Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birth and Birthdays.

A pre-birthday celebration for me and our 5 years 2 months anny celebration! Hon got me a Digicam Sony Cybershot with 512MB card. And also an Escada perfume. And also our picture which he ask to look for clues in... *ala Da Vinci Code?* haha! But the cutest thing kan, is that He wrapped my present in SpongeBOB Square Pants wrapping paper!!! hahaha! So cute la he! How can i not love him so much? Everything is so interesting with him! OoOoOoOoOoOOo!!! I Like! Thanks Darling! I love you! So off i set in my quest to take pictures with my new digi today.

P/S: Yea Ema, Zaini's lost a lot of weight. And he's proud of it. hehehe! Fit and healthy! Contrary to me, i've gained weight! See ya around, gurl!

Presenting below the 1st shot of mine - at Gelare's . Exploring the functions. Nice?

Below is a 2nd shot of mine also at Gelare's, Banana Split. Dig in.

And this here is a little something that SheZai bought for my cousin, Raudha and Aminor's newborn baby girl. Gonna visit her Baby Shower tomorrow! Oh that soft tender skin of a baby! Alhamdulillah for the birth of their baby gurl.

In a few years down the road..... Will it be my turn?

Oh wow.. Time flies by so fast! We used to talk about school, parent's nagging, relationship, NS......
now it's marriage, baby, house, insurance, mother-in-law, father-in-law.

Dang. Are we THAT old already?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chameleon Gemini on the move

n 1: a changeable or inconstant person ;
2: lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin color.
I'm on a roll here. Gonna clear my leave this week and i'm Oh so high!
Just did my hair yesterday, but too bad i can't cut it short like i wanna.
The hair isn't long enough yet to chop off the permed portion. So a trim it was. And a dye job.
But I still look the same... sigh.. Boring! I want another new different radical me.
Oh well Maybe next time. Maybe in 3 months time.

Also workin' on toning up the tummy wit a few pecs.
Pussycat Dolls' "Button" music video is so hot, the chair scene, the hair, the strut...
i gots to achieve their lean bodies. =)
Can't wait for tomorrow!! There's a Lingerie Fashion Show with my girls!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Nike Football Clinic

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Grand Finale

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Masnoh & me

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Let me be the first time to say this..

Haha ok I'm never an emo kind of person who writes lovey dovey poems,
send emails or such etc etc. But I'm so in love with this song by Sergio
Mendes featuring Jill Scott & Will-I-Am. So laid back with the samba tunes
,nice lyrics for sure & most importantly it's the kind of song that Mats & Minahs
will find it hard to listen to & say that its nice. Haha

Anyways this song is for you Hun, Let me.. ":D
(enjoy the lyrics)

Let me
Let me sit with you beside a street
Let me
Let me laugh with you and share your dream
I'll be your true friend until the end, you can depend on me
So let me, let me, say you let me

Let me
Let me cheer you when your dreams go past
Let me
Let me hold you when your world seems lost
Let me
Cause by now you know I love you so (you know I love ya)
Let (let) me (me)
Let me never ever let you go

Let me
Let me love you girl
Let me
Let me into ya world
Cause I never felt love like this here
Let me take you for a walk, walk in the park
Let me hold your hand
Let me see your spark
I desire tire
I don't wanna pass you
Let me ask ya sumthin
I don't wanna startle you
The fact I hold your hand, can I hold your heart?
Let me
Just say you let me
Let me
Just say you let me
Ain't Nobody love me quite like you love me, girl
My body's next to your body
Let me love you, girl
Cause I never felt love like this here
Let me take you to the beach, eat a peach
Let me take you out every day of the week
If I know something you don't know, baby, let me teach you
Let me
Just say you let me

Cause by now you know I love you so (you know I love ya)
So let me, let me never ever let you go

Let me, let me, say you let me.
Let me.
(lalalala) (uuh...)
Cause by know you know I love you
Let me

Let me never ever let you go.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


SheZai went shopping one day and just guess what Hon, (and i repeat, Hon *Zaini*), wanted to buy? Bape/MAC lip moisturiser and facial blotter. No, my Honey is not turning girly ok, hahaha! It's just that he like the design and has been looking forward for this collaboration ever since a few months ago. It's nice ain't it. I think MAC will be coming out with more merchandise in collabo with Bape soon. We'll be looking out for it. I think it'll look pretty hot. just like the sales*girls working there. =)

Friday, May 12, 2006


Tomorrow,13/05/06, BEATS SOCIETY PRESENTS, FREAKY Z & The Pinholes. Woo *Applause*

Anyways, I prefer shopping with Kaka for Mother's Day.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Resting Thursday..

The past 2 days have been an exciting, educational & not forgetting a tiring one too. It was a first time experience for me to go for an Ekin University course. There was 4 category basically but I was chosen for 2, running & soccer. The other 2 doesn't interest me at all.. haha, aerobic & basketball. Anyways It was so much fun getting to try different type of new shoes & soccer balls (especially the ones the players used in the AFC tournement/La Liga/EPL which cost $179). Not only we get to try them on but we get to use them for the day for a trial usage.

On Tuesday was the running day. We had a 5km run followed by some interesting tutorials given by a professional Podiatrist. As for Wednesday, yes my favorite of all, Soccer! haha It has been 2 years since I've played some real footy. We had ours for 3 hours at The Cage. Joga Bonito!

Ouh yea, I had my May Sneaker too! Its my 3rd Zoom Angus( Hong Kong edition). Amazing May so far!

Once again, Thanks Nike! ;D

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Brighter Side.. & The Not ..

It has been a wonderful April right from the beginning till today & hopefully forever. Everything just went so well. We have been going out lil lesser than usual due to work commitments but when we meet up we always have the best outing, be it to splurge,movies or just to chill out. Hun wants to splurge this weekend. I had mine last week. Likewise everymonth, I got myself the Adicolor Leather Superstar II BK5 this time round & a Stussy Shirt. My eyes are still set on the white/gold Supreme x Blazer. Hmm.. Anyhow, fitting into an Medium size is quite an achievement for me! haha From XXL to an M. Ooo lala & no I'm not talking about body hugging fit eh. No tau. ';P

Other than shopping, work has also been great minus last Sunday, which I hope will be the only time I'm late. heh. Anyways, just got a Letter Of Commendation from my company few days back & just today I've been informed that I'm one of the few that are also nominated for the Excellence Service Award. ':D It's sure a dream come true for me & I hope to continue to work hard! ';D

Lesson learnt from this month, When everyone receives any form of $$$, NEVER try to take a cab or come home late. Its useless. haha!