're raiding the MacRitchies! We need all these activities in our lives to get away from the wake-up-eat-work-sleep-TV-PC-sleep-eat-eat routine. Although the hill is only 163.63M in height, it was a great workout. The forest trail is the best as we get to manouvre through the lush untouched greenery, rugged in all its glory. Not too much of a challenge. We're hungry for more.

KakMai's cap has reflective material. Hee!

And so, that marks the end of our weekend. Looking forward to the next. Hon & me took leave on this Friday. For me, it's just to have a long weekend. Just to sleep in with Hon on a Friday, while the cruel working world revolves around us out there. Just to enjoy the Friday together, just the 2 of us, out romancing this Friday. Friday awaits. Another great weekend awaits.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


On 23rd November 2005, I blogged this :-

Why the Number 25, SheZai?

The title speaks for itself. 2, 5, 25.

1. We were together ever since 25/03/2001, at 5.25am.
2. BF's birthday is on 25/11.
3. The number 25 brings us luck, ever since.
4. Our soon to be engagement date will be on 25th, at 5-2=3 pm.
5. 0.25 cc ring.
6. Our soon to be wedding date will also be on 25th. (02+05=07. on a surprise date.)
7. The year of 2005 is the year where Dad opens up to BF.
8. She + Zai = 5he + 2ai.
9. We are 2 years apart.
10. Our birthdays are 5 months apart.

Are all these coincidences?
I believe in fate."
Thinking back, it's so mind-boggling how it came to be. I'm still thinking about it now, coz after all that 6+ years we were together, I still thank God for bringing Zaini into my life, the first time he met me at Borders. My dad's cab queueing/terserempak incident is how i got to realise that fate exist.

On a happier note, we now gots 2 anniversaries in a year to celebrate!
Our wedding anniversary (which-includes-Hon's-birthday-which-i-have-to-give-him-2-ocassion-presents-which-i-think-he's-happy-with), on the 25/11.
AND our First-Time-We-Became-Boyfren-Girlfren Anniversary, which is on 25/03. Hahaha!
Next month is our 2+5= 7 years together! Hooray!
hmmmmm.... *plans plans plans* - Only this time.... we are legally married. Heh heh heh.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love Love Weekends

Me and Hon had a BBQ at my company's VP house (more like garden) on Friday night, complete with Luo Hei and all. The BBQ otah2, chicken, salmon, squid etc were the most delicious I have ever tasted in my whole life, and i am not exagerating. Hmm... Gives me an idea to hold a BBQ function for close ones soon.. only that.... need to find an occassion to celebrate first.. hehehe.

After the nice function, we met up with cousins to explore the Airport @ Terminal 3. It was such a funny evening. We are like so 'Jakun"... wah this, wah that, ooooh this, oooooh that, wow everything. Indeed it was wow. The design, the architecture = top class! We sat down at Popeye's till midnight with a "Get to know my Boss" session and headed home. Early Friday night coz we gottabe gearing up for our Saturday's weekly morning exercise routine at ECP. I say, I say, my stamina's improved and it's been a month of weekly exercise now. =) Next week's adventure will be at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.. Going trekking! I Like!!!
The wonder that is Terminal 3
Pretty Much Awed

Love this angle, ok, we're gonna fly'on outta here...
Dreams of travelling

And so I had my jog with my Mom, Fahmy & Mai. An achievement indeed! Healthy = sexy. Right? Breakfast salad at Mac enriches my soul for a deco-high Saturday!

Those enriched salad nutrients went into my braincells and suddenly i got into a deco-high. yet again! And so it's time for the revamp of The BedRoom! (again). Together with Bride & Groom pillowcases..... This month's theme - Mr & Mrs Smith ! Coincidentally, Mr Smith is on Hon's side of the bed, and Mrs Smith is on mine. ;P

Just so love to come home to our room everyday after work... Oh Oh, Hon's on the way home from work now! Gonna make Yong Tau Foo Soup for him, he's having the sniffles! Need some good broth/soup to drain those mucus membranes away... Easy and fast to cook.

The End Product for Hubby

Next movie update on leap year - The movie played by Wong Li Lin and that hunk of a guy who looks like Orlando Bloom .. *winks* Tomorrow's gonna be shopping day again! This time for Hon's smart dinner & dance clothes... Hmm... *Imagine*

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stay tuned for the next room revamp theme, readers.

Yesterday, Hon and me went on a shopping spree.. no, not for clothes, not for shoes, not for underwear, nor for groceries..... We went on a spree for movie posters!!! Just like the huge ones used on the billboards. PopcornPop will be our most visited shop monthly. We have even signed up to be a member as we have spent the minimum amount required. =) We just looove them. Adding on to our collection of movie posters are = Kill Bill, Star Wars, Mr and Mrs Smith, Sweeney Todd.

The Sweeney Todd collector's edition poster used to cost $25, but has appreciated to about $60 at the time of our purchase. Great investment! It's so arty, we love it!! Can't wait for our off days together to revamp our room again. What's more, Hon also just bought a Transformers Queen sized bed quilt cover and pillow cases!! Hahaha! Talking about addicted!!

Tomorrow's Friday night again.. and the plan for the evening is a barbecue at my department's Vice President's backyard. Hon's invited too! Maybe later in the evening, we'll go dating again if time permits. I really miss Hon. Our work schedules always do not coincide. So ONE free day in a week is hard to come by.

Next Friday is my company's dinner and dance. NOL's 40th anniversary. And all spouses are invited to the dinner and dance. So Hon's gonna be donned in chic and smart, tie-non-optional event! Can't wait for that! Hahaha!

Wonder what our next movie will be.....

I love you, Honey.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rochester's VillaBali and Dempsey's Ben&Jerry's Saturday Night Out

Last night was absolute fun and fulfilling. Waited for Hon to end work, cousins fetched him from town and off we go to Dinner @ VillaBali, Rochester Park. Had a nice chat and was entertained by Balinese Dancers right at our table.

SheZai : A lovely evening with good company.

Fahmy & Maisuri
Hon & Firuz

My Cousin Firuz (Pssst, he's single & available)

Here comes the food. We had a seafood platter with rice and PadThai and Mango Salad. Authentic Dishes, better than some Thai eateries as quoted.

After our hearty meal, Kak Mai suggested to chill at Dempsey Road. It was fun and laughter all the way as we sat at Ben & Jerry's from 9-ish till close-midnight. The super delicious ice-cream and ambience just makes the night magnificently magical.

Mr Ben on his Kingsized chair.