Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sheikha family chalet.

As i am typin this out, my eyes cannot keep open. It's as if cows and sheeps are hanging from my eye'lids. My family chalet was ok, a good success.

Friday: 1p.m.:BF helped to carry the things and check in together with Adha and me. We bought the "Wall's" Chocolate Heaven ice-cream which was just so heavenly sinful and ate out of the ice cream tub. Me , BF, Adha and sis. BF went to tend to the shop after that and decided not to come because he is tired and it was already late night. 3 p.m.:Mima called me and said,"The exam results are out!! If u want u must collect it from school today before 3pm!" I was in a daze. I dared not colllect it there and then and tried to keep myself busy to forget the reality of receiving that slip. If i were to fail one stupid subject, my mom had to fork out another $2000 for me to repeat it again. I already let her down last year by failing one Intro subject. I can't afford to let her down this year. :( However, I slept peacefully at night.

Saturday 10a.m.: I went to school to collect my results. But i promised BF i am going to open it with him. He is the one who has spurred me on, the one who motivates me to make it all possible, the one who never gave up on me, the one who always understands. I met BF after that at Clementi MRT and i showed it to him. We settled calmly down on the seats in MRT. The suspense is Killing me, and i ripped open the envelope and with shaking hands, i showed BF first. BF's first reaction was a Kodak Moment. He smiled and then laugh his contagious laughter. "There! I know you can do it!" I passed all my subjects this year! And now headin for my last year, the final 4 subjexts! Yeay! I didn't let my Mom down! I did it! I proved to her that i really can handle my studies and my relationship hand in hand or even better with BF around. Yes Yes Yes! I hugged and kissed BF on the cheek mwa mwa in the MRT like i was crazy nuts.
At night, BF came to the BBQ chalet and it was his first time meeting the Whole family, relatives and all. BF, you were really superb that night. Everybody keeps on asking about you "BF where?" "mana woods?" "woods tak datang?" haha! Too bad baby, i have no idea why that name sticks to you. And i didn't start it. I'm glad you went, Honey. Thanx a million. Ikan pari bakar ala sambal awaits you the next time.... i'll make them specially for you. My cousins got to interact and talk and even joke with BF, and my heart flutters at the thought that he is being accepted into their lives. BF went home around 1a.m. in the morning taking a cab. He must be tired, with a little flu. Me, Raihana and Raudha (my dearest cousins) did not sleep until 6.30 am, girl talking problems. Esp for Adha. Adha, you gotta be strong. We were flat by then and woke up late. Check out at 10am, we woke up at 930am and had to clear up like lightning.
Today: BF is helping his uncle paint a two-storey house amidst his lethargy and flu. Take care BF. Don't strain too much k. Have a good rest.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

BF and his soccer.

Chey... BF feeling Reporter lah! Guys, watch out for Zaini in the future ya! haha! Anyways, me had a long day today. The 2nd time in my this year of school that i attended a full lesson. both lectures. I made a new friend today. the Malay community in my school can be counted with fingers. She approached me during my break time. And introduced herself as Izza. She's in the same lecture as me.. and i don't know about it because i always come in to lecture 15-50 mins after it starts. She's very nice, and we clicked. Went home together as she's stayin in the East too. Made a new friend liao! :D Oh and about my school, i'll be havin 2 weeks break starting next week coz results coming out next week. Gigit jari-jemari. Yeahoo!
ANyway, my family and relatives havin a chalet this weekend. BBQ and all. BF gonna help me and Raudha(cousin) grocery shoppin tomorro! N also have fun wit us at the chalet.Thank You BF! mwahs! Will think of going to Shing siong supermarket (BR)since it's near to the Cube where BF will be for the afternoon. Hope Ogre won't be at the chalet. Hope Ogre doesn't make a scene. Hope Ogre is busy. i gotta go now. Midnight madness of some sort with BF on the phone. yakking away. gotta sleep early though. However, BF wanna stay up for 3 matches ending at 6 am tomoro morning. Guys & Soccer. Agree? haha! Love u bf. Doze off quick k.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Soccer Review 2003,brought to you by Mohamed Zaini.

The Epl has started weeks ago.It was a wonderful start for most debutants.Quite a number of them scored on their debuts.Even the new teams whom just got promoted did quite well.This season is going to be very exciting & I hope that more teams other than the usual Man utd & Arsenal will pose more challenge & threat to fight for the League title.

*Chelsea has looked very convincing among the rest,having spending 100million pounds on new players(Hernan Crespo Deal included).So far,most of the new signings has justified their worth to the millionaire owner & not forgetting their fans.They looked settled already & will definitely be the main contenders for the title.
*Newcastle is also another team that has impressed me.Only 1 major signing(Lee Bowyer) but with their current young squad lead by experienced ex England captain,Alan Shearer,they are also firm favorites for the title although their centrebacks & the depth in their reserves looked abit suspect.
*Liverpool will be the darkhorse this year in my opinion.Although they signed Harry Kewell & Steve Finnan for quite a bargain.Their pre-season matches haven't been impressive & so were their first 2 games of the new season.They have pool of talented players but they haven't seen them gel yet to produce the kind of liverpool we used to witness.The Dribbly Macca,Fowler Blaster,Vision Redknapp,Hardworking McAteer,Computer Game James,Show Stopper Collymore & the list goes on.In fact none of these players who left for liverpool had really been a success.Macca did well in his first couple of seasons(Champion league & La liga),Westerveld did have an impact with Real Sociedad but the rest?This may also looked as the last season for players like Gerrard,Owen,Heskey,Kirkland etc.They haven't been tasting real success & I believe they will not leave unless Liverpool has a change of management post.
*Man Utd has been quite impressive with their new line ups & also kind of new squad.Lots of young lads emerging from the benches & also new young stars transferring in such as Djemba Djemba,Bellion,C Ronaldo,Howard & Kleberson.As dangerous as they can be,they are the firm favorites this season.
*Arsenal hasn't been in the transfer news that much as other clubs did.1 major signing(Lehmann)to cover up for the post left by Dave Seaman.They also purchased young players like Senderos & Clichy.If you notice,Wenger has little budget to spend on new players hence therefore he got all 3 of them for less than 3million pounds & most significantly they are all defensive players.Arsenal has been very shaky in defence ever since Tony Adams,Winterburn,Dixon,Seaman & soon Keown leave the club.They looked most suspect in the centre.Kolo Toure has been channelled to partner Campbell for this season.Other than that they are still a very dangerous side,especially in attack.Firm favorites too.

Besides all those 4 top-notch teams,teams such as Leeds United,Everton,Manchester City,Tottenham & Middlesbrough will still pose a threat & also may cause upsets for the favorites.Who knows,they might be even the champion afterall.For the lower halves,it still early to predict who will go down & who will struggle.Bolton,Portsmouth,Fulham etc has the players but they doen't have the depth in squad to last long for the rest of the season.So till you catch the next Soccer Review again,I'm Mohamed Zaini.Thanks,goodbye

Monday, August 25, 2003

cawan teh susu cap tea-O

our 2yr5mth anny celebration has been great today..all thanks to gf ;) its jus normal outing as pe normal..but today i wore pants..dress properly get it?hee..but b4 i met her..i went to meet fahmy(pinholes)n his fren..we then went off to clarke quay to search some stuffs n then to farrer park..have difficulty again navigating ourselves the way there thru NEL.the first time i encounter this was harbour front...but farrer park was the most difficult one..they hav exit A-H..after turns n turns..we found the place we sat for a while at wan(force vomit)jamming studio...n duscuss some stuffs..its kinda ulu..n lil ghetto the place..but the ambience is nice...will head there more often nxt wk onwards..

so after we finished with out stuff..i went off to meet gf for my date..met her at carefour..then we went to catch a movie..really ENJOY the show!heh..the title too long ah..cant really remember all the words but it has the word.."gentlemen","extraordinary","league" etc..after which..we then hav a bite at Mcdonalds.have our usual FAVORITE spicy chicken Mcrispy..Yummy!...Gf then felt a bit ill..maybe its the cold weather n the cold temp at we decided to go home..Met rama in the train..talked & joked ....after he alighted...i irritate GF in the train as usual.kinda feel great doing that*winks* hahahaaha!!..oklah..i'll see ya later gf.. ':)

Happy 2 yr 5 mth anny BF!

I'm gonna love you more and more each day by day. Can't wait to meet you today! Let's Celebrate! Mwahs :*

Sunday, August 24, 2003

otah2 eunos bazaar..i Lovee!

i'm so addicted to otah2...jus got it at the bazaar at eunos..Yummy!whenever there's bazaar..i'll always be there! was fun!i went to the shop to help wit lil chores arrived later..& surprisingly she help me out wit a lil paint..heh the shop is getting neater & neater day by day..but gets more smoky,hmm..btw..whenever there's imran&shakirah..time gonna fly very fast..listening to their spontaneous jokes, best..we left the shop ard 9plus jus now..walk gf to the bus stop b4 i made my way home...n going to watch my fav arsenal game later & eating my otah2! ';P

Friday, August 22, 2003

12+ hrs outside. Phew!

Had a wonderful day today! I woke up early morning for tuition. And then i headed to BF's house to lunch. It wasn't planned at all. Just a last minute thingy. Thanks BF! I ate your Ikan bawal sambal.. ahaha Sorry! Ya nenek ask me to eat. Then at about 2 pm, BF and me met Mima And Yusof(her bf) for a double date. But then it turned out that Mima had asked Aunty Rahima(her "auntie") and Aunty's 2 yr old daughter named Zabira, along. Zabira is super cutilicious! Seeking everyone's attention! You can see more of her pics at our gallery. Very Manja! BF lurves toddlers and we had such a great time layaning Zabira. The 6 of us talked and relaxed at Starbucks where Zabira was the centre of attraction. The starbucks people also gave her free whip cream and chocolate drizzle in a cup for her. She is soo cute! We sat there for about 3 hours. Around 6 pm, the 4 of them went home and me and BF met Lily and Zul. We walked towards Orchard from Plaza Sing and met up with Haffiz & Effa. The new 6 of us then went to have our dinner at Far East Plaza where we talked and had such a good laugh that it was so hard to control. The Guys were always the ones who crack funny Jokes. Macam macam. Pasal sunat, how BF pimpin' will look like, NS days, babies, bonchit, yadda yadda! hahha! We walked around for a bit at DFS later on and around 10 p.m. BF sent me home. What a day! It's so nice to have good friends around us yea, BF! Pssst... BF, the number 3 will always be in my mind today! haha! Love you BF dear!

Thursday, August 21, 2003


da lama aku tak blog.....1 wk ada..its all cos sometime of the cable connections that i'm lazy to blog..ahah anyways..been 3 days ishaaq & me tend a "stall" in a mini bazaar at our last day...n i can say the respond is pretty good for a date/mth lik dis(approaching pay day so i assume that most of them are running low in cash!heh)met my GPMG sarjan there..bought a t sweet he n his gf..dah lama pun.& oh btw..we met macam2 orang there...the excuses pun..macam2 sampai kita kena tipu!ahah..

1. "I'll come back later..need to withdraw some cash"(we kana cheated by this afro guy..he started this reason first!!haha)

2. "I don't have enough cash,so I'll come back tomorrow ya?"(he/she nvr came)

3. "I'll come back after lecture."(bo pian jugak)

hah..funny these pple..but quite smart too la..i wud hav say the same things too..& the sales assistance at shopping outlets shud hav more experienced in this...anyways it's a wonderful experience for us there..oh ya btw...there's this guy..on the first day(monday) shaaq,me,fildza jus alight from cab when this grp of pple stared at us...kinda weird but..of the guys went up to me...n told me that i had a nice shoe(reffering to my red nike shoe)..haha i so happy n i say thanks...then he suddenly offered 350$!! for tht shoe immediately!haha crazy rich kid..its kinda old..n i hav foot rot crazy to get tht shoe for 350$ last..i didnt sell it..i mean..if i bought tht shoe myself,i'd sold it there n then..but tht shoe is a gift from to me,it has a sentimental value...i'd cherish that value more than the digits... ';D

(oh btw..tht shoe can be found the album cover for Shezai Album,u guys think its worth 350$??hah gf bought it for me at 130$only)

haha..ok lah..tht shoe can be found at far east plaza anyways..same price..too(130$ yes).so...Laters for now..i'm waiting for Sir Beckham's footy team against Croatia @3am.. !!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Blogspot Blunders.

This Blogspot Blogger is crazy. Sometimes it spoils us mood. Sometimes it makes us excited. The wonders and blunders of Technology sometimes SUX. I miss the times when people are so carefree, not rushing anywhere, not running to catch a bus or train, not angry at some stupid technology Blunders (me) or when your pc doesn't work and ppl act as if there's no tomorrow... Stupid, irritating, blogger-bugger. Whudevah!! BF is tired today taking care of the stall. Pity him. Take a good rest, BF. Love knows no boundaries. *mwahs*

Update: More Turkey Ham & Cheese!

Haven't been BLoggin' lately, Why? BF scared to blog coz of the case of the "keep-on-missing" blog. Don't worry bf, i'll teach you how, soon. And GF is afraid of that blardie virus. But Thank God, nothing happened. It is Monday Late Night now. I went to school in the morning for my lecure. B.o.r.i.n.g. So i played games on my pda. And skipped my afternoon lecture. Wat a terrible rebellious student i am. Haha! Wanna knoe y? My June-end-of-yr exam results are not out yet! My results will be coming out on the 2nd of Sept. But the thought of it being out there on the plane from London to Spore makes my heart do its scrunchies. I really hope i can pass my 4 subjects which i took last year. Ok,so that aside, i thought of surprising BF by going to NIE, because He and friendssss are taking care of a stall at a bazaar held there. (Monday to Wednesday at NIE BLock 5, selling t-shirts, etc etc.) so, BF doesnt know i'm outta school. I met Mima at the bus stop and she was surprised to see me not in Lecture. hahaw~! So, I accompanied her to Jurong Point. And i thought, Hey... Why not get BF's Favourite Food?? And so, i headed to Delifrance.. and bought for BF 3 whole turkey Ham and cheeeeeeeeeese Croissant.. it's superb!! Melts in your mouth and the taste is heavenly! Recommended for Cheeeese-Lovers! just like BF. I took a cab to NIE and when i got there. I was like a lost deer lookin around the huge campus. My heart told me not to call BF and keep on lookin 4 him, but i was totally lost. So i had to call him. No more surprise liao.... :( But nvm, it's ayyyy ok! :) Hang out at the stall wit him and Friends till 6pm. Afterwhich, we went to Fildza's house to chill. Around 9pm, BF sent me home all the way from BoonLay to Tampines. We had a great deep conversation about the future. "Whatever you plan to do, i'll be supporting you 125%, honey." BF then saw me to my Bus stand, and then he gave me one turkey cheese croissant to bring home, coz he knows i likes it too. We'll have more next time ok, BF. Let's think of happy today. I love you, BF! Take care at the stall tomoro ok! *hugggz*

Thursday, August 14, 2003

addicted to turkeyham&cheeeeeeese ';P

today no sun...n been rainy all day & mendung,so best...sleep all chilled..n have to kalang kabut when wake up..cos nak terkencing..ok i hate that part cos it might ruined the sleep n when i wake up already,difficult to sleep back.anyways today i went to Shatecwith Gf to enquire about the courses there etc.i'm pretty impressed with the courses n all but not the skool..haah the skool looked more like a factory..but who noes la..i'd been to the exteriors i have to really made up my mind n go for the applications very very soon.lucky my uncle sponsor me!cos its been my dream since i finish sec life,i dun have much $ to study opted for ite instead.its all gd btw..after that we met up with zul n then lily..n went to have some funs at orchid country tennis today.but we did hav real fun playin bowling and Pool (GF: We suck at bowling, lempar bowling ball macam lempar sampah masuk tong <<--according to Zul. Haha! In the end, "It's the ball, Zul, it's the ball" hee! Lily & Zul were good competitive bowlers!Much better than us of course! Pool was great! We played 5 games! And BF and GF won! yeay!) & also i dun think i fancy a sauna!its very hard for me to breathe!eheh btw thanks a million lily!!gf says ur so sweet..n agrees with imran..that ya sweeter more than a sugar!haha..ok anyways..i love the shop!its gonna be spring cleaning again tis sat n discussions to bring most of my cds there...
hmm..does sayur bayam can buat kita berak2?i dun hav any clue but..i always face tht whenever i eats it..& also..i learnt a new thing too..'i can't wear berms & slippers all the time!' ahaha..sorry imran..i really dun noe!..i'll wear properly nxt time ';D

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Crash Boom Bang & Chicken Chop Mania.

My relatives have arrived. cousins, aunt, uncle, gramma, grandad. All crashing in my house. The renovation has started at their house. And Basically, there are now 10 people livin here for 1 month. haha! It's fun to have them around. Cool bunch of people. I started the day off by going to school. (anyway, i have school 2 times a week, 2 lectures a day, 3 hours a lecture, with a 15 minutes break in the middle where they supply tea and coffee and cakes, yummy! BF said i go to skolah "main-main" macam kindergaten. haha!) Mima followed me to my second lecture just for fun, nak passing time, wait for me. Thanks Mims! After school, BF & Me asked Mima along to try the chicken chop (Yes, promote again!) ahha! Tak habis habis eh chicken chop! Hope it will never habis also coz it's just too nice. And me and BF plan to go on a double date with her next week to watch Daddy Day Care! Can't wait to have a real pecah perut Laugh! After that, me follow BF to Bedok Reservoir Rd. with friends. And i like wat i see! Nice place, very nice. I left early for tuition hoping to get my month's pay today, but alas, i didn't. :( had a nice meal of Laksa Johor at the tuition place though... :) Chatted with my students after tuition and they called me "Kakak Chickadee" hahaha! No explanations needed! Hmmpphh! :P BF comin home soon. Can't wait for tomorow! Me following BF to Shatec coz he wants to apply for a course there.. His all-time dream is to become a Gourmet Chef! Comel you, BF! Then, we gona go out wit our 2 Friends... will update about it tomorow k. Come home, BF! i miss you already!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Me short hair liao.

i have been wanting to cut my hair again.. and BF has been asking me all these while if he could follow me cut hair. He want to see what the hairdresser actually does. And so, after school (which i skipped by the way haha), BF followed me to Plaza Sing's Kimage. And i got a short crop. I like it coz it's less RiMaS! yeahoo~!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

In this world that we livin' in....

Me And BF stumbled onto a little something just now.. . And we had a deep deep conversation about it. The Perils of Life. It's very ironic when lashing out against own culture is spilt publicly... This has nothing to do with individuality, but talking as a whole society. Growing up and living life as this race, ppl should be proud of it and not damning, blaming every single rule, tradition or nic-nacs... Silly. Then who's gonna bury you when you die? Who taught ya the culture of growing up as this race? How do you go about everyday life being shunned away from your own kind? Traditions are there so that we feel a sense of belonging. And me and BF agree that in this society, it's slowly dieing out. Scary.
Then , the topic switched to how the world is so small and everywhere you go, he will know him, and he will know her, and she will know him.. and he will be her brother's mother-in-law's sister's auntie's son. It's nice to know if everybody is linked and related. But the world is not perfect. If it is, there wouldn't be WAR. Hatred lingers in the air. Misunderstandings occur so much regularly in everyday life, it's heart-wrenching. I stumbled upon this..

Cheryl Richardson, author of Take Time for Your Life, gives you the types of friends to watch out for.
The Blamer
This is a person who consistently blames you and/or everyone else for her problems. The world and the people in it always seem to create havoc for this person, and instead of taking responsibility for her life, she'd rather blame others.
The Complainer
This person likes to hear her own voice. She constantly complains about what isn't working in her life and yet gets energy from complaining and dumping her frustrations on you.

The Drainer
This is the needy person who calls to ask for your guidance, support, information, advice, or whatever she needs to feel better in the moment. Because of her neediness, the conversation often revolves around her, and you can almost feel the life being sucked out of you during the conversation.

The Shamer
This person can be hazardous to your health. The shamer may cut you off, put you down, reprimand you, or make fun of your or your ideas in front of others. She often ignores your boundaries and may try to convince you that her criticism is for you own good. The shamer is the kind of person who make you question your own sanity before hers.

The Discounter
This is the person who discounts or challenges everything you say. Often, she has a strong need to be right and can find fault with any position. It can be exhausting to have a conversation with the discounter, so eventually you end up giving in and deciding to just listen.

The Gossip
This person avoids intimacy by talking about others behind their backs. The gossip gets energy from relaying stories, opinions, and the latest "scoop." By gossiping about others, she creates a lack of safety in her relationships, whether she realizes it or not. After all, if she'll talk about someone else, she'll talk about you.

Friday, August 08, 2003

wat i do today..let me see....

today start very fast...maybe its cos i woke up really late...i didnt have a gd sleep yesterday..thanks to mosquitos,the heat & also my tilam..i toss n turn n toss till i didnt realise until my mum's alarmy clock rang...its subuh..oh daym..haha..didnt noe i can toss n turn till the nxt day..oh well..i changed the tilam,wash up & also i made the fan directed at me..n finally..back to dreamland....
woke up nearly friday prayers off lor.not enuff i go n upload..some songs into my md..b4 had a lil lunchies as usual b4 meeting my zul n lily..we then had chicken was lily's first time having the meal.she said it ws gd!(see!highly recomended!)quite numbers of 'eastsiders' agreen taste it b4!mee goreng basah is up nxt guy!hah..
after the long lunch there..we all made our own ways..lily went off..zul goes home(he's sick today)...n i went to meet Gf!!being bz the whole day today teaching...she looked a bit tired as i met her(the dates are nearer) haha...understand understood...btw..we sat at starbucks tampy mall..talked..see pple...we hav a hobby of see pple wear wat..ahah..macam best..see them..but we had quite a hard time talkin...cos beside our table there's this big grp of 18yrs olds..talking so loudly..behavin rowdily..n not surprisingly they ordered only 2 small drinks..share among all of em............So we jalan2...(today was very crowded)..n look at some hairstyles at some shops(well..its for gf though..hah not me.i dun fancy all these for my hair)i think she agreed with the choice that i made..ahha..we'll jus see yea...
the day ended for us when she went off to meet her mum,sis,cousins n aunt for dinner at simei...n i made my way home..2 great shows today on tv! ' Real Madrid vs Hong Kong @ channel i & 'Leftnan Adnan' on suria..watching both!n playing cm4!heh..laters then..tok to u later gf!

how is blogspot pronouce as? is it B log? or jus blogspot? hm.. was super legs was still very much in pain..after the run the day warm up,,this is wat happen.ahha nvm..2more days surely gone.i woke up quite early today,did my project..den dwl some songs n off to meet gf at 1:45.accompany her for lunch at our usual spot(Sakura).afterwhich,we walked ard..cos she wants to search for a handbag or a sandal..went to probably all the shopping centres at orchard road..sat down too at times cos of my tiring legs..then move ard again..then finally sat at lido seats yang at atas.thts our fav place to hang out chair..screen to watch trailers..lotsa fd outlets..can irritate gf better ..oh n yeah...soon can have more FREE drinks!shahrom n haffiz gonna work there!STARBUCKS LIDO!..oo..ask free ok pple..dun forget.they are very nice pple on earth. ';) right Effa?! hav to leave a t 7pm..gotta teach her tuition kids which starts at 8pm..after she made her way there..i met up with the most frenly couple i ever met..haffiz n effa..take a long walk to take another free strbuck drink at orchard parade hotel b4 making our way to liat burger we wait for fahmy & zul..zul came first..then we ate a lil bits..then only...fahmy came..we talked n joked ard ..more than discussing wat we are supposed to discuss..but its all gd ...lik fahmy said.."Love is in the AIr!'ahah..crazy funny chap..we laughed alot basically today! ahah ok while i was typing all these..i'm soaking my feet with air panas+garam.feeling foot rot masih ada la..stupid army. is online now..better chat wit her! love ya! bye bye bye..........OOpps..dun say bye..say ,..see u later ":)

Thursday, August 07, 2003

An eventful day wit BF.

The day is long. The hours, the minutes, the seconds. But it was an excting day overall. I started out the day, goin to school for my lecture of managerial economics. Mr Ting, my lecturer is an Ah Beng Lecturer. He talks like Ah Beng and well, some of his students do have him in their hate list. His car was brutally scratched by somebody who hates him because of his ways... Get a Life! Mima, my very good friend in SIM, came late(as usual). After my short break, i chabut lecture coz it's so boring. BF came to have lunch of Fish And Chips with me at Megabites, although he was very full having eaten lunch at home (Kepala ikan tenggiri masak lauk asam pedas) his favourite. Eat again (2nd lunch). BF gettin chubbier? hehe ! Mima joined us! And we never stopped laughing.. sittin at a small round table, covered with 3 big plates of fish n chips and drinks. We joked and joked. And BF bumped into Ana, his neighbour, and introduce her to me, she's a sweet girl. After eating, the three of us ,(mima, me, bf) sat outside a lecture theatre and both of them waited for me to collect my afternoon lecture notes of corporate finance. Then i sed goodbye to both of them and went into lecture... The lecturer was teaching damn superfast and she finished 2 lectures in a period of one. She should enter the Guiness world book of records for being the world's fastest-talkin lecturer. Zaini went home to help his aunt with the groceries. After school about 5 pm., i dropped by his house. His aunt and Grandmother were at home. They asked me to have an early dinner with Zaini and we had a delicious meal of lauk asam pedas ikan tenggiri. And BF taught me how to eat the kepala ikan(fish head), he said the fillings is nice...Yummy! Anyway, Dhirah invited us to see a soccer game at Tampines at night. And we are to meet her at 6+pm. After our dinner, Bf went to bathe, while me and his Grandmother talked about zaman dulu dulu, when BF was still a mischievous notti boy! hahah! His Nenek and me joke about him. His Grandmother is very kind and loving and beautiful. I love her! Ok, so then off we set to meet Dhirah at Dover Mrt and i bump into my long-time-no-see JC classmate, whose girlfriend is my Secondary school junior.. huih.. small small world. Soccer game starts at 730pm between Under-23s and Tampines Rovers. BF, Me and Dhirah Cheered on for the Under-23s... who lost in the end 1-5. It was fun havin Dhirah around coz she's very excited. hee! Thanks dhirah! Tampines stadium was so kechoh especially the "war" going on among the pakcik-pakcik main judi and the younglions Fan. Somebody also shouted to the Pakciks,"Tu pasal lah Melayu tak boleh Maju, pasal pakcik pakcik sendiri kaki judi! Rosak bangsa & agama!".... My God... That was one great comment. The three of us shared Zaini's Hershey chocolates and Pau and we bought drinks like at picnic lik that.. haha! Ok, the end of the day already... BF send me take feeder Bus.... And now i'm at home, shagged out and lethargic. BF also tired... BF call me later ok. Me blog on behalf of BF... he too tired.. pity him ...but he's now eatin his desert and supper.hehe! Laters' BF, love yoU! Thanks for today!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003


hmm..tts a riddle tt is very puzzling,gf.but anyways the answer to my riddle is 'seatbelt'!heh..kinky suggestive seems very long to me.i woke up very late..then went to post the gurantee cards then meet gf who was wit mimah to exchange back our ez link cards.she has a very long day today..n also tomorrow.for today she has to teach shamirah from 2pm till 4pm i guess..then she took a short nap b4 doin her house chores.& as for me..i get to see my fav chinky show,Holland V!hehe..jus loike tht show so much..after that..i jus hav this feeling to i did went for 4km run..after which my back so pain..haha too fat.knees hurt too..but it shud be ok after i dos it more regularly..slacking too much after ns is the most probable reason i guess.haha..tuesday nite tcs 5 always show the crappiest shows..old shows,taken from HBO,starmovies etc.Mum bought me more junks today..more ice creams..hershey';s chocos...cup noodles..etc etc..ahha ..i'm growing healthier n more healther day by day...hah laters!
tok to u later gf.miss u so much ;D

New Riddle.

"A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first. What am i?"

Monday, August 04, 2003

BF likes jokes!

i know! i Know! But i'm not tellin'! haha! BF in joke-y mood ey. Jus got back from schoool and watched Friends(my favourite series) and now Smallville... a series where the starting part is always an ironic Accident, but good-lookin' casts anyhow. Bf fetched me from school just now. We went to Lot10 to get a stamp chop from SAFE superstore for his momma after which we ate chicken at KFC. And Bf sent me from CCk all the way to Tampines and he went home all the way back to Clementi again. Bf very kind. I woke up late today. Lecture starts at 930am.. I woke up at... 930 am. What a way to start School on a Monday Blues Morning. Supposed to wake Bf up at 8 coz he wanna watch Footie.. but i ended up zzzzzing. Sorry Bf!

zaisalsa..but i can't dance...heh

'What is Short but gets Longer when You Hold it;it passes between womens Breast & enters a Hole!..ok what is it?'

Ooh la La la..

must be soundly asleep now gf ey..heh..skools start tomorrow onwards for her..sheesh..haha back to the basics but for her last yr.I havent sleep yet..maybe i'm too full..jus eat some eggs too...n rambutans..anyways my mum says after operation badan surely naik becos of new fresh blood ..somethin lik dat ah she said.maybe its true..b4 ns..55kg,After ns 75kg.after operation(still sick period) dare to weigh..haha..i shud be healthy.Met fahmy today n his sweet gf Fai.talked bout the songs we gonna do for oct 2nd insya'allah.after that we had "supper" a burgerking.zul cant make it today but its ok..he's happy wit all decisions tht were made.hmm..i really duno wat to do at this hr..maybe gonna listen some pples i duno wat to type...ok see u later gf at skool
love ya!

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Thanks for visiting~!

First and foremost, Hello to those who tag this blog. :) Thank you. Your presence is soo much apppreciated.
:) I didn't meet bf today. bf bz. He's gonna meet his friends later to discuss a project... And me just finish sprucing up my Room. Throwin away all my junks.. Yeap that poster's up on my wall now. hee! Damn tired. Not sure if i wanna go swimming wit my mom n sis later at night. Very lecheh.. Nvm , i'll jus bum around at home and watch tv or chill wit a good book and a cuppa tea. A book i'm currently reading is called,"The Female Eunuch" By Germaine Greer (Flamingo series, 1970). New York Times quote it as the best feminist book so far, full of bile and insight... But hey, no, i'm not a feminist. It's just that these issues trigger a deeper sense of questions in the nooks and crannies of my brain. Here's an excerpt i find intriguing:
"When Adam saw Eve in the Garden of Eden, he loved her because she was of himself, bone of his bone, and more like him than any of the other animals created for his delectation. His movement towards her was an act of love for his own kind. This kind of diffuse narcissism has always been accepted as a basis for love, except in a male-female relationship where it has been assumed that man is inflamed by what is different in women, and therefore the differences have been magnified until men have more in common with other men of different races, creeds and colours than they have with the women of their own environment". Germain Greer, p.159

I'm back to reading now.... Take care later, Hon!

You're One Farnie Guy, Bf.

Baby, baby... haha! I know what you mean, I get you. I'm not actually bloggin jus now Dear. I'm answering Your Triple S Questions. heh heh heh.... Survey Segala ya! Me and bf just get back from a day out... met up wit lihah, Liz, Aisyah fo a while.... Thanks Girls for the belated Present. Appreciate them. Well... I woke up in the morning for tuition and met bf at 230pm same place. I felt foolish today. Sorry Honey. I was too excited about getting free "How To Deal" Movie passes given out by Perfect 10 that i didn't take note of the timing of event and whether "pink" tops will be spotted. In the end me didn't get to win the movie passes... firstly, coz i can't sing a mandy moore song. secondly coz i guess the whole thing was just a "pass by" event. I was surprised when BF turned up in his pink Nautica T-shirt although he told me it's small... I told him he could then wear anything he wants... When i asked him why did he consider wearing that Pink t-shirt, he said,"Coz i wanna make you happy, Dear." I melted all over. And silly me didn't even listen carefully to the gazzette on p10. i'm really sorry Hon. Above all, i answered Jean Danker's Question on the movie correctly at the road Show and got a "how to deal" movie poster!! I loike Mandy Mooore..She's a great actress and singer and still remains humble about it. Sexiliciously Decent. My frens bought me a "Groovy Baby" PInk Pillow as a belated present. My Cousin's family belongings have already arrived in huge brown boxes and was placed at my house. Saw My Grandpa, Fahmy (elder cousin) and Firuz (younger cousin) who helped shifted the things to my house jus now. Heard from my sis that they are actually Stayin over after National day parade for less 1 month. Oh heck... Privacy's gonna be diffficult! Endurance mode: ON. Thanks for enduring today Bf, I love you.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Gunakanlah Minyak Rambut M.B.R.

Hmm..while i'm writing gf doin the same thing.anyways i'm always gd at judging times for gf.haaha whether ur late..early..wat time u reach etc.Sixth Sense ay?duno lah eh..heh..btw i kind of love my title today..very suits today,hah..oh ya..tomorrow Gf house will be very bz for at least a mth.cos their closest cousins family are crashing in to their house.reason y?they are renovating their it'll be hard fo rme to communicate whether online or phone for a mth.understood yu!school gonna start also nxt wk for her..oo gd cos her skool near my home..ahha save $$ i hav this seafd cockles kway teow at Cahaya.DAYm Terrible!!even..the ones at lau pa sat taste better..but i hav to agree wit zul that puncak ones taste better even though gf disagree.she prefers Sakura to neither both.but no matter wat..MEE GORENG BASAH TELOK BLANGAH & CLEMENTI CHICKEN CHOP STILL THE DOPEST ISH!!!..heh..tok to u later gf.

Chicken. Chicken. Chicken.

My student, Mira came at 130 pm today. Taught her phrasal verbs today... and she memorised 4 whole pages of phrasal verbs list.. i was awed and inspired by my own student... her memory is superb. She took a bath at my house since she experimented with crabs in Science class in school today. PSLE is round the corner. But my gut feeling tells me she can make it and ace it.. InsyaAllah.TOmorow at 930 in the morning, i'll be meetin my Sec.4 student facin N levels around the same time as Mira's PSLE... Her Maths is improving. she got 19 ½ /20 for her test. As a tutor, i feel proud of her. And deep in my heart, i feel the Kepuasan hati.. Oh Anyway, after tuition ends, me Had Chicken chop at S11.. It wasn't very nice. I miss Clementi's Chicken chop. I'll be starting school (my 3rd Year) on Monday! And will surely drop by the chicken chop stall, wit my bf. Zaini came all the way to Tampines to meet me today, denying the fact that he isn't working and is low on cash... You don't have to Honey. I understand. Clementi to Tampines costs nearly $8 for a return trip. That's Dear. But he still insists....That's Zaini. When i met bf, we went to KFC.. yes Chicken. hehe.. i didn't ate though... had enuff chicken for the day. I took his Mashed Potatoes! After that, he walked me home... from Tampines Interchange all the way to my home opposite TPJC. As always, We talked and talked and joked all the way home. topics include Friends, Family, Relationships, Marriage, Parents, etc....After which i told him i wanna sleep for an hour upon returning... and now i've awoken and here to blog. Oh anyway, I agree wit BF... Mee Goreng Basah Telok Blanga is the BEST!! Talk to ya later, BF!

Friday, August 01, 2003

longan,rambutan,lychee & durians

today so hot la...cannot tahan..i'm like sweaty butcher lik dat.well,today was very slow to me..after mosque,i went to juherman's place to check out some newsletters..view some vids then went home to have lunch b4 meeting Gf at tampy.Slept thru out the journey from clementi.After meeting gf,we went to send shahmirah to the bus..then we went off to pay some utility bills.afterwhich we went to kfc to hav some light dinner..i can't stop eating man...sheesh..anyways..after tht..i walked her home from the interchange..talked alot..basically about our friend who's quite in puzzled in his/her love life.whatever the outcome is..we wish u all the best ya!Gf sleeping now..too tired n bz teaching today..its ok..i'll hear from u later k?i'm going to hav my real dinner now..kway teow goreng Din Biasa!(Guys/gals u shud all try mee goreng basah at telok belangah!)very gd man..zul agreed!n alot many too!heh...till then...i'm out!footy later!