Sunday, November 30, 2003

helluva late night.

I turned in at 330a.m. yesterday. The jalan raya never stops. Here there and everywhere. Woodlands to pasir ris to sengkang and what not. Ukh. "Exciting" as it can be, I really miss BF during these times. Have not met him for quite some time. Only the day b4 yesterday where we went to his best friend, Yan's house. (And coincidentally, his parents might know my parents.... *Horror*Horror* of living within the same estate. hehe). Today, family going out jalan raya again. Mom's side. Dad has like 13 or 14 brothers and sisters... who has children who are already married and livin on their own... so it means that there are more houses to go to. It's all in the spirit of Hari Raya. Truthfully speaking, i'm gettin bored..... I think we won't be able to even finish up every house.... But the delight came when i stuffed myself up with food! Yummy Food! Mom cooked Bamiah yesterday. Noice....Gonna have her cook that for my friends next week when they come visit. hehe!

BF has just returned from a 12 hour night shift at werk. He's soundly asleep now..... If only i'm there to watch him sleep. I would understand what's going on in his mind, spewing all those mindful and caring thoughts. But.. I'm gonna meet him later! Going to his colleague's open house together. (",) The sad part is that i gotta meet and join my Family in the evening..... yes... again. Right now, i really cherish the few hours i spent with him, in our pairs of matching baju kurungs. Sigh.....
I Love you Honey!

Friday, November 28, 2003

My Side..

Today is the first time I went out for raya celebration with Gf,it was quite late though with me ending work around 4 & Gf by 430. To make the day worse,it rained pretty heavy. Anyways we intend to go to my Jin Tai Friend's house but then,he's sick(flu season mode:ON), so we skipped that & proceed to my best pal from I.T.E Suffian Hadi(he appears before alongside Nadirah in previous Liquide Fashion Segment). It was great to meet him formally after all these years. It seems that everyone is also putting on weight at the same time(not me ..hee). We could have go to other friends house after that but then Gf's mummy called & asked her to go to fellow couzzie's house. So we went separate ways & here I am home early to blog!hehe..okies..till then..I'm hungry.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

My Side..

Arsenal thrashing of Inter Milan is simple superb! Although its a bit early to say whether they'll definitely qualify, I'm a bit satisfied with the current form they're in. Most people might say that they're lucky Gunners or so..but then I still think that they have been doing well so far this season. Keep in mind that the team hasn't had much $$ to spend for big name transfer & furthermore they have a small squad compared to the likes of others. The depth of the squad is definitely not there but then Arsene Wenger has been rotating the players position as well as to familiarise themselves in case they're hit by injuries/suspensions. To me, Kolo Toure has been the most improving players so far. He can play anywhere in the team, I remembered when he made his debut, he was eventually a striker,followed by wingers(right/left) then to fullbacks & now to centreback. He really got the pace. He's my Gunners hero for now! ahah

okies..enuff of footy..yesterday work was far the easiest I faced so far on weekdays. Where's the damn Lorries!!haaha its ok. Believe it or not..I'm working 12hr shift yesterday but then I only work for only 3hrs. haha Still get the full pay though. Where did I go for the rest of the 8 hrs?? EAt EAt EAT EAT!! ahhaa..yea man..miss eating during the day therefore I stuffed myself with junks! ahaha Oh yea & I had this stupid 'catwalk' to represent my company today. So we also had a mini rehearsal yesterday. I totally sucks at it. My 'partner' for that night was ok la..Cause she's a gal. & they know & so get use to being graceful. I can't! ahah unless I'm soft...ahahah No way man. Anyways I told them, first thing is that, I'm being forced & then I'm not a professional either. SO you guys can't expect much from me!! I'll just do what I can today best...Oh did I tell you guys that I can't fold my 'kain samping' well? ahha daym..I need to learn more ..especially making ketupats..I'm the only one in the family who can't do!!! oH my..hahahaa..okies then..I'm still getting belated b'day wishes...aheh thank you guys!!.......Hope I'll do well today! ahaha ..laters!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

My Side..

Selamat Hari Raya!! heh..I'm so hyperactive today..I am feeling so hysterical..ahaha..Its only 10am now..but the day has started off pretty much well..Went to the Raya prayers early in the morning with My buddies,Juherman & Zul along with Ju's mum & also Abang Usop..Afterwhich Zul asked me to drop by his home on the way to collect some "kuih" from his mum.So we went & when I stepped inside his room..he gave me a HUGE GULA-GULA!!hahaa..its actually my b'day pressie!!haha what a surprise..Too bad I can't stay long there cause I have to make my way to the grave to visit my late Grandpa..So b4 I'm going to do dat,he instructed me to call him after opening up the present..Afterwhich I did,its a black tin all wrapped up!SO he asked me to open up the blacktape..& there's a msg on top of the lid which says,'Happy 23rd Birthday! Nothing Much really from Zul, Taufik & Najib'. Then there's another msg also which says,'What is black,Outside but definitely WHITE INSIDE??'...I'm really clueless by i opened up the lid & first thing I saw was........the label ADDIDAS...Hmm..the tension grew wilder...hahhaa..when I pulled out the whole of the packet...& open up...there it was...A REAL MADRID JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!! OH my! ahhahahaa...Another one of most Fav pressie!!!! hehehehe Gosh...I so loike it alot! Its like the second best thing after GF Altec Lansing! Oh my..I'm so blessed this yr with pressies by all my friends! Thanks alot guys!!! thanks alot GF!...Here is my list of what I got this year..hehehe **ALTEC LANSING SPEAKERS + CREATIVE SOUNDBLASTER SOUNDCARD(GF) ** REAL MADRID LA LIGA HOME REPLICA(ZUL, NAJIB & TAUFIK) ** ARSENAL WALLET + ARSENAL MUG(FILJU) ** HANGTEN COOL T-SHIRTS(SHAKIRAH) ** SPAWN LIMITED EDITION FIGURINGS(IBRAHEEM & AZILA) ** BIRTHDAY CARD+HARI RAYA CARD (SYIDAH'CANDYLIPZ') ..............Thats all folks.. ..I really appreciate what you guys have given me..thanks alot once again..& also thanks for the wishes too...Selamat Hari Raya,Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.. ';) enjoys gengs!!

Monday, November 24, 2003

My Side..

The Fasting month this season is ending very! time really fly fast yea..I finally made it to fast through the whole month after 2yrs of national service.the prep for the festive at my house is so hype..everyone's bz cooking,baking is over,cleaning the whole house..etc etc I just duno wher to start!haha nvm..Baju kurung also I nvr buy this year..too much work till i forgot all about it..most prolly using last yr one or earlier..

anyways..ther's another side of hari raya that i dun lik too......I'd be spending less time with gf..due to hari raya visits she gonna hav wit her family..maybe its cos that i'm only wit my mum n we dun hav anywher to go,dats why i felt in such a way.....weell.....its time for me to endure now..heh..

ok then,till i blog again...Selamat Hari Raya ! maaf zahir dan batin... ';)

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir Batin.

Heyz!! Long time no write. Raya is coming soon! Fasting is ending soon.:( I wanna gain back at least 5Kg. Alhamdulillah i got to fast the whole month of Ramadhan. Second time achievement for me (whole month) hehe! That explains why my PMS mood swings starts now already..... Grrrrrrr~!

BF===>Hey Hon! Thanks for ya mother's Macroon's recipe. It was head-spinningly sweet~crunchy~tasting. :) Miss you a lot indeed, Sweetums. Work Smart this week k.
Thank God BF doesn't need to work on Hari Raya & his B'Day, or I'll sue RMG. (like as if i can) urgh! This week, BF's werk is not that hectic, but wait till next week! Stressimisms-workaholic all the way, man. Albeit, He's lovin it. Take a rest, Boy. Cheers Honey!

It's gonna be a hectic day tomorrow prior to Hari Raya Preparations. Sambal Goreng Needs to be cooked, Curtains need to be hanged, floors need to be mopped, rooms need to be spring-cleaned, Ketupat needs to be anyam`d, Cakes and cookes need to be baked. Thank Heavens for the near-to-completion of these activities. Thank-God too coz at last, finally, eventually, my Sis has cleaned that space in our room behind our door.(where she discreetly wrote a message"jangan Kemas" and pasted it on the wall for all to c b4 this. Thanks a lot u sister.) At last, it was cleared... after .. ermmms. .. <1 Year? I'll doubt it'll stay that way for even a week/month. Start skoolin and its wham jam, back to its *normal* unruly state. hahahahaha.

Last of all, i'd like to congratulate my Tuition student cum cousin whom i've taught for 3 years, Mira, on her PSLE results. 4 A`s! You Go GirL!!!!! I"m damn proud of you. Hope to see you grow up to be a fine young lady who achieves all her goals in life. Would like to give you a treat at Swensen's soon, Mira. You deserve it. You've been a mighty fine student of mine. *hugs*

Last but not least, wishing everyone a selamat Hari Raya. Forgive us for our wrong-doings upon you.

Ampun dan maaf Andainyer,
Terkasar Bahasa, Tersilap Bicara,
Termarah yang tak kena, tertanya tak tentu hala,
Tersasul yang tak sengaja, Terpukul kat mana-mana,
Terpekik di telinga, Terhantuk di kepala,
Terpinjam harta-benda, Termoody tak semena-mena,
Terumpat bila-bila, Termacam-macam lagi lah yang kena-mengena.
Semoga Dimaafkan yer.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Just plain Moody.

I skipped school today. What a terrible terrible thing to do. I just didn't feel like going.. i thought there was a test today.. but it turned out that it's next week.... cost accounting here i come.... So i slept. And slept. And slept. Till my Father and his workers came to my house to finish the ugly paint Job they started. Whudevah! So i decided to go to My Gramma's. And i helped my Aunt bake chocolate Chip cookies for Hari Raya.. a whole batch of it.... (And it's for BadigolZ Mom.. Adha! u owe me one hahaha nah kidding.) For 4 whole hours 4-8pm .. but i didn't feel anything.. coz i was in my PMS And my mood swings are damn terrible. I just felt so shitty and tantrums fly like fireworks. So i just kept quiet and did my job... takes my mind off many things. Its all good.

Then my Mom came "home"... Bad news. She has high fever.. First Raudha, then her mom and granddad, then now my mom... Oh no.... Advise all you people out there to take good care of ya health nowadays.. The Flu Bug is spreading. Better take care or i'll call my personal Nurse BF to take care of u hahahahha! I was supposed to go to JB wit Mom today to take my Baju Raya... But all plans cancelled coz she's ill. :( My Poor Mom.. please get better. Ok i gotta go now.. have to wake up at 4 a.m. to prepare sahur.. Adios~

Sunday, November 16, 2003

My Side..

Work was quite hectic today,maybe its dure to the fact that our Hari Raya is approaching soon & most of us Singaporeans are taking advantage of the Ringgits to shop across the causeway. I finished work at 6+ so I'm prepared to break my fast outside before I had a proper dinner at home but then time was not on my side. I was in the train & my watch shows its 1845 & I'm still at Kranji. So during the journey I sat beside this Haji & his son,very religious as what I presume. So when its time to break fast,he offered me sweet,korma & mineral water. I feel so thankful for him & thanks alot for being a kind hearted soul.

Yesterday was also Kodak memory for me. Sghiphop minus Memek , Ping & Fye Break fast together@REX cum 3ple birthday celebrations. After which we all had cakes at Swensens before everyone makes their own way back..

*Juherman & Fildza-Thanks for The Arsenal gifts,I really need a wallet badly,thank god I never buy!haha & the Mug ala CUP, I think that's a sign that Arsenal might be bringing home some silverware this season!haha

*Ibraheem & Azila-Thanks alot for the toys,you guys know best that I'm so into toys!maybe I should get a cupboard upon getting ERS $ haha,my toys dah BERLAMBAK! but then my mum always ask me,why toys not clothes?I just answer her in a simple way,"Cause you always don't buy me toys when I was a kid" haha

*Shakirah-Thanks alot for the Hang Ten Ts!I really loike it cause you know why??? haha Now I can feeling feeling Benny(City Of Gods)!! hip eh?? haha

& lastly thanks for all who came yesterday & wished me ':) Thanks Gf for being there too,I really love all the presents I get this year!thanks alot Gengs!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

joie de vivre! Above 18s.

I've been reading up on psychology, especially relationship articles. Oooh i love em... I even tore apart my 3 years of Readers Digest subscriptions just to collect the articles that i fancy, such as..." What Women don't understand about guys" or "Secrets About Women Husbands should know" or "To win at a relationship, learn to Lose.", or "Lies Men tell women" and my exceptionally fave,"When Men Go Ape, Women Go Shopping!" I would really love to share these articles but i guess it's gonna sound boring... oh whatever... hahha!! Anyway, one question, Do Guys Read these type of articles?

Ok, what's wrong with the ever-vanishing-blogger. I wanna change the song. It's getting too "sad" and dreary in this blogger's not good for the heart.... Totally the opposite of BF and i. We're just happy. :) BF is working 3-11pm shift today. My poor poor dear. Come home soon! Anyway, BF spent quality time wit me yesterday. We went to Geylang to get FOOD!!!!! What else eyy? And headed to Plaza Sing to break fast after which we had a mini-picnic of our Geylang-bought food under the stars... (Oh yes, there ARE our fave Otaks-otaks.. canot miss out one) hehehe...I'm ever so thankful to him for knowing how to prioritize. Love you, baby.

I went to school today and i gotta tell what happened. Me and my friend (whouldn't wanna say who she is or she's gonna get me for this!) were in the lecture and it was break time. We were discussing about Geylang and the Food and the malay stalls selling kebabs, deng dengs, etc etc. So like, i was telling her, "Don't buy deng deng berempah, it's not that nice, Buy the original deng dengs" and she replied with Gusto with her expression all excited, "Berdengdengs very besar and tebal la..........errrr..... " i couldn't stop laughing! She stumbled on her words.. she wanted to say "but the deng dengs" and ended up saying "berdengdengs".. hhahaha! (a slang which means a specific part of a woman's asset made popular by Rod Montero of the Perfect 10).. Geeee! So R(A).... Menguchap..keekeeekeeee!!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

My Side..

Yesterday was a great day for me! After 8hrs of work,I went home hoping to rest & take a lil nap before breaking my fast but Gf surprised me by saying that she's on her way to my house to give me my 4th birthday present from her! Oh wow! I was all excited about it that I just lie around on my sofa & watch tv waiting for her arrival. She arrived after an hour or so & boy,the pressie was damn heavy(for her,hee). I was also told later not to open the pressie then but only after break fast. So we just chill around the house,see tv then help my aunt with a lil of house chores. After all that,we break fast & I was so eager to open up the pressie! Slowly...slowly while tearing off the wrapper I've guessed it right! It was Altec Lansing 5.1 + a Creative soundcard! OH WOW that was what I've been wanting!! haheh I was all excited man! ahah She then snap pics of me with that happy face! So we then fixed up the lil parts of the pressie & continue it today afternoon cause I went for a movie last nite(matrix rocks man!) So today,finally the speaker is all fixed up! & I'm pretty sure she knows that I really love the pressie!

Thanks Dear ';)
Love you alot ';D

My BF is happy!

I'm now at BF's house! :) Yesterday, i went on a marathon. haha, no, not exactly a real marathon.. it was one of my quest in getting BF"s 4th pressie...I carried that huge heavy thing along with me, i was alone looking all rugged and manly haha! (tangan lengoh after that!)... I went to his house yesterday too to help him "fix" it up. It's quite big.. but it's quite small. He can't guess what it is at first, or he action action dunno only =P... I break fast at his house... a delicious meal of rice, soup toufu, and sambal daging paru(VERY delicious, esp. if cooked by his nenek) and Mee Goreng, which we were too full to eat so his Nenek ask me to bring home and eat. Then it's open pressie time!!! Ok ok ok, he DID guess what it was eventually. computer speakers for the ultimate surround sound and gaming experience with up to 90+ watts power. (like real ah me), think i'm turning into a tech gadgets freak..... And i helped him to install everything, even open up and disecting his hard drive and motherboard pc haha! (It was my first time *BF nervous ajer, takut pc meletup coz i godeh godeh like hell! * haha! and it was fun!) And we succeeded eventually, today.... yeay! It was 17 days early for his birthday present, but it was well worth it.

Monday, November 03, 2003

My Side..

I just wake up! It's 1120am now. I'm really slowly loving my grandma's bed!haha don't ask me why maybe it's just that although I have a bed, I don't sleep on it cause my room don't have scv & that's why I slept at the hall on a mattress. After this,maybe I'm going to play some games & then off to work. This week My schedule is pretty tight but somehow I did manage to squeeze in some time for GF & friends. Only off days will be on Saturday. Well,what to do kan, Hari Raya is around the corner so have to save up if my mum needs any help.

(I really love my bus!! maybe I should start collecting toys once again & buy a shelve for all of them, if not, it'll get dusty)

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Happy happy Day.

I met BF today! And guess what? i gave him his 3rd birthday present (out of 5). =) It was a small toy bus, a london bus, which he loves. I intended to make a prank out of it by wrapping it all up wit a whole stack of "newpaper", and writing clues to it, but ALAS! BF was to quick and solved the clue super fast. =( Even before he could open all the newspaper wrappings!! Damn! I even told him it was only a tissue paper box but nobody will believe that! ahha! And i cannot lie to him also, coz Puasa(fasting)!! I'll get you next time Hubby.... heh heh heh. You all can check out the Photo Gallery below of BF slowly opening up his pressie.. hahaha! After i'd given the present, we passed the time away playing "Mini Master-Mind" at Marina Square steps facing the Esplanade. The weather was great and chilly. We had reserved a table for us at Seoul Gardens just in time to buka Puasa. It was BF's fave place, next to Pastamania. right, dear? We really made full use of food, if that means anything ,hahaha! BF is working tomoro from 9-9. **Get ready for something HUGE but small coming your way, BF. Heh heh heh.... I'll make sure you can never guess what i'm givin you as your 5th present**

Here Are The Pictures! Click on it for a Slideshow!

Ok, yesterday, i met up with FRANSS and had a great time buka puasa with them. Drove around in Aisyah's car and went to Geylang where there's lotsa people and atmosphere. There was even a channel news asia cameraman, taking the scene. Dunno for what lah eh. Aisyah sent all of us home one by one after that, and we took Kodak moments shots in the car where we squeeezed inside together.. haha.thanks Aisyah! Happy Belated Birthday to you, hope u like the presents!

Another SlideShow of me & FRANSS. Click Below!

Picture courtesy of Liz Bonita