Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 100th Month SheZai!

Yesterday marks our 100th month since we got together as boyfriend and girlfriend on 25/03/2001, so it was a reason to go out and celebrate this milestone. At first, we intended the day to be a Prince AND Princess Day, but then, as we walked around town exploring Ion and OC, we couldn't find anything to buy for each other. So we settled for a nice dinner instead. Romantic candlelight dinner, you think? Naahh.. A messy sloppy dinner is more like it. Hehe! Hon took off on this day after working his full-day shift non-stop for 7 days. Thank you Hon. I Love You! We wanted to have cake after that to celebrate, so we walked from Orchard to Cathay to Raffles Place to find a nice place to chill. But Coffee Club was closed. It's ok though, we sat down and talked and talked about our future, our plans, our goals and dreams. It was lovely.

This is the view from the 7th floor verandah of Orchard Central. The view is nice. Especially during sunset. I think apart from the 1st floor which has Nike and Apple stores, the OC is like a rebirth of Far East Plaza. Oh, did i mention there is also a rock-climbing wall in there too? Most of the shops aren't open yet, but I think Ion beats OC 1-0.

These are our Barbarian dinner.
Hubby brought home these yummies today!!! He surprised me.. hehe! Yeay!! We have cake!! Chocolate Truffle and Spike 'D from Big O!! Woohoo!!

Updates on us so far, well, for me, I am very much enjoying my career. Sure there are many articles in the newspaper mentioning that Early Childhood Educators are like Nannies who have to clean up vomit, urine, stools, change diapers and shower the children, with low measly pay but I beg to differ. It's the society who has 'labelled' us as such. I, for one, do not mind doing all the above out of love, care and concern. Besides, these children are the ones who are going to shape our nation. And the foundation, especially during their 2-6 years of age are of the most importance as this is when their brains are still developing and can absorb every information in detail very fast! Therefore I feel that we, as pre-school teachers, are playing a very important role in shaping their minds. For me, it's about the satisfaction. =) I still have 4 more things I want to accomplish first before starting a family. Wish me luck!

One of the not-so-important ones is to maintain a sexy body. *ahem* haha! Well guess what, after marriage, I have officially gained 8 KG. Seriously! Thus I have pledged to run 5 Km every alternate day after work. Unless I'm sick of course. I have not run in a long time. So when I started running 5 km, the timing was really bad. It takes time to condition my body I guess. Running to BEP's new album rocks!! My aim is to enter the Standard Chartered 10km race and Nike Human Race 10 km again this year!! So... training starts now~! I am also thinking of taking up hiphop dance classes with Jitterbugs. Saw their Cathay Dance Studio and I am so hyped up to join! I wanna dance!

This is the graph my iPod Nike + recorded for my run. Terrible 39 mins. I started off running consistently until I started to brisk-walk. =( Try harder next time, Sheikha!

As for Hon, he has 2 months left until he graduates from his Diploma course. Then it will be back to normal life again for us! Yeay! Can go out after work during his off days again! So happy! Oh, he will surely blog about his closed-door meet-up with Kobe Bryant and his Transformers toys collection next. So stay tuned!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Alone Time with Mr Potter.

This blog has just past its 500th post. Thank you to readers of our blog for keeping it alive. My class ended 1 hr earlier. I so do not want to go home and rot myself doing stupid essay assignments (for now). Brain not working today. So i headed to town just because. Hon's working. Visited him at his shop and sat at Starbucks drinking my favourite Javachip while waiting for his breaktime. It was only 6pm. He ends work at 10pm. I have 4 hours to kill. So what was I to do? Oh well, I bought myself a ticket for Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince and engulfed myself in the movie...alone. Just like what I did for Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Hon is not interested in these kinda fantasy movies, but I am. I feel that these movies makes me have wild imaginations, and I loike it very much... hehehe! So I absolutely do not mind at all watching them alone. I get to fully concentrate and let my mind run wild. =)

Sheikha's Ten Fast Facts as a NON Harry Potter fanatic

1) You'd have known who the half-blood prince was by the time he said, "My own magic won't work against me." or something along that line.
2) The whole movie is 60% Love Hexagon, 40% Magic. Getting a lil bit drainy due to that. I prefer more adventurous magic scenes.
3) Well of course, preceding the above fact, all of them have indeed matured and hormones are raging. What do you expect. Hmmm hormones rage... kinda rhymes with Hermione Granger.
4) I didn't expect * will die because of a wave of magic wand. I thought it would be sooner at the cave.
5) Great cinematography and visual effects.
6) This is the first time Malfroy doesn't talk much. He no need script also can lor.
7) I wonder if there can ever exist a friendship between a boy and a girl just like Harry and Hermione. Hmmmm... Love can complicate things.
8) The ending is seriously sucky. I left the theatre feeling empty despite sitting down for 2&half hours!
9) There is only 1 part where everybody in the cinema gets shocked/jolted/heart skips a beat/shriek at the same time. Inferi's attack.
10) The movie could have been better. I guess most people will say the book is the best.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obsessed? More like NutCrack!

Obsessed Reviewed.

Sheikha's 10 Fast Facts about the movie.

1. Beyonce's butt is damn huge. I preferred her wearing the butterfly top and tight pants in the first scene when they just moved house compared to the last fighting scene when she wore a vest with high-waisted pants. The latter just doesn't flatter her figure at all!
2. Idris Elba's character is an epitome of a charming married ladies' man, a real gentleman, a lover that most girls dream of... Oooh the words from his mouth.
3. He should have told Sharon about Lisa The Temp Girl right from the start.
4. Lisa dons really really fugly pink/black satin lingerie a.k.a. granny panties high up to the waist with fishnet stockings in the 'flash-me-in-the-car' scene. Click Here for illustration. Don't puke! Victoria should sponsor some nicer sexier ones. Oh yea.. I forgot the movie's PG. Dammng.
5. The babysitter taking care of Kyle is soo dumb and stupid. Lisa's handphone isn't even on. HP screen is blank.
6. Lisa's scripts are so predictable and lame at some point when she wanna seduce Derek. "Ooh baby, we have to be together! Go get a divorce! I know you want me! Come have me, Come!" She's like a slimy ulat gungguk (worm) in the cubicle when she wanna blow him. Jeee Pffft!!
7. Gays make good office gossip partners and information leakers.
8. Guys, pls don't lead women on by saying things like, "If I were single, I would definitely do you." Or just don't say, "If i were single.........." when you know you're married.
9. The catfight scene makes me laugh, esp Beyonce's reactions... "C'mon Bitch.. C'mon.. I know you want a piece of this... C'mon!"
10. Watch this movie if you love Beyonce Knowles. She's just so drop dead gorgeous!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I never knew I would feel like this....

I am just back from the airport and my eyes are red and swelled up from all that crying for 3 hours now. I have cried my mascara and eyeliner off too. My sister PhiQue has flown to Sydney to continue her studies for 2 years plus. And maybe to escape the atrocities of this place and gain more independence. As much as I am happy for her, I am also very sad at the same time. I am sad because the house will be like an empty space without her around. She is always the one who will make crazy nonsensical noises in the house that will cheer everyone up although we'll tell her she's crazy. Her presence in the house is always felt and you know she's at home when her high-pitched voice is heard yelling, "Kakaaaaaaak!" Whatever I wanted to say to her is all in the card I gave her this morning. I miss her already.

I'm crying even more now when I read her message to me in her blog:

I hope you can be at Tampines more often to keep Mama company. I'm going to miss you. Im going to miss drinking coffee from your ears and biting your arms. I'm going to miss rummaging through your wardrobe for good steals. I'm going to miss stealing Zaini's tidbits. Most of all, I'm gonna miss having a sister to bitch and gossip and cry with. I'll probably be an Auntie soon (enough) and ALL THE BEST for the process gang! Zaini the tiger roar!
AJIGEBUIK(Euphuistic) and NAMEEYA(Phat Phique) FOREVER!"
The last part were real nonsensical names we shared between us.

To think back, despite all the gossips and mood swings, I am SO glad that I have her as a sister in my life. I love you, PhiQue!

P/S: Yup, you'll make a very cool aunt in the future. =)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Post mayhem..

The past weekend has been great. Took leave on both days & eventually has a full rest. Actually was on off on Friday. Was supposed to head down to Clementi in the afternoon for lunch & fetch Hun from work but something bad happened on that morning!

My 2 year old Macbook hardisk failed me.

While surfing for my regular routines(Soccernet, Facebook, Bloghop, NiceKicks etc) the page starts to hang. Then the rainbow starts to circle around. I just think that the page was loading normally until I finished bathing & I still see the same thing. This time, I start to Force Quit but only to find out that I can't move my trackpad cursor around. Therefore I start to Power Off it. After it was restarted, there was a funny sound clicking away near my hardisk area. What happened next surprised me, Question mark blinking in the middle of the screen. Immediately I called my friend from Apple & asked what's that. Just as what I thought, my Mac crashed. I went down to office & let him examined it. So he just asked me to buy the necessary stuffs which I went to Sim Lim & got it fixed. This time round, 320GB hardisk baby! Yeah! Waited 3 hours for it & Boom! there goes my GST Credit. dammit.

There goes all my data. Really important datas such as Sales Figures, Rosters, Plannings, School Projects, Pictures, Softwares etc... I've learnt my lesson & therefore will definitely get a 1 terabyte external hardisk for my TimeMachine during the next PC show. Have told the wife too.

Guess what is the first thing I installed? Football Manager 2009! yeay! haha Anyways will blog again what we did on Sat & Sun .. ;P