Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time for a new pair of glasses.....

Had enough of my Gucci plasticky framed nerdy ones. It's time for a new look. Been searching for the perfect one lately. Been in and out of opticians but none seems to appeal to me.... Yes the spectacles seem to be looking back at me. And those weepy sickening little voice of theirs in my head crying out...,"Buy me! No, Me! No! Buy Me!!" coz there're loads and loads of spectacles in any optical shop. But finally, I've found the perfect pair of spectacles.... Thanks to Hon who spotted it and whose taste i definitely declare 100% girl-in-a-shopping-frenzy trusted. I tried on about a dozen frames before settling on this piece of perfection. A good classy investment indeed.

How was our Saturday spent? I got me a pair of free movie tickets from my company.. but too bad it's the annoying movie, Indiana Jones. You' be thinking.. Geeez, why would anyone watch a movie full of crap, with an aged wrinkled-face, smelly-looking hero of a whipping lead cast who seems like he didn't bathe and change his clothes for days. (We're still talking about our lead cast here... re-iterate "LEAD CAST"). Well, you were right. It's Crap. And double whammy crap. The story line is kinda childish. First with a nuclear bomb blast scene which is totally unnecessary, and the whole story revolves around this elongated crystal skull cum magnetic skull cum missing-7th skull which when combine with the other magic skulls will explode a power so strong , you'd give Dr. Evil a run for his take-over-the-world poppycock. Hoaa... that's not even my point. In fact, it's far from the the jeez that these 7 mythical see-through creatures will combine to become an ALIEN, mind you. An Alien!??!?! Errr... Whhaaaaa!?! Mwaahahhahahahahahah! And here's the thing. The whole scene is set in 1958!! So that means, to them, Aliens existed waaaaay before Grandmomma was born! Dead Crap. However, Kudos to Shia Lebeouf for his acting in almost every movie nowadays. This guy is everywhere!

I'm into my 5th book of the shopaholic series and AM SO ENJOYING it. This Becky character got me so fixated, i started laughing to myself (or rather, AT myself) whenever i step into a shop for some retail therapy. It's great, this Becky. She's so funny. Gosh. Speaking of which, Shopping Season is here again!! Thus, the Sex and the City Song playing. I promise to change to another song once I've got my highs of shopping already ok. Bear with it!

Oh yea, we've been to the gym on Saturday for some treadmill run and weight-lifts. Gotta say, it feels good. But I think running outdoors is more challenging. It's the Real original thing, u know what i mean. With no air-con or fake up-slopes. But it feels great nonetheless.. No qualms about that. Will really need to exercise more, coz the tummy just refuses to go away. Or maybe..... NAH... Can't be. It just my tummy FATS, i swear. Back to work tomorrow!

Ouh Ouh... And Happy 7 Years 6 Months Honey! Will cook for you lemak chilli padi Ayam tonight for dinner k! I've prepared an array of menu for you already in my recipe book darling. Just take your pick. See?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

-= Terrific Bintan in One Day ! =-

Thanks for staying tuned, SheZai readers! As promised, Here's a review of Bintan. Expensively terrific! Gorgeously thrilling! Splendidly sensational!

Last Saturday, we managed to wake up as early at 530am. Alas, we were still late. But who cares? The ferry hadn't gone off yet. It was soo early because the later ferries were all fully booked. So we have to bear with the morning-ness of it all. Reached Bintan at 10am and check-in was at 3pm! And so we wandered around e compounds of the resort, planning the itinerary for the day. The compound was ultimately humongous! With nice sceneries, refer to pics below. Can pass of as postcard. There are so many recreational activities offered by the resort that we had a hard time deciding. We wanted to fully utilise the time as well as have the greatest time possible.

The beach was calm during this season, so no body-boarding for us. Boo hoo! We had to make do with Banana Boat, Jet-Skiing and ATV the next morning. A quick note that the activities don't come cheap. Since it was my mom's birthday, we went all out and she gotta do the banana boat and jet skiing. =) The rooms will only be ready by 3pm! And by the time we finished booking and exploring, it was only noon! Our stomachs were growling for food. So what did we do? Chill at the Bar/restaurant for lunch. Check out the food that they offer.

Made you hungry? Another quick note to add that looks may be deceiving. They don't taste as delicious as they look. After lunch and a quick lepak nap at the verandah, we decided to go for a swim in the pool. The pool was huge, and relatively clean. Me and Hon challenged ourselves to water basketball and that was the start of all the fun. Oh how challenging he is. *Blueekk!* A good hour later, the reception informed us that the rooms are ready. Up we jumped and off to the rooms to unpack. The room was quite huge for superior double, with flat screen TV, a balcony, a bathtub in the toilet, and comfortable-enough beds. Once unpacked, we headed to the beach. Apparently, the bodyguards with washboard bodies still remembered my sister, who, being a "resident of Bintan", had gone there like 6 times before. They were like," Ehh, sudah lama ya tak nampak kamu di sini.." Hahaha! Right on, Sis. We took the Banana Boat first. The banana boat was being pulled by a speedboat and according to my sister, it was supposed to capsize in the middle of the ocean when the centrifugal force goes haywire. However, it did not. (much to my relief, as i somehow felt a tinge of sea drowning phobia) My heart was in my throat the whole ride. It was so fast and the turns were purposely sharp. I kept screaming," Aaaaaahhhh!! AaaaaaarrhhH!! AaaAAAAaaaAAAarrrhhH!! TANAKKKKKKKKKK! TAAAK NAAAAAKKK!!! " Hon, Mom and sis made fun of me the whole day because I shouted like kena rape like that. Hahahah!

Next was Jet-Ski. Now, this was fun. We did rounds far far off, away from shore. The ocean was so deep and choppy. Hon pressed the accelerator till the end and the jet-ski literally flies on the ocean surface at dead-fast speed. Adrenaline Rushh hits.... Fantastic! Mom had a go at Jet-Ski and she's a pro now. hehehe! That was for sea-sports.

At night, we had dinner at Pasar Oleh-Oleh, very much hyped up by the Bintan peoples. The food was ok, not too mouth-watering, but it made do for a full stomach. A 3-man band was playing and me and sis asked the band to secretly play a "Happy Birthday" song for Mom unexpectedly. A surprise for her during dinner. Her face lighted up like a candle when the band, with all their instruments, approached our table and belted out "Happy Birthday" much to her delight. Look at her, Glowing in all her glory. Magnificent ain't it? She kept on laughing and smiling all the way throughout dinner. Unexpectedly too, even my DAD followed suit and sang and clapped merrily, bellowing," Happy Birthday to my Wiiiiffe.." in his melodramatic karaoke-rehearsed tunes. Hahhahahhaha! It was a funny sight to behold. Let the pictures do the talking.. or more so like.. laughing.

We slept soundly throughout the night and woke up early for some ATV action. ATV = All Terrain Vehicle. Through Mud, sand, puddles, stones, rocks.. it lived up to its name. Sheesh! Hon Loves this sport the most and he was always the first one, going speedily fast! Me and sis had a hard time manouvering the vehicle, but it was ultimate fun! We kept banging into bushes and got trapped in puddle ditches and sand pits! My ATV stalled halfway and we got an extra half hour. Haha! We explored untouched beaches far away from the rest of the peoples, took pics and fooled around before riding back. All in all, it was superb! Made the most out of it! See pics below:

After washing up and getting rid of the mud baths we had while ATVing, we had to finally say goodbye to Bintan. The ferry took us back to our homeland and it's back to reality. That One single day managed to meet my expectations. Although I get a lot of my friends and relatives telling me that the resort is more for elderly people, it wasn't so bad after all! Definitely going back again.

More Pics can be found on my Facebook.