Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Its Been A While..& Here Comes Another 2 To Join The Rest..

But before that.. HAPPY 4 YEARS & 4 MONTH MONTHVESARY TO SHEZAI!!!!! Yipee....5 more months yea! heh *winks* . Who says shopping are only for girls.. I've been pampering myself alot these few days.. Spending spree to an Obey T & cap, 3 pairs of shoes , toys & there's one common thing about all these stuffs that I shop, yes it all comes from Far East. Wee.. More to come ... In the mean time these are the 2 sneaks..

Air Max 180
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nike SB Family Team Edition
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm smelling Bapesta soon.. well.. I forgot to mention that PLS WATCH SIN CITY!! haha.. I LOIKE!

See you this Thursday & Friday Hun!! *winks* Wee.. SHopppppIInnGG!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Congrats To Hun!!

Its been a very very busy whole of June & July for me. Finally Reservist are done! Quite a hectic one i would say. Never like the army but the only thing that keep my mind going was to once again enjoy the time with the old platoon mates & don't think much of the training. Also before I go back for my reservist, another good news also hit me. Congrats to Hun! yea! Finally you're full-time employed! Hope that you will adapt fast to the enviroment ;D & that also leaves us to look forward to a certain date soon yea! *winks*

Last but not least I'm hoping the best for myself too for this 2 month! No one knows about it but only some do. I don't want to keep my hope too high but I hope & I will always want to go there! Hope my dream will come true :D


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Seems like a monthly update.

It's been a while. A whole while. And yes we do seem to be updating on a monthly basis due to time constraits on both our ends. We do apologize for the inconveniences caused, if any. However we do recommend checking back soon for a revamp. Your understanding is very much appreciated. *Consequences of working in the service sector* hahaha!

SheZai has been going on great, still. Our love and trust have never been stronger at this point in time. Both of us having stable satisfying careers and working our way up. Saving up together for that special day. Spurring each other on as a team. Quality time is more important than quantity time for us now. We never fail to update each other every single detail of our lives including the volatile change in working environment. We're planning for the near future. And i mean Near Future. It's nearing our 52 months of being together. And it still feels like our honeymoon period... only more matured. Just like wine, gets better with age.
Let's walk back down memory lane. <----click?

I love you Hon.

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