Sunday, September 27, 2009

Low Immunity

Last Thursday I was caught in a heavy downpour that left me drenched to the skin. When I reached my workplace, I dried myself off and by the time it was time to go home, my temperature had gone up to 38 degrees. I wanted to take a cab to the doctor but then the distance between NUS and Tampines will surely cost me a bomb and the AhPek taxi will be one grinning chesire cat, what with the ERPs, surcharge and what nots. So I braved myself to take the train during rush hour, hoping to get myself a seat. I was shivering like an idiot with teeth chattering. I felt my body temperature increase. I got to the Doc safe and sound. My temperature then rose again to 39.7 degrees, the highest I have ever encountered in my whole life. My body was aching, my eyes watery, my nose dripping. I had to rest. Due to the distance from work, I had only 3 to 4 hours of sleep everyday. My immune system is so weak that a drop of rain can cause me to be ill. So I had sick leave on Friday, popping pills and resting well. The same goes for the weekend. While my mom and dad went Hari Raya visiting, I stayed at home. Hon is working too by the way, so if I were to follow my parents, it would be weird, like as if I'm still single, what more with Sis not here in SG. ( =p) So it gave me a chance to recuperate and boost up my energy. I wished I had more rest. I decided to be a good girl and finish popping all my pills and drink lots of water. Just today, I drank 7 bottles (750ml each) of water. While my friends and relatives are enjoying their kuih-muih, with brightly-coloured gassy drinks to go along with it, I can only pop these brightly-coloured pills into my mouth. What a sad sad sad weekend. Being alone at home, sick to the bone, I can just pull my hair out and go crazy due to the boredom!

So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Skype'ing with my sister

I love Skype. Video calls are easy. I video called my sister in Sydney just now. She's doing fine, that little rascal. =P The dust storm is over. She seems Okay. I print screen this without her knowledge. Hehehehe! She loves the cat, Chucky, who is always so manja with her and sleeps with her. See what she's doing.... tsk tsk tsk...

Then when i told her I took her pic, she said she wanted to bathe and make-up and get ready to go out. Then I can take another screen shot of her.... See la see la.. pretty already k.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

Let me let you in on a secret. I have really ugly shoes. No, really, seriously. Very VERY ugly shoes. Hon can vouch for that. I really do NOT know how to shop for pretty shoes. Whatever I have are all black, black, black, black, black, black, black. Maybe because I think I can match black with almost everything. And it goes well with all office wear. So black sandals, black heels, black shoes, black flats, black everything, as you can see from the image below. Disintegrated, torn, broken, worn out, tattered, I decided to THROW everything! That is after 5 years or so, maybe?
Hah~ Bye Bye Black Black Black!

So with my very little knowledge on women's shoes, I asked Hon, my fashion stylist, for his sound advice on women's shoes. Shame on me, kan! I'm a woman and I don't know how to buy nice shoes. Hahaha! Hon even said all the shoes I own are b-o-r-i-n-g! So there! I used up all my Capitaland vouchers to buy these shoes and have to pay only $12 (from $170) for both pairs at Pedro. Hee! What a worthy purchase~! OK maybe with an exception for the first pair I bought that has to be black. I like the zip details.

And gold shoes for raya. A bit the lecheh due to the buckles... so i must try to discreetly bend down, squat down or walk unsteadily to a corner and senyap senyaply lift up my kain baju kurung like makcik makcik and try to buckle it. Hahaha! Serves me right for buying such shoes... Hmmph!

Me, Myself and I.


I love us.

I also like MIKA's new album!!! I loike! Especially 'Blue Eyes'! It's on repeat mode on my iTunes! I love the way his songs are just so care-free. Recommended for easy listening.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother In Law's

I think I have the greatest Mother-In-Law any daughter-in-law could ever ask for. For one, she is such a good mother to Hon. I can see her motherly love being expressed through her cooking and her care and concern towards her son. Even after we are married, she expresses the same love towards me. And I am very thankful for her love. I've heard many nasty stories about mother-in-laws these days who described their in-laws as relentless wicked witches. I offer my sympathy towards them. And to those who have worked things out, kudos. I think life has been good to me. And my marriage is indeed a blessing in disguise. Having a great husband, and a great mother-in-law to boot! Alhamdulillah. Oh Gosh, the loving things that she does, I cannot even list them down as they are just too many. I do harbour feelings of guilt sometimes when she does those things. One of which I want to share, is her generosity. She is the most generous person I have ever known. For example, every Hari Raya, she makes kuihs for me to bring back home. It was the same scenario as last year. Not 1, not 2, but 5 big tupperwares full of Kuihs!! I even have to take a cab and asked my mom to help me carry those up. It doesn't matter what type of kuih she makes, or even the variety. The thought of her sweat and effort makes it all worth it! And no, she is not a Stay At Home Mom. She is working. This means her time management skills are excellent! I dare say she is a perfectionist in food too. She will never let me or Hon eat something that is a teeny weeny bit overcooked or overbaked or crumbled up. Those she will eat herself. Instead, she prepares and puts the perfect of the lot for our savour. I have a lot more superb things to say about her but I think I let the pictures do the talking for now. (I wanted to help her make these, but she really insist that I rest and do my assignment.)

The 5 huge tupperwares of kuih raya that my Mother-In-Law prepared specially for me.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Her signature pineapple tarts

Almond roasted cookies

Pecan chocolate chip cookies (The taste is so similar to Famous Amos)

Her signature Chocolate Chip Macaroons

What did i tell you? Ain't she the greatest? She holds a special significant place in my heart. What more could a daughter-in-law ask for? =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Excited about new findings...

Hey people! It's me again. Yeap. Hon's kinda busy these days, you see. So it's up to me to update. Well, guess what. I have discovered a really cool firefox add-on called Cooliris! It has been around for quite some time, but this new update is waaay cool! The interface is ultimately smooth!! Check out my desktop! You can easily scroll pictures found on the internet, watch YouTube videos with ease and even have the latest updates of movie trailers or music videos!! I am SO LOVING THIS ADD-ON!!

My Desktop now...... I downloaded a persona and coloured tabs too. Whaddaya think? =)
Click the image below to view a big-ass version of my desktop picture.

And from this I discovered that a children's book entitled "Where The Wild Things Are" are gonna be made into a MOVIE!!! Most early childhood educators would be familiar with this book.... And when I watched the trailer.... yup.. It's my type of fantasy movie. And I want to watch it! Wonder why the trailer ain't showing in movies yet... hmm...hehehe! Hon will NEVER watch it with me I bet.

The characters are really scary. Check it out.

OH! I love the trailer song too and I took the liberty to find out what the song title is!
It's "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire..The alternate version.. Nice!!

If the children don’t grow up,
our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
We’re just a million little god’s causin rain storms turnin’ every good thing to rust.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Got Raya mood?

Mom-in-law is in the kitchen and the smell of pineapple tarts are wafting through the air. She's always perfect at cooking and making and baking. I can never be like her. It takes years of experience. I'm still at the amateur stage now. See how nice her just-baked pineapple tarts are. Made to perfection.

Yesterday was one of the best shopping days for me ever since I started work. Since Hon wasn't working, we planned to settle our Raya shopping first. I left for my facial in the morning and met Hon at Geylang arounf 2.30pm. We planned to wear red this year. Our favourite colour. So focusing on that, we scanned the shops for every red garment they have. It's like playing a Computer Game. "Beat the time, amidst sweaty pushy crowd!" and we aced that. The crowd had not filled in yet so we just HAD to take every chance possible to GET OUT of Geylang as soon as possible! By 2.45pm, Hon was done with his shopping. He got a pair of red Baju Kurung, Kain Samping and Butang. All in just under fifteen minutes!! Bravo!! No hassle at all. Next challenge, my turn! Oh the collection was just atrocious. I scurried in and out every nook and cranny of every shop just to detect any red in there. And finally, got mine at 3.30pm. An hour, can you believe that! The crowd is getting bigger by the minute. We decided, ENOUGH! Let's get out of here!! After buying Deng2 for the family (bonus Game points), we rushed to take a bus to Orchard Road. Sweaty, irritable, impatient and hungry.. On to the next level. Once we boarded the bus, all that seeped away. Truth be told, we don't really fancy going to Geylang on a Saturday or even any other day for that matter. It is indeed an achievement we got what we wanted in under 2 hours chop chop. No heygey heygey. So glad we shared the same sentiments on that.

We decided to skip Comex. C'mon. Would you go to another event to be crushed, stepped on, elbowed and scuffled? This second group of crowd is even worse! It's like 'Stage 2' if you're playing the "Beat the time, amidst sweaty pushy crowd!" game. Nah.... It's GAME OVER for us. No more crowd pls. Instead, we booked tickets to 'BRUNO'!! A movie we wanted to watch ever since it opened. After breaking fast at Pastamania, we sempat went shopping first before the movie!!! Now this crowd I can stand. Not so bad. I wanted to buy another Rubi shoe but instead side-tracked and bought 3 items from Bershka!!! A leathery legging, red leopard-print top and a leathery mini-skirt!! This collection, I love. And as always, my Husband, being my fashion consultant, is the ever so patient one giving me opinions, waiting for me to try on and stuffs. He's the BEST shopping companion a girl could have! Really in-trend due to the fact that he works retail and looks at what people wear every single day and what is on display at the fashion wear shops. If not for him, I would just stick to my comfortable wear. Seriously.

And so we watched Bruno. (R21) Oh my Gosh. I was GAPING the whole time. My mouth wide open as a donut at every single scene. It's Laugh-Out-Loud funny!!! And there was full frontal!! And the dick speaks! Sacha is SUPER BOLD and COURAGEOUS to have done all that. I cannot fathom how he managed to pull through all that. And the dancing, oh gosh. His display of character is really No Holds Barred!!! I would give a 4 out of 5 popcorns for bravery. And can you believe that his beau is Isla Fisher (the girl from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic')? They look good together! I admire how Sacha can totally switch and play different characters!

Just loot at how handsome he is in real life.

And look at how he managed to change skin like a chameleon. Being Ali G, Borat and Bruno.

Images courtesy of,, and

Ok now, seriously, no more foolin' around. Need to get down to do my assignment due the day after raya. Damn.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Agenda for today...

Gonna leave for my facial at noon. Meet Hubby at Geylang by 2pm to find our bajus. This time, no side-tracking. One pair will do. Chop Chop. Going to Comex next to find treasures. Then buka. Then maybe more shopping and movies. What a great Saturday. Better make full use of it when Hon is not working on a Saturday.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

More on stuffs.

The weekend has been marvelous! Hon and I watched 'Dance Flick' the previous night at Downtown East after he finished school. Man, It was crappy to the m-a-x. Spoofs of most of the dance flicks including Step Up, Hairspray, Save the last dance, Stomp the yard and even Twilight! I would love to do a 'Sheikha's Top Ten Facts' on this movie but I'm running short of time here. So a short preview it is yea. The movie's not really HA HA funny but if you follow the Wayans brothers in their production, you'll know what to expect. Some of the dance moves are really ill. There is NO flow of storyline, and you'll be most likely to say, "What the....." at some scenes. If you really digg the Wayans, then go watch it for some internal stir of giggles. But otherwise, don't even bother to catch it, especially on weekends, when the price tickets cost a bomb, ya know what I mean.

We watched 'The Ugly Truth' next. Typical of a relationship flick, girl wants hot dude, cheesy dick came into the picture to 'teach' her how to get hot dude, cheesy dick gets jealous, girl suddenly falls in love with cheesy dick, argued with cheesy dick on why he didn't go after her, and girl finally got together with cheesy dick, leaving hot dude high and dry. Phew! There. That just goes into summarizing the movie. Stale story line. I thought it would be a breath of fresh air, but nope. Same ol' storyline.

We're gonna watch 'Bruno' next! Now that, I have expectations for. The ultimately talented Sacha Baron Cohen from 'Borat' will slip into another skin, gay as hell. Let's see how that goes.
BUT! The most anticipated movie for me would be 'FAME'! I SO Can't wait for that to be out!! I'm gonna buy the poster to add to my collection for SURE! And then join Jitterbugs for some dance lessons. Yummy~!

FAME! Remember my Name! Dream it, Earn it, Live it.

Right, enough about movies for now. The agenda for yesterday was for Hon and I to go to JB to get our Baju Kurungs. But the lure of the day was so syiok, we then planned to cancel JB and go to Geylang to get them instead. The day dragged on and we were still at home. In the end, we gave up buying baju kurungs totally and headed to Orchard Rd instead!! We totally side-tracked big-time! Guilt!! Shopping!! I bought a dress from F21 and Hon bought me another dress.
Shopping for dresses. =)

He got himself an Arsenal jersey. The reason why we gave up Geylang on a Saturday was due to the heat and the crowd. We are left with only ONE saturday to shop for our baju kurungs. The only Saturday Hon is not working. We are gonna brave the crowd and weather for that one. Speaking of which, Hon has to work on the day of Hari Raya, the day after Hari Raya and the next weekend after Hari Raya. So I won't be spending this Raya with him. =( His work beckons. So sedih. Sigh....

The Nike Human Race is back, people!! 24 Oct 09! I would love to join the 10km run again! But the bimbo thing is, I stupidly signed up for the Great Eastern Women's 10km run on the 1 Nov 09!! A week after the Human Race!! I had no idea the Human Race was gonna be on that date! It was after i signed up for the GE Women's race that i realised. By then, it was too effing late. Damn. Should I run 10km on both dates? Hmm.... strategize strategize...maybe i'll sign up for both, but give my all for the Nike Human Race. And lax for the GE one. Hmm.. yea that'd be it. Itchy hands me!!

Right. Assignment cramping time now! Meeting my girls later for iftar. Pictures soon!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's Dance!

We're gonna watch 'Dance Flick' tonight. Need some good laughs. Bring it on, Wayans!

Then later on in e wee early morning, "The Ugly Truth". Happy Weekend, People!