Sunday, September 27, 2009

Low Immunity

Last Thursday I was caught in a heavy downpour that left me drenched to the skin. When I reached my workplace, I dried myself off and by the time it was time to go home, my temperature had gone up to 38 degrees. I wanted to take a cab to the doctor but then the distance between NUS and Tampines will surely cost me a bomb and the AhPek taxi will be one grinning chesire cat, what with the ERPs, surcharge and what nots. So I braved myself to take the train during rush hour, hoping to get myself a seat. I was shivering like an idiot with teeth chattering. I felt my body temperature increase. I got to the Doc safe and sound. My temperature then rose again to 39.7 degrees, the highest I have ever encountered in my whole life. My body was aching, my eyes watery, my nose dripping. I had to rest. Due to the distance from work, I had only 3 to 4 hours of sleep everyday. My immune system is so weak that a drop of rain can cause me to be ill. So I had sick leave on Friday, popping pills and resting well. The same goes for the weekend. While my mom and dad went Hari Raya visiting, I stayed at home. Hon is working too by the way, so if I were to follow my parents, it would be weird, like as if I'm still single, what more with Sis not here in SG. ( =p) So it gave me a chance to recuperate and boost up my energy. I wished I had more rest. I decided to be a good girl and finish popping all my pills and drink lots of water. Just today, I drank 7 bottles (750ml each) of water. While my friends and relatives are enjoying their kuih-muih, with brightly-coloured gassy drinks to go along with it, I can only pop these brightly-coloured pills into my mouth. What a sad sad sad weekend. Being alone at home, sick to the bone, I can just pull my hair out and go crazy due to the boredom!

So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored. So bored.

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