Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ah Love Life!

I miss my Hon. We've been so busy with work lately, we've not met for 4 days. Sweet talks on the phone was only 5 minutes a day during my lunchtime around noon! I'd be already sleeping by the time he reached home from work at 230am. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Oh yes. But it's alright, the 4 days passed by so so quickly! Due to the fast pace of both our work.

I've just started on my new job last week. Finally... i can shout, I Love my job! =) Although it's quite stressful, it's so fast-paced, with lots and lots of paperwork, verifying and signing and account balancing, numbers and maths! I love it! Working hour starts at 10am with nothing much to do until brunch at 11am. So basically, my real work starts at 12pm non-stop and ends around 7+pm if all accounts are balanced. If not balanced, die die cannot go home. Oh glory glory, i can have the night like it's still young, go out and wake up late the next working day. And the best part? It's 3 bus stops away from my house! No MRT to rush into! No rush hour! No morning sinus! No late to work due to dunno what to wear in the morning or due to make-up malfunction. I can take my time and enjoy my warm long relaxing luxurious bath in the morning.....

Ah..... This is the life........ Very Fulfilling.

Can't wait to spend the evening for dinner with Hon tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Surprises..& more surprises..

For HerBurberry exclusive purse
For HimIpod Nano

It has been a very suprising few days lately especially when Shezai is reaching their 5 year anny! The week started very well. Watched 'V For Vendetta'. A very good movie I must say. Oh yea, on the same day, we also bought a DVD ( Wicker Park) & a VCD (Sepet) too. Haven't watch the latter but Wicker Park is a very interesting show. Bought myself also Nike 2006 bible (Jpn edition). Ouh, Btw I'm starting to read! No, not those story book ala Harry Potter or stuffs but instead I'm in love with reading Biography. Actually my first was David Beckham's, My Side, followed by Paris Hilton's, Confession Of A Heiress & now the latest, Gazza's, My Story.

Yesterday was a very shocking but yet also very suprising day which left me felt awed all the way! haha yea, Hun actually surprised me an Ipod Nano! Weee!!!! I LOikE!!

As for today, Its my turn to suprise her. Haha, Yes I certainly caught her by surprise in the train! I simply purposedly showed my laziness in front of her & asked her to pack my bag for me & also took out The New Paper for me. Haha, actually I made her fold 2 of my tops before she took out a black paper bag. I asked her, what's that? She opened up & Wooops! It's a Burberry purse! hehe An exclusive one indeed from DFS Burberry At Air Port. Yeay!

Now, let me fiddle with my new toy.. till then!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Too busy/lazy to blog.

This site has too much dust that it's time for a due makeover. Both of us are feeling kinda tired to blog especially Hon who has been working ever so hard. It's a good thing he loves his job. So proud of him. There are a lot of updates ever since but let's just babble away.

Both of us are doing great ! Still very much in love, planning for our wedding and knowing that this Saturday 25/3/06 marks our 5 years of being together triggers the happiness in us. *throws confetti in air* (eh, so IRC).

Still remembered the first time Hon saw me at Borders standing beside the grand piano way back in 2000 during a poetry session. Gosh that was waaaaayyyy back. How old was I? 18? I was damn sarcastic to Hon (maybe to all guys) back then coz i dun wanna take risks and fall in love only to be hurt again last time. But I was wrong! Zaini was the perfect man for me and never have I looked back ever since. haha! I remembered that the first movie we watched was "The Wedding Planner" when it was supposed to be the planned "Dude, where's my car?". By coincidence, there were no tickets for that and we had to make do with Wedding Planner. Was it a sign?

The first time we held hands was when he "accidentally" pulled me to cross that busy road, and i blushed! And how we wore Polo Ralph on our very first "official" date, by coincidence. No fancy-smanshie restaurants, mind you. We had Sup Tulang Merah Deen Biasa at Beach Road. Yes, on our first date. It was marvellous how comfortable we were with each other already at that point of time eating a 'Barbarian Meal'.

So, to see if you are comfortable with each other as a couple, go eat Sup Tulang Merah. (With your bare hands and suck all those som som out, not being embarrassed by the noise u make, or how cramp up your face will look, hahaha!). Are you game? I think most couples should be. ermm.....Right?

Guess what i have been saving in my pc for 5 years? It's my chat with Zaini way back in 2001, when we were "flirting" with each other. ahaha! Zaman IRC. This was like 1 month before we were together.... quite lame when we tried to be sarcastic to each other, nak call pun kena set timing ni.. hahah! Thank God the sarcasm had since died....

telur 3:01 PM eh...malam u call or i call?
LaFemme^ 3:01 PM yr wish. u noe my number meh?
telur 3:02 PM its in my caller id ';P
LaFemme^ 3:02 PM ooh......ok.
telur 3:02 PM haha so how?
LaFemme^ 3:03 PM anythin. you call me?
telur 3:03 PM me call
telur 3:03 PM ?
LaFemme^ 3:04 PM u wanna>? or u want me to call>>? wat time?
telur 3:04 PM i anything. i'm home by 9
telur 3:05 PM hm....maybe 12 lik last time
telur 3:05 PM ?
LaFemme^ 3:05 PM ok then, midnight.
telur 3:05 PM who's callin?
LaFemme^ 3:06 PM ok ok ..i'll be a lady and call you..hehehehe :P
telur 3:07 PM k DATS SACRCASM!!! ':P hehe lah..i'll call k
LaFemme^ 3:07 PM heheeheh.....ok. :>
telur 3:08 PM pedas sungguh lines awak ':P anyways......
telur 3:09 PM i gtg tok to u later yea....bye..hav nice day..take care and enjoy ya FREE dinner at ya tuition place k ';P *wink*

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Underworld : Evolution

Underworld evolution get's a thumbs UP for us. Even though we didn't catch the first one, we enjoyed this one. The scenes are gory and bloody and mostly dark all the way so u have to figure out who sliced who's head in half or who sucked who. Reminded me of Van Helsing's Werewolf VS Vampire battle.

Kate Beckingsale is superb along with Scott Speedman. Imagine her... black leather, white pale face, deep blue eyes, ruby lips. Sexy. If she were a dominatrix, she would be missing a whip. But who needs a whip when u have guns and blood to suck off other people? A very captivating show.