Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why the Number 25, SheZai?

The title speaks for itself. 2, 5, 25.

1. We were together ever since 25/03/2001, at 5.25am.
2. BF's birthday is on 25/11.
3. The number 25 brings us luck, ever since.
4. Our soon to be engagement date will be on 25th, at 5-2=3 pm.
5. 0.25 cc ring.
6. Our soon to be wedding date will also be on 25th. (02+05=07. on a surprise date.)
7. The year of 2005 is the year where Dad opens up to BF.
8. She + Zai = 5he + 2ai.
9. We are 2 years apart.
10. Our birthdays are 5 months apart.

Are all these coincidences?
I believe in fate.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sheikha + Expo - hei - kha = ?

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It's My Lo'reality!
I Love Going Expo on weekends!! Shopping!!!
I went to Expo after work as i heard my favourite brand Loreal has a SALE!!! I just can't resist! I love their products. And i ultimately recommend you going to the sale (tomorrow is the last day). Although it was crowded with pushing and shoving crowd, i manage to snag meself some of these skin care produts at a less than bargain price!! The face mask used to be 1 pack for $20+ i think. But now, it's 3 for $25! I've also been eyeing the Micro-dermabrasion kit which was being sold for $35+ outside. But it's only $20 at the sale! The visible results moisturiser is selling at only $15!!! I got 2 mascaras at $10!!! I'm going crazy at the sale and just grab what i could! haha! Well, although i got the 3 really ugly blue nailpolish free, i'd say i had myself a gooooood time of retail therapy!! They have make-up going at bundled prices, like 3 for $10, or 5 for $20 (though limited colours). Hair dye at 3 for $20. Last day is tomorrow, so if you like Loreal or Garnier products, I recommend the sale!

Errmm.. and apart from the sale, have you heard of the much hyped up Sexpo? It's $15 entry per adult above 21 yrs. (last day tomorrow too). Geeeeeeeeez! Ridiculous price for a subjective exhibition where they have Pole Dancing seminars, sex talks by Drs and Proffs and the sorts. Anyway, i saw lots and lots and lots of Ah Peks and really really old men paying to go in when i took a peek from outside. Ohh, what the bejeezus is going on in their dehydrated minds? No, I did not go in.

Alright then, a big day is happenning tomorrow! SheZai Phase 1.5 ... dot dot dot.
Nervousness to the core of the intestines.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Have a Happy Hari Raya!

Some things i discovered while discovering Ramadhan and Hari Raya this year.

1. Most over-rated material for baju kurung..... and langsir = Organza (also the most widely-used word)
2. The Kueh you'll see less and less at house-visiting for the coming years = Kueh Tart (pineapple tart)
3. The thing you'll see less and less at house-visiting for the coming years = Lampu Lap-Lip (Chasing lights)
4. The vehicle most used to travel = Cars (owned or rented)
5. Most office hours people will usually take leave on Friday to grab the long weekend opportunity to go Jalan raya.

Hehe.. well that's all i can think of for now. Oh man, it's already 2.20am in the morn and i'm so tired from visiting.
It's always a yearly affair. To convoy just to finish visiting my 13 aunts and uncles of my Dad's side, not forgetting the 8-10 grand aunts and grand uncles. And to think that that is only my Dad's side. 10+ more to go for my Mom's side. Gee, thank God for my long leave from work! No more green packets to take in... but this year to give out instead to my hmmm... 30+ cousins. :P

Selamat Hari Raya to all Family, Relatives and Friends.

Anyway, speaking of which, i've not been spending much time with my Honey. He's been working so hard and I really miss spending time with him. We've not met for almost a week due to Hari Raya preparations. I really really miss you so bad Hon. Oh, delivering the good news, Most probably, our plan for Christmas is going to take flight, Insya-Allah. My heart's a'thumpin' just at the thought of Preparations for SheZai Phase II. The green light is just ahead..... you know what i mean, baby.

Yours Sincerely,